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Blood Bowl again

So having bought and paid for Blood Bowl for mucho-cheapo from Amazon I have been playing this game for about 2 weeks now and it's great. Just like the old board game that I used to play with my brothers and this does not dissapoint. So I am reasonably pleased with it and have written my gamespot review. If you want a game, just add me to your friends list in the internet lobby, tell me here or add me on steam. Oh, and Gobbos are still great fun :)

Champions online

So Champions Online is out, only for 2 weeks BUT it is out and I am enjoying it emmensly for 2 reasons.

The first reason is that my girlfreind and I have been together and living together for 2 years and known each other for 4 years and in this time we have played World of Warcraft together though I had stopped about 1.5years back and since that day I have not played a game with her since. Now that has changed. We are playing heros together fighting crime together, defeating endless hordes of ghosts, and supernatural things, mutant things and lots of other things. It has been great fun and the biggest bonus, you never need to search for a team mate because one is always there :)

The second reason is that I used to play City of Heros about 5-6 years ago for about 10 months and it was so fantastic that I still talk about my experiences in that world to other gamers today. And Champions has brought back all the parts I enjoyed and was looking forward to in the run up to release. I think part of my gaming soul loves to be heroic and jump around a city wearing ridiculous clothing :) if only it were true in real life to..ahhh well.

The piracy of Blood Bowl.


Ok this is totally unacceptable and really unfair. A digital download forgoes the costs of distribution, packaging, fees, staffing etc. So where is an overpriced game's money going to?? straight into the developers pockets that is where and I agree that is how it should be BUT not $50 ffs.......that is purely overpricing and a complete lack of regard for decent business practice. They could have more than covered their minimal costs AND made a hell-ova profit by attracting far more customers by charging $20-$30 instead.

By overcharging you basically alienated a much larger crowd of gamers who will not pay such a ransom from a bunch of pirates. REDUCE YOUR PRICE NOW!!

Plants vs Zombies !

Been awhile eh? well this will be short and sweet but I just HAVE to say that Plants vs Zombies is awesome and that I think you should all play it and buy it, it is cheap enough that it won't ruin your life at 10 dollars and you can have days of fun with this. A word of warning however: If you have anything to get done in your short lives though, avoid this game it is so damn addictive.

I have yet to own any games on my 2009 list which is very sad but 2 out of the 4 games are still not released and the other 2 are a bit expensive still so I have to wait, also, EvE online is sucking my life away through the internets leaving only time for small unserious fun games like PvZ. I bought it for my Gf also, she is the reason I own it (was a gift for her initially).

So Summer is here again, that means buy sun glare proof monitors!! no I joke, it means more work, more sun, more outdoors, more air, more laughing and more sunglasses. Oh and a more adult font. Nice.

2009 wants..funnily enough, all sequels.

So 2009 want list. Let's see how many I manage to grab before christmas this year.

Dawn of War II - As a huge fan of Warhammer 40,000 I have been looking forward to this since it was announced. I truly can not wait to play this, just wish I could afford it now!!

Empire Total War - A game that looks so amazingly realistic it is hard to not want this. I have not played any of the other series despite friends telling me to, I just haven't wanted to play them...until now. The thought of starting a campaign that may never end, intriques me to no end.

Champions Online - The sequel to City of Heros, endless fun, endless replayablity and just play when you like with no commitment. Who does not fancy running up walls jumping from skyscrapers and fighting supervillians? Great times ahead.

Half Life 2: Episode 3 - The sequel to end all sequels. I have played through the rest of Half Life 2 so many times that I am in love with the world and the story. I care what happens to Gordon and Alexand I want to see them through this. My only hope is that it is released this year.

Oh and EvE onlines new update in Marc, the biggest MMO ever just got bi...ok I can't finish that cliche.

V is for Violence

Big blog post that I wrote in Rock Paper Shotgun and thought It would make for a huge blog post that I expect nobody to read in full if at all :) some obvious points but everything I beleive in regardless.

Liking violent games or violence in games is not bad. I see it as survival rather than thrill seeking. You do need to remove obstacles in your way, if a gaurd is in your way and you need to get by, if no other route is available go through the obstacle.

If something is shooting you or trying to kill you in some other way, you must look at it like you would in a normal situation. How can you take this threat down so it no longer becomes a threat?

You could look at it with a real in depth veiw as in, this member of the opposing force is a fully paid up member of an army. He knew the risks when he joined up, it is his job and you shooting at him was a risk he was willing to take. We make choices and sometimes you die by them.

