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Off on Holiday

Will be checking my Q over the next couple of days, but am in Greece from Sunday 19th to the following Sunday 26th.

Half M.I.A.

Ok, having problems with my laptop atm. So Kinda stuck using my phone to check my Q and messages. I have kept a record of the majority of my five day a week shows, and the CIN shows are set to record, so I shall get them updated as soon as I can!


From today until Wednesday 2nd I shan't be on the site, but will be back online by Thursday night latest. I'm off for a few days in the country, tar tar!

Big Brother is back!

I'm trying to keep as on top of the guides as I possibly can, with Big Mouth airing only once a week it should be easier to keep on top of that guide.

As for the main guide, I aren't allowing any cast submissions until Sunday's live show, when we will know who are the official housemates, so this can be reflected in the non-housemates roles.

The forums are sadly looking a bit barren, so If you've got something to say on the show, then please head over their - whether it's negative or positive, even as the shows editor, I'm already finding myself only thinking negatively about the series so far!

Alot of thanks goes to Heather_H for the pre-series articles/pictures and recent picture additions to Big Brother, Big Brother's Big Mouth (probably my favourite banner for one of my own show guides yet) and Big Brother's Little Brother. If anyones interested in helping me out with any of the guides, just let me know.

Eye, Eye

Channel 4 have finally released the eye for Big Brother (UK) series 10. The launch date of the actual show has also been confirmed to be the 4th of June.

Thought I'd put this here, since it doesn't seem to have been mentioned anywhere else. :-p.

Here We Go Again

Another new design.

To be honest I really preferred the 'preview', I know their's not alot of changes, but I was under the impression that alongside the show summary, cast & crew are central to episode information. Why's it hidden now?

I haven't blogged in a while, so I hope everyones fine.

I've reinherited the majority of my old guides and I'm not sure when I got a couple of them back. But it's fair to say alongside a couple of retirements, I've got a couple of new guides since I last blogged. And a TU for the Comic Relief guide thanks to GuidesAndThat.

I really want to complete one of my big guides, if their's any preferences just let me know!


for these infrequent blogs. I seem to have found myself getting more into submitting since I last posted though.

I like the snow, but hate it when it's not snow anymore, just alot of ice. :(

I've also got a job interview lined up for tomorrow, so wish me luck.

New Editorships; Celebrity Juice, Footballers Wives - Extra Time, RI:SE.

If anyone's interested in helping me out with a couple of guides Blue Peter & Newsround. Get in touch!

Playing Catch-Up

With my guides, sorry guys had alot of stuff going on and alot of overtime at work with it been half-term.

It was my birthday on Monday as well, I'm finally legal ;).

I also got a new unexpected editorship, with The Vicar of Dibley since the previous editor retired.


from a couple of guides, if anyone's interested.

Big Brother (Africa)

Celebrity Big Brother (Australia)

Pinoy Big Brother