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Guild Wars 2

Hey again dear reader(s)...well I hope that at least SOMEONE is reading it. My pessimistic preaching starts again!

And again, as I mentioned in previous posts/blogs etc, don't mind my crappy english :)

Soo, todays topic is GUILD WARS 2! Well First of all...I've been quite long in GW, and bought the Prohpecies as soon as it was released(worked my ass off for one day, helped to swap wooden windows to plastic ones etc) . So bought the game, and I was very pleased! It was awesome! :) graphics, story etc, it was something fresh and new! :D Got in one of the guilds, at that time it was called Lievs Death Squad, and I can say that it was the best guild that I've been in among all the games I've played. They were fun, helped, explained, and were very friendly, only thing that they weren't was the HARDCORE PVP part, but screw that :) They were awesome :D

Soo, when I heard about the GW2 coming out I was very exited, I mean, you can play CHARR! The hated enemy in first GW!

Had no money at the time the GW preorder was availible, some of my friends bought it, and they were very pleased, so I tried it out on one of my friends acc...

Well, most disappointing for me, was the graphics part, I mean, it was way better in vids that showed us some gaplay/skills etc. Tried to turn on the highest graphics, but it started to lag as hell(the calculator I'm running almost blew up :D), and what I noticed, was that graphics didn't really change on high settings, well ofc everyting was bloooomy and blurry as those duckfaced photoshopped girls :D So yeah, graphics - are average., didn't get to play far in story...I mean, that would ruin the fun I'd get when I have my own account. So I just played it the Sims way :D In other words, 90% character customization and 10% game time(till level 6-10 max). What struck me again was that there were so few faces to choose from, well yeah the humans had QUITE many faces, but other races...meh. Then again, you could customize your face however you liked it in...appearance section(if I'm correct), stuff like nose lenght, ear size etc. That was...good part.

Another thing that I didn't really like was that they removed the dual class system T.T I loved my Warrior/Ranger in first GW. So yeah, that part sucks.

Hmm ,so I more or less described my game experience, oh, forgot to mention, tried out the pinoccio looks awesome, flowers n shiet...realyl colorful...but when I stood next to Norn...oeh :D They made those guys a bit too big compared to other races :D

Hmm, so lets move to the next part, now I have the money, but can't buy the game. Coz servers are crowded and they stopped selling it, then again they suggested to search the game from local vendors...well I did it, and it was and awful waste of time. Bought the game from one of the local vendors via internet, waited for two days, nothing, no info at all, now they wrote me that there are problems with the game distributer, aka GW2 so I will have to wait for some time, when I asked ''how long exactly'' they said ''maximum one month''...that really WTF'ed me in the face. Even though they had written ''in storage'' on website, now they say that it must be ordered blablabla...So I wrote them back ''through flowers, feathers and butterflies'' that they can f*ck themselves. Now I'm waiting for the money return, and wondering...SHOULD I really buy the game..I mean, so much hassle, nerve wasting, communicating with that f*cked up shops customer support(they lost client)...I wonder...when will they reopen the digital version shop on official GW website? And when wil lI get back my money from that ''Euronics'' shop? So many answers...If you guys know any, where to buy it from(some website are selling it, but as I've read the comments - most of the times they scam you), or when will they start selling again...let me know :) Tnx in advance, and thanks for reading my cr*p ;)

With best wishes,


The Secret World


First of all, to Gamespot - thanks for the beta key :) I've been waiting to test this game for ages, even before it was remodelled in to ''fight against monsters'' thing. If some of you don't know, it was first supposed to be something like Crime Craft or APB, buut, since CC came out...they decided to remake the game completely.

Anyway, ''this to that'' let's get to the point - BETA!

As I mentioned above, I was really waiting for the game to be released, and was checking their website quite often for new information. Then I heard the news - you can register to beta via facebook. Oh well, did that, they made an interesting test to decide wich ''clan'' you are best suited for, and I became a facebook Illuminati (whoa!?). After some time...couple of months or more(was not fan enough to make a calendar :D)they released ''Secret War'' browser based ''game'' that was tied to facebook. You invited your firends via spamming your facebook page, well it worked well I guess :) new weekly propaganda etc.

