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I personally would've suggested Dean Winters or the voice of Max himself, James McCaffrey. But Hollywood rarely ever casts unknown actors in star roles, which is kind of sad when you think about it.
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{removing images for the sake of bandwidth/size.}

Seriously is no one else impressed with the graphics improvement?

Does no one remember Call of Duty 3?

Or MOH:Vanguard?

Heroes 2 has pumped it up.


In the defense of those two, they were half-assed PS2 ports. Naturally they weren't gonna be great. :/

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I've heard from a friend that Outrun 2006 is the definitive Outrun to get for the Xbox, as it has overall more features and whatnot than Outrun 2 SP.
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I ask you of this.

Have you ever played Shadow the Hedgehog? Or the next-generation Sonic?

Because those are the problems that face the series today. I can't think of anybody who gave either game a positive review outside of fans who couldn't tell a good game from Big Rigs.

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and it makes me wanna say this: You need to adjust your priorities in life if it bothers you so much that others are speaking out against something on a video game website, in fact it is wasted energy on your part.


I've said what I wanted to say, and I'm more or less leaving it at that. I love the new system myself. Sure, it means that 8.0s and 8.5s are gonna be more common than the whole 8 spectrum, but it's not like they'll be handing 10s out like it was candy.

All I'd really want to know is: "What would former GameSpot editors think about this change?"

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After hearing a lot of whining, complaining and threats to leave GameSpot, it makes me say this:

"You REALLY need to adjust your priorities in life if a game site's REVIEW SYSTEM means that much to you."

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...what the hell, did I walk into the System Wars forum by accident?
#8 Posted by TonicBH (720 posts) -
I play for mostly single-player, but multiplayer's a good factor as well. Unless the game doesn't really warrant a multiplayer (see: Deus Ex)
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Twin Snakes, Substance, Subsistence.

You're welcome.

(Why is these such a disdain for MGS:TTS? "OMG SNAKE BACKFLIPPING OFF A MISSILE!$!!$!#$!@#12313212!" jesus people, I can think of like, 20-30 scenes in MGS2 and MGS3 that are just as over-the-top as any Twin Snakes scene.)

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A shooter. By an American developer. On the DS. And it doesn't have flaws (like MP:H) and doesn't suck (like Touch the Dead and Goldeneye: Rogue Agent).

I seriously hope this brings a new trend. It shocks me that the PSP gets shooters with gimped controls, yet the DS has perfect controls for shooters yet barely gets any that are great.

Although, I haven't played any of the aforementioned shooters, but I heard TTD was mixed, GE:RA was bad and that MP:H had too many flaws to be enjoyable. So hey, YMMV.

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