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Skyrim progress

Now 40 hours into the game, I'm slowly starting to think about my upcoming review, though I'm not nearly done with the game yet. Doubt it will be posted before the end of the month. But I can say that The Elder Scrolls V is a jaw-dropping achievement, despite good old Beth bugs and graphics that are rough around the edges (The two only things keeping the game from a perfect score). The sheer amount of quests and the variation in each of them is astonishing, they make you go through assaults of fortified forts, crime investigation and vary from comical and humourus to dark and grim. Plus the Dragon Shouts never made you feel more badass. Anyhoo, back to the game I go!


This is the code hundreds of thousands now live by, following the Jedi census phenomenon of 2001. I am obviously late in the news, but I can't be the only one out there whom hadn't heard of it. Jediism, or the religion of the Jedi Knight, is an established religion throughout the world. In the nine years following it's birth, Jediism already counts over half a milion worshippers. The Scientology church holds roughly 8 milion souls, and they have been around since the early '50s. We can only imagine where Jediism will be in 50 years.

Throughout the western countries, we are all suffering problems with the dreadful burka, but now the jedi robe menaces to cause the same outrages. Believers of the Force have been thrown out of stores and markets for refusing to remove their hoods. Heck, some even tried to change the International Day of Tolerance to Interstellar Day of Tolerance. All this leads me to this one question. How can they take themselves seriously ? Fundamentally, I can hold some respect for the spiritual teachings of the church, which is similar to Taoism. Compassion, humility, moderation, this kind of stuff. But how can they believe in something that is complete and utter fiction ? This isn't some vague prophet that was around some 2000 years ago. It's a fictional world created by a certain George Lucas from the ground up, whom gave it life in two trilogies and multiple books and video games. This. Is. Fiction. Nothing of it is real, nothing of it has any truth to it, the Force is fictional, so are wookies and ewoks. This is a whole new level of stupid.

If there is any adept of the way of the Force that reads this, I beg you, make me understand why you'd choose to follow complete fiction, with nothing to believe in, as your religion. I find myself between the Deism and Atheism, but I understand why catholics and muslims follow their religion -- old books and stuff, supposedly speaking of a set of rules and guidelines to life and that we owe obedience to some bloke in the skies. They have some manner of basis, fondations. Not Jediism. So, I ask you Jedis out there, why ?