I think that killing for the sake of killing is a bit, too easy more often than not, no real challenge and a bit disturbing. If you are merely running people over in GTA or running around Hitman bloodmoney killing aimlessly and loving every second of it I think either you are:

A) Taking a different play approach to your game. This is not your normal play **** so every once in a while it is ok to act like a lunatic. And who says mowing down tens of pedestrians can not be fun? :)

B) Seek help. Liking overly violent means of doing something is a bit dark, but not a " yea I'm really cool" dark. More of a "I'm not right somewhere in my brain and that is something I will have to deal with". Besides, nobody thinks you are cool anyway so why would overly killing in a game get you any kudos from your RL mates?

Finding the less obvious route of going around or using your CHARISMA! and PERCEPTION! to deal with an obstacle is ultimetly the more challenging approach. Knowing that no gaurd can ever be a real threat to you if you can just talk your way in, knowing that no wall or high security messure can prevent you from stealthing your way in. All of this, makes you feel more invincible.

Games like FEAR and DOOM and Company of Heros even that have the violence as a necessity remove any worry about the violence. You bought the game to play at that level of violence, so you know what you are doing and ready for what it has in store for you. Unless you have of course crossed the line into loony-town.

Games like TF2, Evil Genius or World of Warcraft that bring the violence into a cartoon theatre to dubb the violence down are the real sinister games out there. Just because a cartoon shoots another cartoon in the head making it explode doesn't make it any less violent. Something implied is always more sinister.

It's like I always say, the most violent thing ever to be veiwed is Tom and Jerry. If that was made into a live action movie, replace the cat and mouse with 2 humans and make all the outcomes of the violence, all the reprocusions real and visual, you would have a huge media outcry and it would never get shown.

Violence in games is currently needed but violence realism is not as games should be an escape. It is not enjoyable to see a super realistic car accident, or a wounded soldier cry out for mom. More often than not, it is disturbing. Being disturbed by this sort of thing is a good thing because it should disturb you. Laughing all the way through 'Saving private Ryan' makes you a very odd soul-less person. So shouldn't the same values apply to 'Call of duty'?

Of course it depends on the challenge you have set out for yourself. If you can only use the knife from the start to the finish, then you must do wahtever it takes to achieve that goal. If you can only drive on the sidewalk for the entire game and you happen to hit lots of people as you try to avoid them, then that is fine also. Laughing at a car accident happen in front of you is something that you just don't do, you can't even make yourself laugh at that on purpose because it is so shocking. So shouldn't the same vaules be placed upon GTA?

In a way yes and in a way no because games are meant to be an escape and offer conscience free ways of killing. I WANT to hose down this street with my AK, I NEED to crash into that man to see how far his body will fly, I MUST set fire to the homeless woman because I can. All of this is available and only on offer if it is part of your current game character.

My usual rule is to go through a game my usual way. Diplomatic and seeing all sides of an arguement before making my decision. Ultimetly becomeing wealthy and full of ammo and in complete control of the game. Then I go through again as a rogue sort of like, being completly selfish for my own wants and needs. THen a third run through that I rarely complete due to the ease of the game. Destroying and killing at will reducing everything to a "it needs to die, thought and a "I am top of the food chain so after I kill you, you are no longer a possible threat". Like I said, I rarely complete this third run through because It is always too easy and rarely satisfying.

Fallout 3 done and done

Fallout 3, the best free game I have ever played and one of the best games I have ever played on the PC...almost 20 years PC gaming now and that is saying something.

I guess I should write a review of this game shortly now I have finished it, I will get around to doing that but for now I jsut wantt o say to the interwebs that I have finished it with 60hours game play and now I am going through it again :)

At last

So my fresh copy of Fallout 3 (limited lunchbox edition) arrived yesterday and I played it all night which was most satisfying. I don't get games very often and usually when I do, the weeks before it comes out are very exciting :)

At this time It comes down to the same old routine, finding a game to tie you over until your new game arrives/is released. When World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade was released some 2years ago, I rememeber the night before being like a new kind of christmas for me. Being 25 at the time it was a little awesome to feel like 5 years old once again, that night I didn't sleep, I woke up at 6am and practicaly ran to the store to buy it.

For Fallout 3 I was checking the mailbox everyday since the 15th of December, yea, almost 1 month ago of non-stop mail checking haha. Well it arrived and it was such a release of anticipation and anxiety over playing a new game. I have no real opinion of the actual game just yet because I think my opinion would be biased based on the "OMG IT'S HERE!!" factor.

The game I had chosen to spend time on whilst waiting? Company of Heros. I downloaded some new maps, played through it on expert and had a really great time. Oh I read through 4 novels also :)

I won!!

Ok so this is really awesome and quite foretelling.

I won a copy of the Collectors Edition Fallout 3 !!!! I can't beleive it. I have to say that I would never have bought the collectors edition because it's so expensive, however I would have bought the game eventually. So this is just great news :)

I said in my blog just a few days ago that I would buy the game but it's not a must buy for me right now because I bought Left4Dead instead so this is just awesome for me :)

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