Then I suddenly heard that THERE ARE BETA KEYS ON GAMESPOT! I was like: ''NO SH*T!?'' and rushed the gamespot to check if it was truth - and it actually was :D Well I had the ''At last I'm going to try it out'' thoughts in my mind. So I put the client on download, while chatting with my active party(we play different games together, even though we come from different countries). They were glad to hear that we can all try the new game out together. So I went to sleep with happy thoughts - expectations of zombie smashing with mah hammer or shooting monsters to bits with shiny shotgun.

Next day passed really slowly...waiting for the damn beta to open - bleeeh. And when the servers didn't open immediately at the correct time, reading the trolls on facebook. Then I saw a post on the facebook ''THE BETA IS ONLINE''.

At this point my prequel ends, and my whining begins, so if you are big fan of Secret World, drop the reading :D

Well first thing that annoyed me...secret world client was ''checking some files'' every damn time, and it took time, but oh well, whatever :D

As I progressed to character creation, I got confused, first thing that I thought was - ''I cant make my own character?'' The overall scharacter creation screen had the ''face'' tab almost in the middle of the screen(well as people say, whats under your nose - you don't notice). Didn't notice it at the beginning, so clicked the ''randomise'' button on my outfit...what I saw there...didn't impress me at all. I can't say that im bit*y about clothes or that I'm somekinda metrosexual but the clothes I saw there were apocalyptic second hand floor wiping rug store. Well...there was a fine coat(that I decided not to wear - and it was a wise choice, ill explain later why), and there was a nice bulletproof vest - looked badass, so I went for the bulletproof vest with some jeans and boots - so my guy looked like a thogh son of a b*tch who can handle any sh*t you throw at him. Then, as my clothes choice progressed, I noticed the ''face'' tab, where you could generate or customize your physical appearence. Well I went for the Japanese guy looks, because there aren't many who play as asians(I tend to like unique stuff, and that happened to be another good choice that I made during that day). While doing al lthis stuff I poor the graphics looked(well my PC ain't the best, so I was running it on ''MEDIUM''), I mean, character himself he was imported from some MMO from the year 2008(graphically).

I thought - well f*ck it, I'm almost there, so all I had left to do was pick a name(during the character creation I got disconnected at some moment, so had to ''recreate'' my dude again). Anyway, picked a name for my guy(don't remember what the name was anymore - not that it's important anyway), picked a nickname for my dude - all the interesting ones were picked, so chose the ''Jap'' for him :D Oh, about the character customization, there were really few features to choose from, and in overall, customization was limited(maybe it was because of beta? Well...whatever..).

So after the loading screen, I spawned in a mass of ''clones'', I mean...everyone looked alike, every second guy wore the coat I mentioned above, spiky haircut(at this point, I did look like them, coz I had the same...spiky....haircut), and of course the most ''normal/badass'' looking caucasian face. So...the server was full of guys, who looked almost the same(except the beards). Well that was like...ok, who cares, I am Jap, who isn't wearing one of those coats, so it was ''Ok'' for me. At this point my friend spawned as one of those caucasian guys with spiked hair and black coat, so I teased him a bit and waited for the third person who was supposed to join us that day...buut, she encountered some problems with password(game kept repeating it was some problem with capslock or something like that) anyway, so that left only two of us(all the other people who usually play with us weren't joining us that day). So we progressed to templar hedaquarters, along the way we got ''SUDDENLY'' recruited to templars, I'm too lazy to explain all that happened there...if you want, try it out yourself...all that I can say...I was a transvestite with a shotgun during one moment and I saw planet Mars directly from the trainway station. Well it may sound weird, but that did happen, believe me, I didn't drink any alcohol that day :D But to tell you one thing - all the stuff that happened during the ''recruitement'' phase(exept the monsters)was really...bland for me. Nothing...exiting. Well almost all the tutorial stage's are usually boring like this, so I was like: ''well, whatever, lets see what happens next''.

Well the game progressed and I got to the templar headquarters, talked to the boss...and was disappointed DID feel bland again, all the story it was...rushed or something. I mean al lthe recruited to templars - sent to mission stuff felt like out of some childs book, where if hero randomly saves princess and becomes a king in 15 minutes of reading. Same happened to my ''Jap'' some FLY..yes...glowing fly, flew in my mouth, then I got these weird powers called ''materializing gaia into normal world'' then some chick randomly steps in my home and tells me ''you have been chosen'' I was like...''NO **** And where did you pop out from?'' but ofcourse my character didnt ask a thing and just followed the instructions...well probably with the ''lazorzzz'' shooting from the eyes and mouth of my character, something else slipped out of his head... Well, whatever, lets head on to next part.

