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New Games

I have just received The Legend of Oasis for the Saturn. It looks like a gem indeed. I also ordered Chrono Cross black label and the one I am very, very excited about. That one is DragonForce for Saturn. For you that know, DF is a very expensive and hard to find game. I can't wait to play that one and keep it forever,lol. I've been on an old school kick lately. Buying older games like Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy and Shadow of the Colossus just to name a few. Nothing beats popping in an old school game and playing them. Now if I can just get Albert Odyssey and Shining Force 3 I will be in business.

Been a while...

I haven't been on here long since getting my asus back, which has to go back for service with another bad power supply and a flickering screen. They make good motherboards, but not good laptops. But I have been playing games for the four or five month absence. From Fallout NV, to the one I am about to blog about, which is DC Universe Online. I will also blog about NV also, I haven't beat it yet. Strange since I beat Fallout 3 the day after it came out. I keep getting bugs locking up my 360 and frame rate issues. But overall it is pretty solid. I like the way they made it a tougher game than in 3. Going back to more of the old school fallout feel. You really have to think about things this time around. But the one big thing I don't like other than the bugs is when I arrived at the strip I didn't really have a sense of accomplishment like I did getting to the capitol in 3. But I will leave that for another day.

So hopefully soon I can get DC Universe and NV on here and go from there. Until my laptop goes back for service.

I need 2 reviews to hit 40

I need two more games to review and I will hit the 40 mark. Seems like yesterday that I did the first one on here. What I need are two games that I have not reviewed yet to make the list. Feel free to look through my reviews here and give me some of your ideas as to some that need to be reviewed. If it is out I have probably played it at some point.

I keep watching the avgn vids and am inspired to keep reviewing games, even if they are nowhere near the quality of his. Whether good or bad, give some input!

Kinect the next big thing? Not in my book

Now that the Kinect has been more than likely priced at $149.00, this begs the question, how much are you willing to pay for motion sensing games? In my response, not $149.00. Take for instance the HD player for the 360. It was $180.00 US when it came out, I had one and used it quite often. Then Blu-Ray won the format war and HD movies and players went downhill. $20 for the $180 player, nice profit margin I think. Yes this is a different matter, but how much does this cost to make? Not near the asking price i'll bet.

It seems to me that everyone saw how popular the Wii was with the casual gamer and now they want a piece of the pie. I own a Wii, 360, and PS3. And needless to say I won't be getting the Kinect any time soon. The Wii has the market cornered in terms of motion type games. Sure they won't look as good, but do graphics really make a game better? Sports resort is a fun and family inspired game. Good enough for me anyway.

I know that neither the Kinect or Move will flat out fail since there are so many households now that own either system. It's not like when the VR32(yeah the virtual boy,lol) came out. With technology advancing at the rate that it is images from the Cyberpunk novels like Neuromancer and games like Shadowrun will put us into an almost virtual reality state. Maybe this motion stuff is a stepping stone to that, but as far as inspiring the hardcore gamer to buy, it will be a total flop. Try playing a game like Borderlands or MW2 even with the Kinect. I will pass and use the "good ole" controller.

Maybe I am just stubborn, playing games since 1987 and using the "good ole" controller instead of motion garble. Only time will tell if the Kinect and Move make big leaps for motion gaming, but I don't really see that happening. And companies can't afford to alienate gamers either.

So in conclusion, long live the sprawl and bring on the matrix, and virtual holograms. "Lawnmower man is in your head now..." LOL

Long Absence..

Yeah, I haven't been on here really in a long time. It has been a really long and dark time for me I guess you would say. had a easy job and then we were bought out. Needless to see we were kicked to the curb like the disallowed US goal in the world cup. It has also been hard to find a job again. Had an interview at a Gamestop store not too far from my house and hopefully will get called again this week for another.

I have tried zoning it all out by beating MW2 and then WAW in two days, but it only does so much. Reality still sets in after it all. Also the union I started is pretty much dead. Haven't had the time to really run it correctly. Sorry to folks that got on.

Maybe I will write some more and see where it goes. Being that Fallout is still a fantastic place to write about I will stick to that. Seems I have more fun writing about that than anything else. Hopefully it won't turn into a nightmare like it did in Alan Wake.

Sorry to the union members for the absence and all, and thanks for the input also.

My All Systems Go Union

Well my union is now up and running. It is dedicated to games in general. Whether it be a neo geo or a 360. All gamers and fans of games are welcome to join. The link is HERE. Feel free to stop by and check it out. It is new so it may take some time to get new recruits etc.

It may not seem like much now but it is my first union and hopefully it will prosper and succeed.

Thinking of Starting a union

Just like everyone else I am thinking of starting a union. It would not be associated with any one genre or game but games as a whole. I am curious to seeif it would get off the ground and if so how it would do. Maybe if I start a union it would make me be on here more often,lol.

Give your opinions and whatnot if you want, I figure since I have been playing for over two decades I have a good amount to talk about,etc.

