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CoD4 is fantastic.I woke up today and walked into town with a nice hangova, i thought to myself....can i afford it. With Mass Effect and AC in the next 2 weeks, and CoD4s SP cloking in at 6 hours, i was unsure.

It was £37.00 in HMV...with my Student discount it was gona be like £34, so i went for it. I am not disapointed. **** Booze money, **** eating, CoD4 is outstanding. Awesome graphics, amazing gameplay, powerful story. Am playin on veteran to extend my mileage, and man is it hard.

Now the MP is fun fast and the ranking system just makes it addictive!

Buy this game its sweet ass!

God Of War!

Well i just completed it and all i can say is wow! What a game. I never really got round to playing it so i decided to pick it up as it is one of the biggest franchises now on the sony platform, and as i am getting a PS3 i really wanted to get into. An boy did i.

The story is a stroke of genius, a complete twist on Greek Mythology. I am going to wait till i get my PS3 in August until i pick up God of War 2, but i am looking forward to it.

Awesome game, play it if you can.

Peace out.

Level 20, and a 5000 gamerscore!

Finally :D. took me ages to get 5000 points, as when i buy a game, i just play the story and thats it. I just dont have time to get 1000 achievments, only on fun games do i go back like, lego star wars 2 (before my 360 ruined it :@) and obivion, and now GH2 :D.

I also hear that level 20 is bugged? ah well heres to Gamespot!

I got Guitar Hero II :D

So i finally decided to buy it. When it was out on the PS2, i thought no i cant pay that much money. However, i was in town today and it called to me so much, so i went to the bank, got out....£70 :(.... and bought the beast. It's great!

It took some getting used to, i never played guitar before and man its hard to get the right notes, with out looking at the fret butons or hitting the wrong fret button. Once you have learned how to play it it's really addictive and the songs they chose are top notch, i am really geting hooked on it, but i gota get some revison for my A2 exams done.

My verdict is 9/10 buy it, its really fun.

I decided to move out for university.

First blog :| anyway...

I have decided to move out to go to uni. I was orignally just going to John Moores uni in liverpool, and i kind of live over the water on the wirral so i could stay at home. But why do that i thought. The whole point of going to uni is to move out, and live with people your own age. Oh and get wasted every night :P, and that think they call study?

So i have applyed for my halls of residence and i cant wait for september to come. Only trouble is I am gona have to get through my A2 synoptic exams, and get £250 for a deposit for my halls of residence. Bummer.