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Titanfall in a nut shell = my gun go shoot pew pew!

i hate sounding like a dick but seriously guys why are games like this entertaining? TO ANYONE??? are todays gamers really that easily amused? here's an idea, dust off an old nes, bring out the zapper and play Duck Hunt! trust me its the exact same thing! the ONLY real difference aside from the graphics is the targets look like birds and don't shoot back.. *sigh* the only thing more depressing than witnessing todays wasted technology is seeing all the people who eat it up without question and ask for seconds. :(

It must really ruin your day that someone could have an enjoyable time playing something that you haven't played, and will never play to your own admission. So tell me, how does anybody playing this game make you playing your 'real games' any less enjoyable?

because all you online multi-groupies have made the industry so that there are no "real" games anymore, just mindless penis measuring contests on the interwebs between feeble minded high strung kiddies with way too much time on their hands.

people like myself have NOTHING new to play anymore cause every last game that comes out is catered towards you guys and your annoying multiplayer crap.. rather than being all piss and vinegar about somebody having the balls to complain, why don't you put yourself in my place and imagine if the situation were reversed, wouldn't you be just a tiny bit upset about it? whenever i want to play a game i have two options, bring out my ps2 or re-play the same old ass games i've beaten over a hundred times! thats it, thats all i get.. all because i'm not into online mp, so tell me, how would you feel?

Uncharted series, Last of Us, Batman Arkham franchise, Tomb Raider, Hitman, Elder Scrolls, Bioshock, Bastion, Brothers a Tale of Two Sons, Darksiders, Dark Souls, Metro: Last Light, Outlast, Shadow Warrior, DmC, Deus Ex...just some of the titles to come out last generation that contradict your entire argument. Coming up this generation ? Infamous, The Order, another Uncharted, Dark Souls 2, Thief, The Witcher 3, South Park, Wolfenstein, Castlevania, plus some more AAA and quite a few Indie. Stop whining and open your eyes. I dislike the multiplayer trend that's been going on as well, but you're just focusing your attention on that and missing all the great stuff.

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I hope the beta means some Quake 3 arena type of multiplayer. Back to the sexy, sexy MP FPS. If they can deliver on the spooky, atmospheric, intense SP and add that MP...I'd say Doom 4 might be one heck of a sequel.

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Solid controls, good gameplay between the pilots and the mechs, nice freerunning-ish thing going on. Kinda like Brink but not broken. I think it's a solid multiplayer FPS, the AI needs reworking though. Otherwise it's a balanced shooter, that nicely fits in what passes for fastpace nowadays. From the beta it's nothing mindblowing, but pretty entertaining.

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Modern Warfare was my only purchase, I tried MW2, but lost any and all interest in the series because of the ridiculous perks. Rented Ghosts by curiosity and oh god was it horrible. The singleplayer was only second to Rogue Warrior in how horrid it was and the Multiplayer...well I noticed they didn't get any better with the perks and killstreaks.

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Little something that's been occasionally popping up here and there, figured my first post on the Games Discussion could be, well, sharing a game! The footage is obviously pre-rendered, but I think the setting sounds promising. Not to mention their pledge bonuses look pretty neat.

The next one is a bit of a hopeless cause, but one I recently found out about. Looks amazing and they've got some in game footage already in, but only 6 hours to go. If there's a really enthusiastic rich person here that longs for a project to back, take a look!