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Sweet! A free console! But a bad week T_T and Boxing Day?

This week has been okay for me.......... On the bad side, I think I failed my piano practical exam, T_T it is my instructors test and for some reason I got nervous and went off beat :S. Also I have 3 big projects due before the winter break, but one is really cool, because I have a project where Im supposed to create a fundraiser and make more than 25 dollars. My group is doing a Mario Kart Wii tournament, and hopefully we can make the 25 bucks. OMG I also have a language test outside of school next saturday.... Guess this means no games for a while.

Anyways, on a good note. After my piano test, I went over to my cousins house, which is only a 3 minute drive from the place. And when I went there I ended up just watching him play WOW and GTA IV. When I was about to leave, I realised that he had an N64 under his bed. I asked him if he played with it, and he just told me to keep it =D A FREE N64!!!!!!!!!!! Meh, I know its an old console, but I still it rocks.

Well, about the console itself..... It is hideously dirty o.0 The console is black but is gray with all the dust and food and stuff (I dont even want to know what those things are) on it. The wires look fine and so does the controller. At the moment, I have no games, so I cant tell if it works or not, but Im hoping it does. My buddy is going to lend me one of his games tomorrow so that I can test it out. Do you have any game recommendations or tips on how to take care of an N64?

Speaking about Winter Break, its almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just 2 more weeks =DDD I cant wait. Just out of curiosity, are any of you looking forward to Christmas and/or Boxing Day? I dont celebrate christmas (because I'm Hindu), but I love boxing day because of the sweet deals. This year, my family is finally deciding to get me a new computer =] Im trying to get a new laptop, hopefully with 3-4 Gigs of ram, a decent video card, probably a Blu Ray player (if it is cheap) and a battery which can last around 4 to 5 hours. Got any recommendations? I also want an external Hard Drive, possibly around 500GB to 1 TB, and an electric shaver, LOL I need to start shaving constantly rofl. My father also wants a Blu Ray player because we got an HDTV over the summer. Im trying to convince him to just get a PS3 because it has more uses than one. It would also be my first Non-Nintendo system (excluding my Genesis).

Overall, this month seems to be a mix of good things and terrible things. I just hope I do well in school so that my family wont be super upset with my marks. Im doing really bad in school >.> Oh well, Happy Early Holidays people!!!!!! Hope everything goes well for all =]

Leafs win again!!!!!!!!

The Toronto Maple Leafs win again!!!!!!!!!!

Its very early into the season, but so far, even though we have no 'All Stars', we seem to be playing as a team more than we have for tons and tons of years.

Just recently the Toronto Maple Leafs played the New Jersey Devils and won with a score of 2-1 in the shootout. They played hard and got the win.

Today, the Leafs played the New York Islanders, and the leafs outplayed them the whole game but couldn't put the puck past the net for the first two periods. Halfway past the 3rd period, when the game looked over, the Leafs put the pressure on to score 5 awesome goals in a small 7 minute span!!!!!! This was purely amazing, and I was jumping on the ground screaming in excitement. My father actually smiled and gave me a Hi-Five!!!!!

Even though the Leafs are complete underdogs after having more than 40 years of no Stanley Cup, not to mention years of not even being a playoff contender; I believe that this years Leafs are something more. Even if they dont make the playoffs, I believe that this team is going through a ton of development as well as big changes when looking at all the new faces on their bench. I hope they play as well as they have so far.

Do any of you guys watch hockey? If so what teams do you support? Also, I would just like to ask for whether you think the Leafs are a playoff contender this year or not.

- Nev

Nintendo Conference Summary: The DSi and Wii

Well, everyone now knows that there will be a new version of the DS released next month in Japan. So here is just a small recap of the features:

-Free DSi Browser (opera powered). The browser is faster than the one on the DSwe

-2.6mm or about 12% thinner than DS Lite

-removed slot for GameBoy Advance software

-8% increase over the current 3.00inch LCD to make it 3.25 inches

-17% increase per screen

-the camera for DSi has the 300,000 pixels resolution

-11 types of special camera lenses included (these are special effects like black and white, etc.)

