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Summer 2011 Anime List - Summer, Love Is In The Air!

This is old news probably for the most of you but here is a list of the Summer 2011 Line-up! Post your comments on what looks interesting for you!

Also, me and SpaceAngelCyn are now dating! I am really happy... And also very happy to be in her life... I will continue to be there for her whenever she needs it... And now that we are in a relationship... I am bound to be there for her... And hope for a nice bright future with me and her. =)

Now check out some of these Animes in the coming Months!

(NOTE: Remember to "View Image" to see all of it!)

Video Game Marathon: Part I and II

Hello everyone, To_Ashes here with an update. Sorry I haven't been Blogging in a while... Been going through a few personal things in my life at the moment which is finally getting better. On the fortunate side, me and SpaceAngelCyn have started a Game Marathon, of if you would like to call it, kind of a "Let's Play". We have been playing games together and currently we have finished two games so far in the past few days. So I can easily say, we have been finishing the games up quite quickly! We can't record the games we have played... Yet...

Now for the games we have played...

Silent Hill 2

Estimate Finish Time: 5:00


SpaceAngelCyn - Maria Ending

To_Ashes - Leave Ending

Well, this was actually our first game we have played. This one had a few good moments when playing it. We seemed to go through it a lot quicker than normal. Since we have both finished the game a few times before, it seemed like a lot of parts that we got stuck on we were able to figure out pretty quickly.

As for the first day we played it, we only put an hour into the game. So we really weren't able to proceed far into the game at first. Only getting to the Clock Puzzle inside the apartment complex. But after that we really kicked it up on Day 2... And we actually completed the game on the second day. I really think it was a fun run and being for our first game, we really completed it a lot quicker together than we thought.

Clock Tower 3

Estimate Finish Time: 4:20


Clock Tower 3, a game that SpaceAngelCyn has more experience in since she has finished the game a number of times. This was also a reason why we finished the game in a pretty decent time. I for myself, have only finished this game once. And I got through it in my first run in about 7 hours without any guide of help of any sort. But I admittedly had SpaceAngelCyn's help throughout this run through since I was pretty dumbfounded on where I had to go...

We had some pretty good quotes during our run through which we may of 'accidentally blurted out' ^^;... (NOTE: For the sake of GameSpot censors... Some of the words I am going to use are different... Use your imagination. ^.~)


To_Ashes: Ohh here it comes! The arrow of truth... Coming from the heavens!... He's all like... *Deep Voice*... 'Ohh Freak.'...



SpaceAngelCyn: Get the Ashes in the room with the furnace...

To_Ashes: I don't see any ashes!

SpaceAngelCyn: Are you dumb? *Joke*

To_Ashes: Yes I am freaking dumb... *Sees ashes...* Ohh snap, I really am freaking dumb.



To_Ashes: Take that you smelly little rodent! May you rot in soup.


Heheh, we have a great time playing games together... Seems like every moment we seem to stumble into some kind of situation which could be taken in the wrong way of some sort. Hoping to do these marathons for a while with SpaceAngelCyn we have a great time together. ^.^

Game in Progress:

Silent Hill 4: The Room

Another horror game for our collection to play. We only finished this game once before, but we intend to finish this one in a pretty decent time cause we have been going through it very quickly. Expect us to finish this sometime this week.

Next Game:

Final Fantasy X

This one is going to be an interesting run together... Haven't played it in a long while and ran out and bought a copy the other day. I lost my copy somewhere in my un-organized collection. But it is pretty organized now thanks to Cyn's dedication for me to clean up. xD... Staying away from the Horror Genre for this run though... This should take us some time to complete together.

Well that is it for now guys... Comment down in the Blog if you desire. Next update should be soon. Kudos everyone!


Anime Update: Winter 2011 Anime Line-up

Anime Update: Winter 2011 Anime Line-up

Hey guys just wanting to say hope everyone had a Merry X-mas!

I wanted to post the schedule for the Winter 2011 Anime Line-up... This has been posted a month or two back but I suppose its good to show for now!

(NOTE: Image won't be fully shown simple solution to this is "Right Click" the image and click "View Image" to get the full image... Zooming is Enable.)

