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I gonna quit gamespot

I think I'm quit gamespot because now I'm playing music and I just think its time to move on. I'm also losing interest in console games. I mean i'll just play some flash games if i have a craving to game. I mean I've been mad at gs ever sense they banned my old account, InnerScribe. And who knows maybe I'll come back. (probably not) And I really thinking about quitting games to where i'm gonna sell everything. Probably. But you know every now and then I'll come and post or post on the forum, but don't garuentee and highly doubt it. Yes I will probably finish up Okami, and then thats it. And you know I've had great time on gamespot. But now must be leaving.



Change of Plans

We decided not see bocephus, we decided to see tom petty and the heartbreakers and ZZ Top. I mean i think im in fora better show plus its outdoors too...Besides we figured if that stupid country rap guy played for 3 hours and hank only played 1 hour that suck majorly. And with tom petty and zz top..i dont care whoplays longer. Also on top of that I dont have to wait as long for it. September 18th is beats October 23rd by a long shot. Still I would be obliged to see any of the 2. but i think the tom petty one would be better. :D

I'm going to see BOCEPHUS

I'm gonna see himin a few monthsalong with Josh Thompson, Jamie Johnson, and Colt Ford. I've always wanted to see Hnak Williams Jr. And I finally do. I've heard he's put on a great and he probably will. I cant wait :)

Phoenix Down

Will what I predicted was right, Ikari Warrior didn't take very long at all. But now I'm cause can upload vids if i want to. :D

Told You So

Well guys I finally leveled up! It long enough, inactivity really hurts it. I hope this levelisn't as long as Sectoid.Anyway I think I'm gonna stay. But I ever would make a secondary account I would tell you.

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