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Gaming Industry : Why so serious?

I am so confused by and so tired of so many video games that come out these days being totally serious or sometimes even so hard its simply frustrating.

LOOK , the point of playing video games is TO HAVE FUN. To blow off stress and just have a good time.

But so many games are dead serious. I just rage quit Darksiders because it was too serious and hard to the point of being frustrating. Why is it that if a game is supposed to be fun they make games that are frustratingly difficult or serious?

Or another example , games like Call Of Duty are among the best selling best reviewed games on the market right now. When I try to play them I'm not seeing the FUN inplaying adead serious simulation of war. Not at all.

Then theres Assassins Creed , where they made a code of conduct that says you can't kill innocent NPC pedestrians. I had recently tried that (for reasons unknown) very popular series and found it too damn serious as well....

Then theres games like Dark Souls that just came out , and look... I haven't played it but I've read the reviews watched some videos and despite it being considered unanimously ridiculously hard people are all also unanimously praising the living sh.. out that game. I know I don't want to buy it because like Isaid I playgames to HAVE FUN , blow off steam! Not create steam!

Going to freaking work or school has a less serious vibe to it than playing most games these days....

I remember when I was little it seemed almost every video game that ever came out was light hearted fun and easy going , Donkey Kong , Sonic , Mario , Banjo Kazooie , all of that... none of that stuff was ever frustrating or deadserious , and honestly they have managed to derail most games like that by trying too hard to reinvent them with all this extra crap. Whats wrong with just jumping across platforms and collecting crap? If its not broke don't fix it... but they try to anyway andthe gamescome out worse for it.

Why can't there be more light hearted easy going games that you can have REAL fun in out there? Games like Saints Row , like Grand Theft Auto , like The Elder Scrolls , like WWE games , like The Sims. Games with the ability to customize your character and their things , games with the ability to screw around... you know

Some games that pretty much have you play through the story and thats it can be good too , like Infamous , Ratchet & Clank , Pokemon , Dragon Age Origins , and so forth. Because they have some comedic releif throughout (most of those games) a real sense of character progression and its never TOO hard.

Basically I don't understand how dead serious (COD, Assassins Creed , really any FPS you name it) or frustratingly hard (Darksiders , Space Marine , etc) are so popular.

I just DON'T GET IT! Video games are supposed to be FUN. NOT be frustrating and serious.