My new console and more

Yeah, I blew it on my number 1 game of 2009. It was Batman Arkham Asylum. That game is a tour de force and should be played by anyone that likes good games or batman. Everything seems to be woven in very nicely and never stops delivering on the quality. If only all superhero games were this good.

But I ended my Nintendo drought and bought a Wii. I have been the type of person that never really wants games to go to motion type setups. But when I saw the older games on the virtual console I had to pick it up. Seeing games like River City Ransom, R-Type, Zelda, Metroid, etc, I was excited to re-live these classics. Even games from the Master system and the neo-geo are there. I bought three so far, Zelda A link to the past, secret of mana and super mario on snes.

I bought a snes about 6 months or so ago and was saddened when it stopped working properly. So the Wii will suffice for now. I also ended up getting Wii Sports Resort, and I must say it is better than I would have thought. True it is shallow in the sp mode, but throw in some friends and it is a blast. It is a little hard to get used to the motion controller since I have gamed since 87 and have always had a controller, but I am adjusting ok. At least some of the games use the classic controller or gc one.

So now I have a PS3,360, and a Wii. All three are in my posession and are getting as much play as I can throw at them. My real big gripe with the Wii is I wish it supported 720 and 1080 resolutions. But I credit nintendo for adding the classic games. Maybe Earthbound and some others will be added? That would be nice. So with all that being said I think I am overdue for a review. So my next one will be Wii Sports Resort. So if you have played it take a look and see what you think of it. If not maybe it will help you decide to play it or not.

Merry Christmas and my number 2 and 3 games

Christmas!!!MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Well it is Christmas Eve and raining here,lol. 2009 flew by and hopefully everyone will have a safe and fun gaming holiday wherever you may be. The games that came out this year have been great. It has been hard to decide what games I should put in what places, but I have made my decision. I know that this may not go over well with some gamers but o well, cant please all the people all the time.

Number 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

I did say that this was a hard list and putting CODMW2 at number 3 prob wont sit too well with most here. But I felt that while it wasan enjoyable and fun game, too many aspects were rushed out to hit the launch date. The graphics were better this time around and the gameplay was just as you would expect it.

It seems like MW1 to be honest and the biggest thing that I have a prob with is the mp. Being at level 2 and playing against level 40 people is hard. Espically since they have unlocked better weaponry and know the levels like the back of their hand. And the non-ability to chat to friends only while playing mp is a strange omission imo. Its not the biggest deal but and i see where they are going being a part of a team, but o well.

If they would have changed some things it would have been the goty in my eyes for sure. At least it wasn't a WW2 game.

Number 2: Assassins Creed 2

I bought this game on PS3 and was blown away by how much better than the first game was. There is alot to do here and the story will really get you into the game. For things happen that will make you mad at times or happy,etc. There are alot of weapons and newer abilities to achive while progressing throughout the game. Also the way the trophies and achievements are setup they all are in line with just playing the game. You dont have to spend hours to kill pigeons or collect things.

Just as the first game was stunning when it came out, AC2 is no expception. From the cities to the small details in the fields AC2 is a great looking and sounding game to play. There is alt that I could go into with AC2, but it would give away things to the gamers that have not played it.

So there you go, CODMW2 is number 3 and Assassins Creed 2 is number 2. Tomorrow I will post my Number 1 game of this year. I may get blasted for this but I have played games since 1987, so I have played a few in my time and while MW2 is a great game, it could have been delayed and had some imnprovements made to make it more different than MW1.

So MERRY CHRISTMAS and go game. Have fun and watch out for falling games from santa's sleigh.

My Game of The Year Picks

Yes, it is almost the end of the year already! 2009 has almost fallen to the wayside and will soon give rise to 2010. There have been alot of good games to come out this year. This is my list of top games. Alot are multi-platform, so unless there is a dramatic difference in gameplay between systems I will just list them "gameonly" and list the systems they are on.

I will list my top three on here starting the 23rd and ending on Christmas day with number 1.But more will be listed here than just three games. So here goes, if anyone on here looks at this feel free to comment and whatnot. Might be a bit quiet around my page nowadays. I will go into that more in depth later.

In no particular order my top games of 2009 are as follows:

Borderlands (Multi Platform)


Uncharted 2 Among Thieves (PS3)

Drakes 2

Assassins Creed 2 (Multi Platform)

Assassins Creed 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Multi platform)


Halo 3: ODST (360)


Batman Arkham Asylum (Multi Platform)


These are some of the games I feel really stood out this year. There are many others that deserve credit and I will mention a few here. They are: Dragon Age Origins, Left 4 Dead 2, Dirt 2, FIFA 10, Forza Motorsport 3, Demons Souls, The Sims 3.

I really needed to break it down into categories but I am too lazy to do so. Tomorrow I will post my #5-3 games of the year and explain why I chose them. After this I will go into the top games that will be coming out next year. With my personal favorite Mass Effect 2.