Comment away on any on the list that catches your eyes! Kudos and hope everyone had a great Holidays as well.


Anime Update: The Question Blog

Anime Update: The Question Blog (Dec. 07, 2010)

Hello everyone, To_Ashes here with another update going on.

I decided to do a little something while we are trying to resolve this whole problem with the band and studio issues. I decided to answer some questions to all the people who enjoy reading all my reviews or my occasional life blogs heheh.

Now this is how it will go, since I know everyone has some kind of question. All questions are not restricted to any bound. So feel free to ask me anything that is unrelated to anime or my band if you like. Or you can ask me about certain things going on with the band as well... Use your imagination and ask me a few questions. Also, you are not limited to only one question. I would like you to ask me a multiple amount. But the only limit I will give is up to five questions per person.

All questions will go on this blog as well... When I answer your questions, I will comment to let you know through the comments. Don't be shy, ask me anything! We are human after-all. Shall we begin? Kudos everyone!


Why did you join GS?

The reason why I joined GameSpot four years ago was I was always fond of the website back at the time. I never had a true account. Or any intention of joining. But after I saw the community. I thought it would be a good time to jump in and make some friends ^^...

What is your favorite game of all time?

This one is really a hard one. I was always a fan of RPGs during my teen-hood. I always liked to enjoy myself and play Final Fantasy 7 a lot. And even before that, I loved playing Final Fantasy 6 (Which is 3 here in America.) I also was obsessed over a game called The Legend of Dragoon, and truly, I would have to say that is my favorite game. Why? Because The Legend of Dragoon was the first game I was able to bond with my cousin when we were younger. She didn't like RPG's at the time but she enjoyed helping me throughout the whole game. And just a few months ago, she had problems keeping her house up in Arizona. So I drove down there to pick her up and her stuff and she moved in with me. We are very close like brother and sister. And if it wasn't for The Legend of Dragoon, we probably never would of bonded as we were a corrupt family. So the verdict is The Legend of Dragoon.

What made you track kairikh?

The reason probably for tracking you was looking for people with the same interest with me. But of course most of the people I usually track don't seem talk or message me as they become distant. But I am always up to making new friends everyday! So it always nice to start our friendship anytime maybe kairikh? ^^... Kudos!

What made you track God17?

Well possibly for the same reason as for kairikh. I may of had a recommendation to track you at the time. But to tell you the honest truth, I can not really remember why I tracked you. But once again as I stated... It is never to late to ever make friends ^^...

What is your favorite series of all time?

My favorite series of all time would probably have to be Final Fantasy. Sure, Final Fantasy may of shared some of its bad games. But it also shared very good games as well... The reason why I like the Final Fantasy series would be the compelling story that unfolds through each one. And since I started with Final Fantasy 3 as my first RPG at the time. I can easily say the series to stay to this day and keep going is pretty impressive. I wasn't a big fan of Final Fantasy 13. But, I still love the series non the least.

Best game of 2010?

This is a hard choice for me here. I hate to always pick what is the "Best" game of the year. Since there is so many that I have played and enjoyed that it would be hard to pick one. But if I had to choose one... I would have to choose the most original one that has come out in my opinion earlier this year... Heavy Rain... Many people may of not been to into this game do to the "lack" of gameplay mechanics... But with a great story that you could get lost into... And having a great sense of suspension of disbelief... This game probably would keep my vote.

What made you track SpaceAngelCyn?

Heheh, it seems this is the most popular answer I recieved... Once again, I really can not remember clearly... It may of been Fate or possibly a reccomendation a few months back... But as you can see I can't truely remember what was the true reason why I started tracking you in the first place. But you are a very nice person and I am glad I tracked you =)... Kudos!

Anime Update: December 05, 2010

Anime Update: December 05, 2010

Hello everyone, To_Ashes here with an update! (Yes, it has been forever.)

