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"Console quality on the go"; Did Sony shoot themselves in the foot?

"Console quality on the go." It's a very bold claim. Not only does it promise quality games like the current generation of consoles deliver, but it leaves the door wide open for Vita games to be compared to their console counterparts. Is that really a fair comparison? I would say no, it's not.

On countless review sites you will see PC Vita games always being compared to their console counterparts, but what people are forgetting is that the Vita isn't a console. It is not as powerful and devs might not find it worth it to spend a lot of time on a portable version of their game. Especially since the Vita isn't selling too well. Sony promising "console quality on the go" has not only disappointed some gamers, but it has review sites treating Vita games like console games. Should Vita games be held up to console standards? Is that really fair? The Vita has some outstanding games. I've had the pleasure of playing the Vita version of Need For Speed Most Wanted and the game is simply fantastic. Unfortunately, despite how great the game was, reviwers couldn't resist comparing it to the console version, which sports better visuals and much more traffic to make the game feel more frantic and fun, as it should. The IGN review showcases this type of comparison. They seem to be more focused on what was taken out of the game to meet the Vita's limitations than judging the game by itself, and that may very well be the curse of the Vita.

Part of the problem stems from Sony relying on ports of console games to sell the system and it's hard to resist comparing it to its parent game. I think the other part of the problem is Sony's marketing itself. The promise of console gaming on the go sounds great on paper, but when your system can't handle the same games the PS3 and 360 can, people are going to be put off. Why did they say it's like a console on the go if all the games it's getting are of lower quality? It was a very bold slogan and it may have backfired.

Then again, it's not only that the Vita isn't as powerful at consoles but that devs aren't putting enough time into their games or simply aren't talented enough for the slogan to hold true. Resistance Burning Skies, and the latest, Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified are great examples of devs throwing out low quality games under the name of high quality franchises. It looks bad for Sony.

You can scream that the comparison to console games is unfair, but Sony made the mistake of using a slogan that depends on outside sources to make it hold true, a mistake they will hopefully not make again.