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Uncharted 2 is great...some of the ppl that play it, not so much

Love Uncharted 2, its great! I really like online co-op... but it seems that 1 out of 3 matches that i play ends in one of the following 1. Before the opening cutscene is done someone leaves, causing a connection error. 2. Half way (and sometimes just before the end) someone leaves, causing a connection error. 3. I start racking up the points with the multiplier and someone decides, instead of trying to play and get more points themselves, they leave, and you guessed it cause a connection error. 4. Just like #3 i start to get a high multiplier, then one of the people on my team kills me (usually one of those 13 yr old boys with a mic that just string a bunch of swear word together, and say stuff about your mom) :roll: 5. Those 13 yr olds decide "I'm gonna go all the way to the other side of the map, into the nest of 10-15 enemies,and die" then if I or the other teammate cant get to him in time to revive him, he'll either start killing us both, or leave..... :| ya so thats just a bit frustrating.... :evil: another thing that kinda pisses me off is watching as another player runs up to one of the armored shotgun guys, and tries to punch him without shooting of his helmet off first anyways if you want to do some matches I have some room on my friends list, since all of these chain letters have been going around, I've freed some room :D just let me know that you're from GS and who you are PSN id: Tony2519 Peace 8)

Why did i rent this?... +other things

I have no idea why, but i rented Ultimate Alliance 2.... I think i was like, "hmm, marvel... I like marvel... I'l give it a shot." get home beat it once on normal, and once on 'legendary' wasnt the greatest game. there were glitches, even though i played "pro-registration", and "anti-registration" both were pretty much exactly the same. It was so short, beat it twice in like a day and a half. (thank god i Rented)

Well after I was done with that i decided to go back and try something else... Fight night Rd 4?Infamous? Prototype? wet? SCRIBBLENAUTS!!?? didnt have any copies left for any of them. So i decided to rent red faction, its a solid game, lots of fun blowing S#!T up :P cant think of anything bad to say about it so moving on.

Random picture

what else to say?.....

everyone seems to be talking about Uncharted 2 getting a 9.5 on GS... i mean here :S What do you think? Personally i think its as good as a ten (considering all the bias! :shock: )

I dont know what else to say so I'll end on, I just got a job at Toys R Us (Yey?)

Anyways, Peace!

Preorder cases?

So i finally got around to going and reserving Uncharted 2, and after i give the chick the $5 deposit she hands me the uncharted 2 case with the demo and in-game bonus codes inside, and i was like Wtf :? so i asked what was with the case, do i have to bring it back when i pick up uncharted 2. and she was just as confused as i was, she said no, you dont have to bring it back, i dont know why the hell theyre doing this, its such a waste.

just thought i'd share cause I've never got a case for a preorder code

the demo is taking forever to DL cause of my stupid wireless connection (75%)

I want to see this

And no, its not because Megan Fox is in it, i think that the story seems like it could be very interesti.... who am i kidding, i want to see her make out with a chick (Amanda Seyfried) :P

anyways, thats all i have to say, Peace

Point loss for dis-liking halo, lol

my points got dropped from like 75% to 22% because i said "....Halo sucks"

Anyways :P ..... Been playing Batman AA, but i wont be playing much of anything because school oficially started today, so i probably wont be very active on here (not that im very active as it is :P)

...that is all :|

"9" Characters resemble sackboy??

Ok so I saw a trailer on tv today about a movie called "9" by Tim Burton and as i was watching it i realized that the characters look like creepy, streched out Sackboys... what do you think?

^^thats the thing from the movie

^^and this is Sackboy

Massive Action Game

I got into the MAG beta (insert Happy dance here) :D

I was really hoping to get into the beta just because im kinda on the fence about it, being an online only game, with 256 player matches

cant wait til' its done downloading

Level Up

just passed level yay?

Level 21-Rescue Ranger- Possibly a reference to theChip 'n' Dale's Rescue Rangers gameon the NES.

i think i still have that game stored away somewhere..

I havent been playing games lately, Its been really rainy this summer but the passed few days have been sunny so tryin to enjoy it while it lasts...

within the next couple days i think im gonna go and pre order Batman Arkham Asylum, looks really good.

might also pre order Uncharted 2 while im there

Anyways happy gaming, Peace

What is going on?

I guess its a bad time to be a celebrity, first Ed Mcmahon dies.. then Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson.. and now Billy Mays

for those who don't recognize the name, I'll save you a trip to Wikipedia. He was an advertising salesperson, for such items as OxiClean, and OrangeGlo

(Kaboom and the stain is gone!)


I finally found someone to take Mercenaries 2 off my hands... it was impossible to find someone who wanted it.couldnt get money for it but i traded it for assassin's creed, I'm very interested in the 2nd one so I thought I should play the first one before it comes out.


Rest In Peace

In memory of Farrah Fawcet, who died yesterday due to cancer. And the 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson, who also died yesterday due to a heart attack. R.I.P.

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