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One Step Closer to Ending Breast Cancer

Breast cancer cells have been killed in a laboratory by a harmless virus, presenting the possibility for the development of new cancer treatments. More study is needed, of course, but it looks promising. The laboratory's results were published in the journal Molecular Cancer.

The experiment was performed at Pennsylvania State (Penn State) School of Medicine. Researchers tested the virus on three different breast cancer cell groups, which represented three different stages (grades) of development. The virus, called adeno-associated virus type 2 (AAV2), had previously been tested successfully on cervical cancer cells. AAV2 infects humans frequently but does not cause illness.

"Because it has multiple stages, you can't treat all women the same. Currently, treatment of breast cancer is dependent on multiple factors such as hormone dependency, invasiveness, and metastases, drug resistance, and potential toxicities. Our study shows that AAV2, as a single entity, targets all different grades of breast cancer," according to Samina Alam, PhD, research associate. She noted that it is complex to treat.

It is unclear at this point exactly how the virus manages to kill cancer cells. Healthy but damaged cells have a way of killing themselves. Cancer cells just keep multiplying. Finding a way to kill them or turn them off is the goal. Scientists are trying to find the mechanism that makes AAV2 work. In the lab, AAV2 managed to kill 100% of the cancer cells in seven days, although a particularly aggressive type of breast cancer cell took three weeks to kill off.

"If we can determine the pathways the virus is triggering, we can then screen new drugs that target those pathways. Or, we may simply be able to use the virus itself," said Dr. Alam.

Penn State researchers also tried the virus on other cancer cells, including prostate, mesothelioma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma--successfully. It has also killed the most aggressive breast cancer cells in mice.

But as a human treatment, it will not happen in the immediate future. Animal trials come first, and if they are successful, three rigorous human trials remain.

Best of/Worst of

So me and a co-worked were talking about games we have, played, bought etc....So we starting asking some questions and I was curious to know what the answers would be from others, So here they are:

1. Worst game ever played? - Duke Nukem Forever (PS3)

2. Worst game ever bought? - E.T. (Atari 2600)

3. Biggest disappointment? - Fear 2 (PS3)

4. Best game picked up on a whim? - Final Fantasy VII (PSX)

5. The one game you regret never getting or have not bought yet? - Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)

I hope to see many responses. I'm curious to see what people have to say because everyones response will be open for debate, but in the end it's each individuals opinion.


For anyone out there that played the Battlefield 3 beta. Why would you go through the trouble of playing so much and ranking so high knowing that the rank will not carry over to the release of the game?

I played on Sunday to get a few more games in prior to the beta shutting down, and came across players that had maxed out on their level.

I reached a modest level 20 and that's only because I stopped playing because it was not worth going through the trouble of trying to unlock items and level up seeing I would have to do it all over again come Oct 25th.

So Why?

Battlefield 3 Part 2

The beauty of playing Battlefield online is players can feel as if they're contributing to their team without killing.

My first taste of this in the Battlefield 3 multiplayer beta -- open to all PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners Thursday -- was inside a decimated subway station in Paris on the map Operation Metro.

Sitting near the top of the escalators are some squadmates in the middle of an intense firefight with enemies just below. After dropping some medical kits, I fire a few rounds to suppress while squadmates spawn on my position.

All these actions notched points, and I have yet to score my first kill.

So far, the Battlefield 3 beta has been incredibly entertaining, and a great tease for what's to come when the game lands Oct. 25.

There's only one mode available: Rush. For those new to Battlefield, here's how it works: one team defends a series of key positions on a giant map, while the other team attempts to destroy those locations.

Visually, Battlefield 3 looks gorgeous, from the lush trees in the park during the opening moments to the finite details inside the train station.

It's textbook Battlefield for the most part, with a few key wrinkles. For starters, players can now go prone. It's very easy to lay low, especially since the Paris map is particularly dense. There are plenty of areas to duck down and stay hidden.

Another interesting element: Players can choose whether to allow a squadmate to revive them. It's a cool touch for those players who would prefer to take up position elsewhere instead of return to a frantic firefight.

There's also the Suppression mechanic, where players earn points for pinning enemies with suppressing fire. The screen blurs, making it more difficult to shoot accurately. Players also rack up points when a teammate kills a suppressed opponent.

And that's part of what makes Battlefield 3 so intriguing. There are more ways to earn points, from the standard dropping of ammo and health packs to simply staying alive long enough to let teammates drop on your position. Between this and the pace at which players can enter combat, it seems the multiplayer could be much more inviting to the novice player.

Please note I did not write this. A co-worked sent it to me. Not sure where is got it from, but it descripes the game to a T.

BattleField 3 Beta

So I played the Beta for Battlefield 3 last night. I have to say I really like what I have seen so far. The map is Operation Metro and the game type is Rush.

The game play is great,I really like the feel of the controls. easy to use and control while firing (although my 11.4% Accuracy would beg to differ) The game play for this map was fast paced with both long range combatand closequarters combat. The map offers something for everyone. I did experience some glitches that were minorbut itdid not affect game play.

One feature thatI really like is the method in which you gain a players dog tags, this can only be accomplished with a stealth knife kill (Knife from behind).

I'm sure I will post more as I play it, but I do recommend everyone give it a go tomorrow when the beta opens for everyone (unless you one of the lucky ones who got to play a couple days early)

Is Black Ops That Bad?

I have COD MW and really enjoyed that game. So i decided to buy Black ops when it came out. I for one think it's great and any issues I have are very minor. But some people just hate it.

I truthfullycan not see why. The only reason I can come up with is that these people are narrow minded and can not see past what they think they game should be. So when it does not meet their sucks. But in the end you need to recognize that it is a great game.

P.S. And if it sucks that bad then why has there been more then 100,000 online at any given time. Peaking from what I have seen personally to over a million.

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