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As for the question about the comics check out . They have an online reader that has some stuff to read, like the first darkness issue, and they sell their comics in the store. They do not have all the issues for sale unfortunatley, but it could be a great start to understanding the darkness story by getting the available issues.
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Great free RPG's from . Especially space cowboy, which is a blast to play. 3rd person flight sim (kinda) thats also an RPG. Closest thing to a shooter they have there, free, and fun. Try it if you're willing to have a shooter/flight/RPG combo experience.
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Haha XD Thanks for the help guys!
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My copy of fallout (off ebay) did not come with an instructions guide. I have been searching for ages now, and can't seem to find a control guide. I have managed to figure out pretty much everything I need to know except one thing: HOW DO YOU MAKE TARGETED SHOTS? I tried every button on the keyboard while in combat mode and it only worked once, but its 1 am now and I guess I didn't pay attention to the key I pressed XD. Could have sworn i was holding down shift and it activated it but i tried it again in another battle and it didn't work. Hmm. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and no I did not choose the trait that does not allow you to do targeted shots.

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Holy crap I've watched this trailer like 50 times now. This game will be.. EPIC!