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Halo 3 Live Action Movie Footage?

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Hello everyone. First off I would like to say that I am feeling better. Most of my bruises have went away and my black eyes are hardly noticeable. I am still sore tho. Anyway, enough about that, I just saw this clip on I looks like someone has made a live action adaptation of Halo. I just wanna say, "IT LOOKS SWEET." Someone spent some time and money on this to make it look great. The graphics look close to Battlestar Galactica graphics. My favorite part is the Spartan getting nailed by a needler in a warthog. OMG this looks so great. The best part is that this is only part 1. I can't wait until more clips are released. HALO 3 COMBAT PT 1 High Def 720p HALO 3 COMBAT PT 1 Standard Def

I Got My Ass Kicked Today!

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Hello Everybody. I guess the title of this post sums it all up. Today for the first time since high school I got beat up. Nothing to worry about really, but it still hurts like hell. It happened around noon. I was leaving campus going to my car. Then I saw someone I haven't seen since 12th grade. It was Robert Whitehead.

*cue flashback* Robert used to pick on me from my freshman to early my senior year. We were in the same grade but he had a lot of upperclassman friends so I usually just avoided him. Every once in a while it would get rough but never too bad, until my senior year. Him and some of his friends surrounded me before class and they wouldn't let me leave. That time I had enough and after he pushed me the first time I reared back and punched him right in the nose. He dropped to the ground immediately. His face was covered with blood and so was my hand. I had cut my knuckles the stupid piercing in his upper lip. Everyone was still for a second and then I bolted. I started to run, but one of his friends grabbed me and held me while another one of his friends kicked me in th stomach and I was down. I don't remember much. Robert and his thugs were punching and kicking. It lasted less than a minute before a couple teachers saw what was going on and scared them off. I was fine that time. Just a bunch of bruises. Robert got expelled and I was suspended (isn't that messed up). Needless to say I never saw Robert or his friends again. *back to present time* Well, until now. I saw him walking with some friends I didn't recognize in the next row of cars over. That stupid **** must have managed to get into college. I still can't believe that. He didn't see me so I started to hurry to my car. I was about ten cars away when I heard behind me, "Hey, Tommy Boy, is that you?" I pretended not to notice and started to go faster. I heard running footsteps so I started to run to my car but I was too late. As soon as I got to my car they surrounded me. It reminded me of that day in high school. Robert started to say something. I think he was going to say, "Remember me?" but I knew what was going to happen so I did the exact same thing from high school. I got him right in the nose again. But at the same exact moment a blow hit my face from the side. One of his friends must have got me. I fell and they started on me. Kicking and punching. I tried to get up a few times, but they would kick me again and I would be down. One of them got a cheap shot to my groin and I didn't get up again. I couldn't see because my face was swelling and there was blood in my eyes. But I could hear just fine. Robert kept yelling and spitting at me, "You broke my nose again you stupid **** "You will pay this time." Things like that. Then I heard a siren and someone yell "Stop! Don't run I will shoot you." Apparently I was lucky enough for campus police to show up. Robert and his friends were arrested. An ambulance came and took me to the hospital. The doctors cleaned me up and let me go in less than two hours. I have two black eyes, a gash on my forehead and my right cheek. I have bruises all over my chest, back, and a few bruises on my arms and legs. I still feel a pain in my groin but it is much better than before. Oh, and I have a cut on my knuckle next to my scar from the high school fight. I didn't see it, but he must have had that piercing in his lip still. Despite that all in all I am good. Nothing broken. I spoke to an officer who was waiting for me at the hospital. He took my statement and said that Robert was pressing charges on me for breaking his nose... again. The officer said I would be fine and it wouldn't hold up. He said that the officers saw the whole thing from the top of the hill. I decided to press charges so he could rot in jail for a few days and hopefully go to jail or prison for a while after his trial. I feel like crap but I feel good too. There is something about getting your ass kicked that feels good. I must be crazy. Anyway this has taken forever for me to type with my right hand hurting like hell, but I thought it would make an interesting story. Hopefully your day has been better than mine.

Show your support!

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Hello Everybody! I would just like everyone to show their support for our very own Camp. No, I am not talking about a summer camp. I am talking about one of our fellow users. CampLewallen. The author of the Pandora epic and The First Saga has brought to us another brilliant story. Now he has the opportunity to turn this story into reality. Well sort of reality. He has a chance to turn it into a movie. Just visit FoxAtomics website and read Camps story(it is the first on the left). If it blows you away then post a comment showing your support. I am serious this story will blow you away. The best part is that it is less than 2500 characters so it will only take a minute to read. Thank you everybody.

This Bug is a Badass Mofo

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Whoa, This is a clip of some US soldiers in Iraq. They pit 30 or so ferocious Iraqi Fire Ants against this spider/scorpion/beetle. I don't know what kind of bug this is so I will call him Superbug. Anyway Superbug kicks some Iraqi ass. Once Superbug is in the ring ants start flying. It is crazy. He just tears these ants up. I have never seen anything like this. It kinda reminds me of Lord of the Rings I when Sauron tears through the warriors right before he loses his hand. Man, I feel bad for the ants, but whoa, it's amazing. Enjoy! Superbug Fights Iraqi Fire Ants

Religion be Damned!