- Nintendo DSi can function as a photo diary and can also be a photo stand to run a photo slide show

-"DSi Sound" audio player which entables the user to change the pitch and the speed separately by using the touch screen

-SD memory card can be inserted into DSi and can be used for both the camera and audio player functions

-if you have stored the pictures on an SD memory card, you can view them on Wii by using its Wii Photo Channel

-enabled faster communications for DSi Browser and DSi Shop as well as faster WiFi communications for Nintendo DSi

-When you use the WiFi function of existing Nintendo DS software, the speed does not increase.However, for the software specifically made for Nintendo DSi, it is possible to realize faster communications.

-the 2nd software to be downloaded free of charge through "DSi Shop",will be the "Moving Notepad" which enables users to create hand-written memos

-"Nintendo DSiWare" can be categorized into roughly 4 categories: Other than DSi Browser and Moving Notepad and other software that Nintendo offers free of charge, there will be "DSiWare 200" that you can purchase at 200 Points, "DSiWare500" at 500 Points, and "DSiWarePremium" that requires 800 Points or more.

-consumers will get 1000 Nintendo DSi points when they purchase DSi and get access to DSi Shop. this promotion will run until around March 2010

-a new service called, "Nintendo Zone" which is part of a collaboration with MC Donalds to provide WiFi and Demos for free

-The Nintendo DSi will launch in two colors: Matte White and Matte Black

-The retail price of the Nintendo DSi is 18,900yen which will launch it on November 1 2008 in Japan

-for the non-Japanese markets, this new product will be launched in 2009, and details shall be announced by local markets later

Changes to the Wii:

- you will be able to purchase and download Virtual Console and WiiWare software directly from the Shopping Channel to an SD memory card

-beginning this fall, Nintendo will incorporate a 3 and a half minute long video into the Wii as a Wii Channel when consumers purchase Wii hardware. The video will inform wii users about the benefits of connecting to the internet

-"Those who can connect Wii with the Internet can help others who can't, and both can earn 500 Wii Points."

-"Animal Crossing; City Folks" will be released by the end of the year

-Wii Speak will be packaged with Animal Crossing. Wii speak can connect to 4 individual locations. Animal crossing can be purchased with or without Wii Speak.

-when you enter a code that will be included in the Wii Speak package into the Shopping Channel, the Wii Speak Channel can be incorporated into the Wii console. This means that even when you do not activate the Animal Crossing software, the Wii console can connect one living room with others

- Wii Sports Resort is being developed and will include the Wii MotionPlus accessory which can detect the movements and postures of the Wii Remote more precisely

-Sega will launch "Let's Tap" this year. This is the very first game with a brand new feel, with which you can control the Wii Remote without touching it

-There are seven GameCube titles being redesigned so that, starting from the end of this year, will be launch them as Wii titles. 1st: Play on Wii; Donkey Kong Jungle Beat on December 11. 2nd: Play on Wii; Pikmin on December 25.

Some changes made by Nintendo are:

-the Wii Points Prepaid Numbers card will be changed to Nintendo Points Prepaid Numbers

- Nintendo Points to Wii console, it will be used as "Wii Points." When you charge it to DSi, it will be used as "DSi Points.

-A new Brain Age game to utilise the DSi software

-There are now Nintendo DS Stations in approximately 1000 retail outlets in Japan

-engaging software for DS will be launched one after another every week

-The first brand new Dragon Quest title for any portable game machine, eagerly-awaited "Dragon Quest IX" will be finally launched

Games or other Things you dearly love that you have lost

I just wanted to know if anyone has ever lost anything that means a lot to you. For me it's been tough losing my first video game (Tetris for GB), my Sega Genesis, and other things of sentimental value like my Baby Picture, my first trophy, etc. This may not seem like much to the reader, but they are still in my heart........ If they were only before me now............

Anyways, I was just wondering how you cope with something you lose that has sentimental value. Do you just cry? or do you take it the blow as one of life's lessons? I just sit down shocked for a while and I just move on, it's just those times my memory flashes to old times do I feel sad again.