After I talked to ''BOSS'' I got to choose my weapon, well...I did like the training room, punching and slashing monsters with newly found ''powers'' of chaos(the shield thingie looked really....weird) or shooting the imprisioned abominations with dual pistols etc...the weapons of choice weren't that many..but, oh thing annoyed me, pistols skill ''wanted''...I tend to hate ripoffs...felt like the beginning of ''Battleship'' movie where the dude went after the tortilla via shops roof...if you don't know what I'm raging about...go check the dumbest criminals top 10 on youtube or something like that, you will see where the funny moment is from...but SH*T! That's another story :D Lets get back to the Secret World!

My weapon of choice was chaos magic - aka Kung Pow arse kicking without actually touching the opponent. ''Boss'' sent me to some island, that was previously occupied by illuminati before they went for the America. Well...I was like...''don't notice that I'm recently recruited newb, and you are giving me important mission on my first 20 minutes of Templar membership''. So I gladly accepted the job and jogged out of the Templar base...outside the base I showed of my moves to some newbs who had yet to get the weapon of choice and moved on to the....shiny hole in the wall of some...subway? I'm not sure myself...but apparently, all the important stuff is the planet Mars I saw before. So I entered the ''mysterious'' hole in the wall. As I stepped in to the unknown I was greeted by a moustached man, with some OOO SH*T BADASS! droids that walked on treebranches, when I looked back, I saw that the place where I came from is like a squirrel hole in a huge the man with the moustache proceeded with explaining...I got to know that ''this place is like a subway to normal people'' in other words, it was like a bus station of sorts...where you could get from one place to another in a matter of seconds(I really liked that place, so I stayed and trolled around with others for some time while my friend was AFK, as he usually happens...he disappears for half an hour or so...Anyway, while I was waiting I checked some settings, and put the graphics to HIGH, well...they didn't look better...The game still looked...poor, like it was out of the year 2008 so gonna troll here and say, the game is not a WoW killer(even though I dont play wow :D but, who cares? Rage people....RAGE! :D) I know, I'm evil sometimes, sorry for that. So..I decided to ''abandon'' my friend and go ahead with exploring...when I found the ''correct'' station I entered the ''mirror'' of my crashed...

About few hours later:

''WELL F*CK THAT SH*T!'' etc...I decided to go to sleep and try to launch the game again tomorrow.(well, annoying part was that I got in character screen, but the game crashed right after I picked a char and logged in) in other words, I couldn't play. While trying to get in game I made a fine blonde shorthaired woman nicknamed ''Hysteria'', buut she couldn't get pass the random crash error either...

next day when I woke up and finished all the stuff that needed to be done I tried the game again...same sh*t...nothing happened, then a brilliant idea came to my mind: ''stupid dumb*ss, yesterday before entering the new area you touched the video settings of the game, so I tweaked down my settings to LOW, tried to get in game again...and...VOILA! It actually worked!

So my story continues from crap, I'm getting's 3:13 AM in here...and I'm still writing this crap!? :x

I entered the new area...I was greeted by a cowboy with an awesome voice! He pointed me to small sheriff outpost where couple of people were holding out against hordes of zombies. So after 50 or so zombie kills...I proceeded to the outpost(while killing I got some loot and other stuff, like belt out of chains, some sword...that looked like sh*t in my hands because of the ''stance'' etc) In outpost I met a girl/woman sheriff and got some quests, most of them were minor like collect something I went on a rampage, killing most of the zombies I encountered while doing the some point, I got stuck on a quest where yo uhad to find some medical papers on patients(really annoying...) could find the sheet NR 7 the end I passed it, and on the way back to the outpost I found it immediately on the blindness has no limits...During questing...i got disconnected couple of times...and I noticed that relatively few people were in that place...did they move on? Or they got tired coz of bugged beta? Don't know...But yea...population was low...saw about...10 people during all that time.

Well...After I reached the outpost...I got Disconnected again...that's where my patience ended. So I sen't the error report, opened my CCleaner, and uninstalled the game, you ask why? Well...heres the short version of what I saw:

Graphics: Looked a bit above the medicore Korean mmo's. But even with that graphics, they managed to relay the ''atmosphere'' of Secret World, and London really well..and that's the only thing that surprised me.

