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Killzone 3 video review

Well sort of. It's actually more of an analysis as to why I think the game is a total failure and not really a review.

Petition to EA

Bout time somebody set up something like this. If anyone on this site considers themselves a gamer, you will sign this.

A story I figured I'd share with you all

Found this the other day. Never really did anything with it but I figure I'll share it anyway. Who knows, maybe you can give me some ideas...

Im running along a destroyed bridge. Running anywhere, nowhere, not sure exactly where save for anywhere away from the seemingly endless seas of zombies that are everywhere I go.

The situation is dire; The sky is hellfire red, covered with black, somber clouds. Rivers that once flowed with life now flow with blood, all water long since evaporated. Geysers of lava spew out of the ground, mushroom clouds dot the horizon in all directions. The only remnants left of humanity are the occasional flat, grey structures, many of which have almost completely decayed, faint screams of agony persist everywhere you go and the only other thing that makes any sound in this dead world are the gargoyle-like creatures that occasionally skim overhead: Hell on Earth at its finest.

I dont know how it all began but creatures of all shapes and sizes that can only be described as demons began appearing anywhere and everywhere suddenly with no warning no signs, no indication whatsoever, too sophisticated to be an attack from any known force. It effectively left the whole of humanity unable to mount any effective defense or counter-attack against it. Fast-forward 7 hours later and every human has either died or become a zombie while every other living thing on the planet has long since perished.

Im the last living thing left on the entire planet as far as I know, though I dont know how anything, be it plant or animal, could have possibly survived this. The Enclave completely fell apart 3 hours prior and here I am, all alone and almost bone-dry on ammo and supplies. I had prepared emergency supplies in case anything of an emergency but I only had time to suit up and grab a backpack before I absolutely had to leave my house, although I do credit what I was able to grab with helping me survive this long. I was never too crazy for organized religion but a part of me never doubted that there was a possible higher power and I sure as hell wasnt doubting that it had some credit in keeping me alive this long at this point.

I stopped short half-way across the bridge; another sea of zombies charging towards me like a pack of starved wolves. Coupled with the sea of them behind me, I was effectively trapped. Jumping off the bridge was out of the question, the only thing that awaited me was a river of lava and fire. With nowhere to run, I raised my rifle and emptied the clip into horde ahead of me, dropping about 7 or 8 of them. Not that it made a difference; there were hundreds if not thousands of them. Reaching for another mag, I quickly realized that the one I just spent was my last one. I had one option left and I didnt like the thought of it but still, it beat the world out of standing around waiting for the zombies to eat me alive. I readied the underbelly grenade launcher, loaded my last grenade and prepared myself for whatever came after this world.

It never came. A bright light appeared out of nowhere in front of me, so bright, I can to snap my eyes shut. I opened my eyes after hearing innumerable shrieks coming from the zombies at the forefront. I was greeted with the sight of seeing them burning in ultra-violet fire with a figure standing before them. At first the light was too strong to discern who or what it was but as the light dimmed, it quickly became apparent; a young woman of angelic appearance, stunning violet eyes and long, auburn hair that flowed down her back like silk with two fluffy fox ears adorned her head and eight tails that swayed behind her.

"Kamiya!" I almost gasped. Kamiya is the leader of a fox worshipping tribe somewhere north of where I had lived before all this, said to be the daughter of a kitsune spirit and gifted with all these weird, freaky magical powers and all this other mysticism bull crap. Long story short, some people in this world have connections to the super-natural, things like fox spirits or something like that. Shes one of them and is also my guardian angel although I have no clue how she came to be that and at this point in time, I really couldnt be bothered to try and figure it out.

"Cmon! We need to get you out of here now!" she said frantically.

"Yeah...yeah...good i...dea" I said almost out of breath when time suddenly seemed to slow to a crawl. Something hit me in the back of my mind, something telling me to turn around. As I turned, I seemed to do so in slow motion, time going by slower and slower until I saw it: A gargoyle lunging straight at me, its shriek echoing throughout my entire existence. Without even thinking, I raised my gun, still realizing that I hadnt used the grenade yet.

Too late. I pulled the trigger but by this time, the creature was less than 10 meters away from me. The last thing I remember was the sound of my scream as the burning creature collided with me.

Well that sure takes a load off my mind

My fans on youtube kept telling me about a game called Deadly Premonition back in 2010 saying I'd like it because I loved Alone in the Dark Inferno and after looking at some media, I'd be inclined to believe them...but I never got around to actually buying the game.

However, after reading some news, guess what: I don't have to!

Coming to PS3 biach!;DeadlyPremonitionExclusive;DeadlyPremonitionComing

Happy gamer is happy :)

Someone gimme an idea

Ok I'm at a loss of what to review next. I've been wanting to review a game for a while now but I got nothin. There's gotta be something I can review I have 150+ games in my collection for cryin out loud.

Anybody got any ideas?

Birthday time!

Celebrated my 22nd two days ago. Got some cool stuff, the coolest thing being exactly what I had hoped for. The 2008 DVD release of the original Star Wars trilogy. What makes this release stand out from the rest however is that it's remains the only DVD release of the unaltered films.

There is a catch though: It's the Laser-disc port, not the remastered original film print.

Still, until Lucas wises up and gives the fans what we actually want, this is about as close as we'll get to a true DVD release.

