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Sweet damn :D such a simple fix, thanks for that :)
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That sounds a bit like the plan in the LOTR does it not? ;)

Any C64 game makes today's games look REALLY easy, what with save points, no real punishment for death, quicksave and quickload, Memory sticks, passwords etc If you died in a C64 game you might have to reload the entire cassette all over again or at the very least, restart the entire game again:shock:

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you can? got a quick explanation for this? when you have time of course :D
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I have tried to get XCOM: UFO (IE the game that started it all) to run on my PC but of course it wont. I have tried to DL it from sites and get it to run but all i end up with is a superfast version of the game so you can't actually do anything because seconds turn into hours turn into days so fast you fail at everything.

SOOOO anybody havea working copy of this?or how did you get it to work at normal speed? anyhelp on this matter would be apreciated because i love this game and must play it again! why won't they re-release it? :(

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I seem to remember C64 games being mercifully hard when i was a tiny tot but i did insih some or at least get to the point where it just looped forever and ever

To my list i have:

Teenage mutant hero turtles - Defusing the bombs in the resevoir was a nightmare, but the tomato headed Shredder at the end was crap, and no ending :(, Commando, CJ's elephant antics AND CJ in the USA, Wizard willy, All the Dizzy games, Puff the dragon, Ikari warriors ,Spyhunter!, Midnight Resistance, Storm - Collecting snake broche's ftw :), Arcade flight simulator - WW3's insane flying made this a compelte pain in the ass but great 2 player :)

At the moment that is all i can remember. So many games I wish i had finished but never got around to doing, mainly due to the impatience of the loading times :)

The sinlge hardest game i remember going through was COmmando, took HOURS of memorising when and where the enemy was coming from and where to stand to aviod the bullets. After several attempts though i could complete it without dying over and over. The last "boss" if you like being a building/fortress with windows that you had to grenade.

Anybody else this old?