Physics: Character moved weird, especially sideways, everything else was ''ok'', but take a note...not awesome...but ONLY ''ok''

Story: the game's idea was BRILLIANT! The game rushed sh*t...I didn't get far with the main quest, I know...but the dialogs etc ruined my gameplay from the beginning...and the recruitement phase...that was = DAFUQ quick?!

Audio: well loved the soundtrack in the menu, even after all the trying to log in during first evening, it never bothered me, ingame audio...nothing special, but above average korean mmo for sure :D

In overall: let's not buy it, and wait till it gets free to play like AOC, and it was a BIIIIIIIIIIG letdown for me...really....big. You failed least that's how I see the future of Secret World if nothing changes.

Well...hope you enjoyed my ''small'' blogpost, and thanks for reading it till the end. If you disagree about something, or you have your own thoughts about it, feel free to comment.

P.S: sorry for all the swearing and for my crappy english :)

SW:TOR new patch, awesome pinocchio helmets? :D

The Legacy patch of SW:TOR is awesome, is with this helmets graphics? This bug seems to be with all ''condom'' looking helmets/masks =/ Hope they fix it soon. And another thing about helmets, wonder when will they fix the ''dye'' option on 'em?

wtf nose and ears?

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Violation of Terms of Service aka WTF!?

I'm playing SW:TOR for a few months already, and yesterday I found following message on my mailbox -->

Dear ****

We are contacting you to notify you that we have found your Star Wars: The Old Republic account, Torff, to be in violation of our Terms of Service.

After completing an investigation of your Account, we have identified the following violation:

Character: Vid

Server: Nightmare Lands

Violation: Spamming General chat (4/8/2012 5:12:46 PM - "LFM Hammer Station")

If you continue to violate our Terms of Service it may result in a suspension or ultimately a permanent account closure depending on the severity of the situation. To help avoid this, please take some time to read and familiarize yourself with our Terms of Service which can be found here:

We appreciate your understanding in this matter. .

If you feel you have received this warning in error, please contact us at

Yours sincerely


Star Wars: The Old Republic Customer Service

Well, as you can see, I spammed ''Looking For Members Hammer Station. if you don't know about the flashpoints and Star Wars overall, it's like dungeons in WoW etc. Anyway, the game has some implanted LFG(looking for group) system, but it's used by one person out of ten, if not even less. So I wrote them back, asking about some other ways to find a group, and/or implanting new LFG system in the game...and I'm still yet to get an answer, so I decided to share this stuff with you. I find it rather annoying to recieve this kind of messages, considering that it's not my fault. I DID NOT spam the message x50 times in a row...I posted it with intervals (not my fault that chat is sometimes completely dead) for about...10 times or so. In the end, I did find people who were willing to go to flashpoint :)

So I wonder, what about you people? How do you find a group in star wars(when you const' party is away)? What are your thoughts on this matter? And/or have you got couple of interesting messages of your own :)

(don't mind the weird english of mine)



UPDATE: April 10th, 2012

Finally I got an answer to the message (well, it took 'em some time).

Dear ****

Account Name Torff
Email address: ****

Thank you for contacting us regarding your complaint (ticket number 4831457)

We have now completed our investigation into your complaint. After reviewing your case, we can confirm that it was acted on correctly, in full compliance with our policies and procedures. As such, we will not be pursuing this issue any further.

Thank you for your diligence in bringing this matter to our attention. As a valued customer, your feedback is very important to us.

Yours sincerely,

Star Wars: The Old Republic Terms of Service

So, basically it was like - ah f*ck him! Too much trouble to explain (or something following these lines). And if I understood correctly - seems that I'm guilty for searching members to go for a flashpoint. Heh...means that after all that I wrote to them, they just trashed the message and sent me an auto answer :D WAY TO GO BIOWARE!

ARGH! wth!?

Every time I click to watch a video, I spend my 30 secs of precious life on some crappy Halo Reach trailer, that I have seen for freaky 100 times already, I DONT WANT TO SEE IT ANYMORE! Why cant gamespot guys make some''skip'' button or something on it, I mean, yes, they earn money and stuff, but shiet, its getting annoying after third time watching it in succession! So think how it feels after you watch 10-20 vids, or EVEN MORE!:x