Fallout 3 and New Vegas: Which one I prefer

I haven't really talked about the Fallout universe before, but make no mistake, Fallout 3 and New Vegas are two of my favorite games ever. Like, they're the two games that I'll pick out of all the games I own on a day where there's really nothing go on and just play them for hours on end and I really don't do that with any of the other games I own. You can thank the mod community for that one. Fallout has got possibly the greatest mod community of any game out there. Their size rivals that of the Halo fanbase and their dedication surpasses that of any other community I've ever seen and not just Fallout, but The Elder Scrolls games too and they're really what keeps me going back to Fallout. They've helped to improve the Fallout games substantially and fix virtually all of the issues I've had with the games.

Despite how much I love them though, there has always been one major issue with both of them: Not enough Enclave and that in turn has also revealed a few other major flaws in both games.

To better explain, let's take a closer look at both games. Both games were marketed as being morally ambiguous. In Fallout 3, you could either be the embodiment of god of the devil incarnate. New Vegas took this a few steps further by adding in a faction system as well as positive and negative consequences to all of your choices.

Where does the Enclave come in though? Well starting with Fallout 3; with how much it touts its moral ambiguity, I find it to be quite lacking in that department and it's all because you can't join the Enclave. For a game that gives you the option to be a bad guy, why can't you join the bad guys? I mean you can eradicate everything and everyone in the entire wasteland, you can enslave till there's nothing left and place a virus in the water supply that kills everything and their mother but you can't team up with what's essentially the symbol of evil in the fallout universe.

I also feel like I was forced down the good path in Fallout 3. That stems from the way the dweller is presented in the cinematics and his background. Y'see his father was a guy who wanted to save the world. He was a true paragon and no matter what direction I took in Fallout 3, I always felt like I was forced down the path of good, even if I'm the most evil character possible, it still feels like the vault dweller finds some kind of redemption in the end in one form or another and ultimately winds up a good guy. My main reason for this is again, due to the Enclave, because you are forced down a path that makes you outright destroy them. You're forced into the BoS and have to fight the Enclave no matter what. Sure, you can destroy the citadel at the end of Broken Steel but even if you do that, #1 it won't change how the enclave remnants act towards you and #2 it still feels like they're totally defeated.

New Vegas on the other hand, fixed this. Unlike the vault dweller who was in the underlying tones of the game, made out to be a good guy in the end, the courier was more neutral. You knew nothing about him except that he got caught up in something he didn't fully understand and was seemingly killed and left for dead. So he sets out to get revenge and winds up stumbling on something greater than he ever expected. His neutral setup and design gave more freedom to craft and design your own character. The game's choices were greyer rather than the black and white choices with the white undertones of Fallout 3. However every single choice has both a positive and negative outcome. If you help one faction out, another faction with gradually hate you more and more and it gets to the point where they want nothing to do with you unlike Fallout 3 where you could become the savior of the world in everyone's eyes, y'know you could please everyone. You can't do that in Vegas, it's impossible and that's what I loved about New Vegas is that you could all the way with any way you wanted, even the bad guys, but the main problem here was that the Enclave are not the bad guys, Caesar's Legion is.

This is where Fallout 3 tops New Vegas. Y'see Caesar's Legion is a brand new entity in the Fallout universe, even though they were scheduled to take a big part in Black Isle's Fallout 4. Besides that, they have no connection to the Fallout universe and they really don't fit in any way if you ask me. Roman soldier in the post apocalyptic 23rd century, that's a little silly right there. That, combined with true player choice is New Vegas' biggest issue: The lack of a main obstacle, a main bad guy or something like that.

Don't get me wrong, it's great that New Vegas gives you the choice that Fallout 3 so boldly proclaimed it had but there's a little too much freeform involved here. Fallout 3 allowed you to make your own choices and change how the world viewed you but there was also an integral story woven into the mix, unlike Vegas where even the main story was completely shaped on the choices you made, in Fallout 3, the Enclave come into play and take a central role no matter what and they present a threat to everyone. There's more of a central story here to focus on.

Now I know what some of you may be thinking: Deckard, you just contradicted yourself. No I didn't. The point I'm trying to get across here is find the right balance between the two. Fallout 3 doesn't give you enough of a choice and New Vegas gives you too much of a choice.

I've always said that if you take New Vegas' gameplay and throw it into Fallout 3 with the ability to join the Enclave, that would be the perfect Fallout game right there. New Vegas is essentially the original Fallout games reincarnated in the modern world. The DT system, the multiple types of ammo, the survival mechanic, all that kind of stuff. It is what Fallout 3 should have been gameplay wise. But as they currently stand, I like Fallout 3 more despite that I think Vegas has the better gameplay. I like the setting and the scenario better and the fact that it's more story driven. Sure being able to craft my own story in its entirety is great and all but maybe sometimes I don't want to entirely create my own story. Maybe I want there to be something that happens no matter what but the ability to make your choice to influence the outcome of whatever it may be and not just black and white outcomes either. Give it more of a grey area. And you need a bad guy that resonates deep within the franchise i.e. the Enclave, because without that, there's no impact to the story in New Vegas. Yeah Caesar's Legion is technically the bad guy here but they've never shown up before not to mention they look out of place and downright silly and they're not really projected in any way to make you hate them if you decide to go up against them. At least in Fallout 3 the Enclave kill your old man.

However, at the end of the day, this is why I play both games, because each game has something they need from the other. While I haven't found a mod that totally transports the New Vegas gameplay into Fallout 3, I did find a mod that fixes the lack of ability to join the Enclave…sort of, but we'll talk about that some other time.

Justice has been served

I'm a very happy bastard today, know why?

Because I found out while I was at work that the low life who once held a knife to my sister's throat and forced her to take drugs in the middle of school no less which caused life-long issues now has a good shot of being put behind bars forever.

Here ya go, I'm gonna go celebrate:

Nathan Lugo, you are a piece of work. Have a nice life :)

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