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When I was a kid I used to go to church with my family. I used to be a good Christian. I believed everything the bible said. I was a good little boy. However after I graduated high school I started to learn more about the universe and the world around me. It caused me to realize that there was a problem with what I was raised up to believe. Not too long later I couldn't help it; I had to talk to someone about it. I decided to ask my mother. Before I could even finish my question she said, "Don't be saying that. It's blasphemy." I was shocked. She didn't even bother listening to me. I tried to get her to listen but she kept on just trying to get me to drop it. I eventually gave up. The next Sunday I went to church. It was the first time I went to church in a while because college had kept me busy. It was my intention to speak with the preacher after the service. However, the topic of his sermon was evolution. Evolution is something that I truly believed in. I was educated through school about it and it made absolute sense. I figured that the preacher was going to provide a parallel that allowed the theory of evolution and the bible to coexist. Boy was I wrong. To quote the preacher he said, "People who trust Evolution are blind.", "They are fools.", "The bible itself PROVES them wrong.", "This is the devil at work.", "You can not trust them." I was shocked to say the least. He was talking about me. It seemed to me that he was even looking at me when he was saying these things. He was saying to me that I was "blind', "a fool", "the devil", "untrustworthy". How could the preacher be saying these things about me.

I never spoke with the preacher that day. I spent the next month depressed. I felt betrayed by my faith. He had to be wrong. There had to be a way for the two ideas to coexist. I got my bible and read it for weeks. I am proud to say that I have read more of the bible than most Christians have. I wanted to find a reason to believe. I had to find a reason. However, every page I turned came up with something else that contradicted proven scientific concepts. Finally, after many weeks of questioning my faith, I finally found a way that science and the bible can coexist. I decided that the bible was all fiction. The whole of religion was on the same level as the Wizard of Oz or War of the Worlds. To my amazement I felt so much better after that. Without religion i was free to think about other possibilities. I could trust in science without worrying about weather it contradicted the bible. The bible could say whatever it wanted and everything was good. The bible doesn't have to prove itself to me anymore. Just like a good science fiction doesn't have to prove the science in the book. Religion be Damned! Religion was finally, for me at least, a myth.

Ozzfest 2007 Rocked

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This last Tuesday I went to Ozzfest in Phoenix. I have to tell you that it was great. This is the second time I have been to Ozzfest and this time Ozzy pulled out all the stops. He sounded great. He sounded much healthier than the last time I saw him. He played a lot of his new album, but at the end he played some of his old school. When he played "Mama I'm Coming Home" and "Mr. Crowley" I looked back and saw, because I was near the front, what looked like a huge candlelight vigil. It seemed like every single person there had their lighters and cellphones up in the air. It was a truly awe-inspiring moment to tell you the truth. Tens of thousands of, wasted, people with lighters flickering with the music of the great Ozzy blaring in my ears. It is an amazing feeling. I really wasn't expecting to feel this way because the last time I heard him in 2001 he sounded horrible. He sounded like he was getting over the flu and didn't have any heart into any of his songs. I am glad he is better. There were a lot of other bands there too.

The Main Stage bands were good. Lamb of God, Static X, and Lordi. Lamb and Static were great and Lordi had some great pyrotechnics. The second stage bands were alright, but the mosh pits rivaled those of Lamb of God and Static X. I have a bruised back to testify to my two minutes of moshing. I encourage everyone who goes to a concert to spend a few minutes moshing. It is every exhilarating and the other moshers are actually quite polite as they all stop to help up a fallen... hmmm... what term should I use... moshmate back to their feet before resuming. What great people. Anyway, if you are near any of the cities that Ozzfest is coming to you need to go. There is no excuse tickets are free.

I Want to Write

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Hello everybody! I hope that everyone is doing well right now. Anyway, I have decided to start writing my blog consistently; hopefully about once a day. I have always tried to write, but when I try to my entry I have nothing to say. I am not saying that I'm not thinking about anything; my mind is full of things to say. The problem, I suppose, is that I always think that what is on my mind isn't worth the time and effort expended in typing; that the images, ideas, and feelings are better off in my head. I feel that the conversion of turning those things into plain old English will degrade them to a point that they will turn into something other than what I wanted them to be. I am not sure why I feel that way. Do any of you ever feel that way? Maybe it is normal but, then oh the other hand, maybe it is a flaw in my personality that I have to work out by carrying out a full frontal attack and just start writing without regard to quality or image. I don't know, but, either way I know what my end goal is. I want to write. Therefore, that is what I am going to do.

India ***** Balls

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Cool, Someone actually read my previous post. Anyway there here are the 5 main things that made me appreciate life in the USA.

1. Claustrophobia It is really crowded. There are people everywhere and a lot of roads an sidewalks are narrow. Being from a slightly small city, walking around in such close quarters with a lot of people was very uncomfortable.

2. Food It is nearly impossible to find beef. Well, I did see it walking around every once in a while, but I couldn't find a beef burger anywhere. I went into a McDonalds and their burgers were veggie burgers. Moreover I actually got a cucumber on mine. That was weird. All the Milk, Soda, and Juice tasted watered down. It probaly was.

3. Shopping Almost all the merchandise I found was a rip off. I bought an MP3 player and when I got it to the hotel room there was an obviously used one. It was scratched, the screen was cracked, and a button was missing. I took it back and the damn guy kicked me out of his shop. I wouldn't leave until a couple a thugs came from the back and persuaded me to leave.

4. Drivers If you think a driver from LA is bad then you have no idea how bad it can get. I actually saw someone rear end a car to get it to move out of the way. I saw people driving on sidewalks. People would drive through crowds of people, slowly I admit, but pushing people out of the way. Taxi rides were a blast though as I am a fan of roller coasters.

5. Drugs Although I don't deny that I ever done any, when I went to India I didn't want to be offered various drugs at every corner. It is illegal in India so I didn't want to end up in jail. So each time that I was ambushed to buy some Hashish, Opium, or this weird red leaf you see people chewing on every once in a while, I was scared to death that I would go to jail. India Sucks. USA Rules.
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