I am going to make this blog pretty quick and simple about what has been going on with a few things. As you have probably noticed by now. I have been on a hiatus on anime reviews do to the fact of the recording process of me and my band have been going through. It has been a long and tiring process but we finally finished all the recordings as of today. But we fall into another issues of course since we seem to always fall on the wrong end of the stick. It seems as the recording studio we were going to said that with everything INCLUDING all the additional fees of recording would of came out around 450$. So we thought it was a reasonable price. Now we fall into one HUGE issue... He didn't tell us how much it would of been to do with "Extra Time" prices. Since our quota was to get the album finished by November 20th and now we are on December 5th... The price with all the extra time came out to 2,340$... Yes you heard me, WAY over the price of what it was going to be originally. So basically now all our recordings are being held "hostage" at the studio until we pay this huge fee. They hold the copyright to our songs as well... We will eventually pay for all the charges... But unfortunately, we will only probably self sell these and not rely on a Record Company to produce and send them out around the whole East Coast of the US. But we still have it in mind for the future when we release it more massively then local...

Alright guys, that was the bad news. Let me bring some of the good news aside... I have been catching up on many animes lately as well... I have been requested to watch a lot from some of my friends. And yes, it means I will return pretty shortly with some new reviews in the coming month... But as I am catching up on some of the animes I been missing out on. Expect me to start reviewing again sometime in January. So yes, I will make my late arrival with the Maburaho review sometime in January when I start it. Once again, I apologise for everything going on! ^^

I will come back for an update again guys on the whole situation going on with the recording studio. I just can't wait to be done with them. ^^

Ohh yeah...

Click Here to check out the Band Logo... So I could give something for you guys... (This is a Beta Logo by the way... This will NOT be the final... We still are un-sure about the band name as well... So anything goes still ^^...)

Until next time!

EDIT: I think it would of been nice to give you a tracklist hahah!

Album Title: At Sea, A Tragedy

1. (Untitled) (Intro Song)

2. Thorns of Kin

3. At Sea, A Tragedy

4. Vila Nevu

5. Tartarus

6. Fingers Overlap (Please, Don't Ignore)

7. May the Sails of the "Carrion Bird" Flutter

8. Lake Narzenata

9. Drowning

10. Secluded Beyond Belief (The End)

11. Follower (Katatonia Cover)

12. Nothijngrad (Novembre Cover)

Comment away, ask questions also if you like! Kudos!


Anime Update: October 21, 2010

Anime Update: October 21, 2010

(This is more of an Off-Topic Related Update.)

Hello everyone, I would like to say no I am not dead... For everyone wondering why I haven't put a preview nor a review up yet for Maburaho is for a few reasons actually... I haven't really started watching it yet as I am catching up on some of the animes that I missed out on and catching up... So that is reason one right there guys.

Now for reason number two... I have been working pretty hard on recording two albums... One with my current band in the studio... And a solo ambient one that I have been secretly doing... We have studio time until December and should hopefully be releasing our Debut album after we find a record label ^^...

Once again everyone... I sincerely apologise that I haven't been doing reviews lately... Just with all the recording time gets me exhausted and catching up on a few animes I been missing out on... It is kind of hard to watch Maburaho with a full mentality to review it... But I sure promise you guys that I will do the review and I do not go against my word... Until I finish my recording time in December in the studio... I will have more time for myself to watch Maburaho and all other future animes being more awake and doing the reviews for it in the future... Once again I apologise if you guys are a little disappointed but I will try to counter act with some mini-anime reviews for the meantime if I do get the chance for you guys!...

If you guys have any questions feel free to message me anytime you like also... I will still be on GameSpot to check all the comments and post comments for others... Just I have to put the main reviews on hold for the meantime... Thank you guys for the people who understand... Kudos everyone!

Comment Away!


Anime Review: This Ugly Yet Beautiful World

Anime Review: This Ugly Yet Beautiful World

Summary: Takeru and Ryou are high school students who work doing deliveries for the former's uncle. One night, the two go to investigate a mysterious light in the woods only to find a young girl. Takeru and Ryou are attacked by an alien, which is defeated when Takeru transforms into a powerful and strange looking beast himself. The girl, whom the boys name "Hikari" (light), is taken in by Takeru when she confesses to having no memory of who she is. (Sources from ANN)

Episodes: 12

Wow guys! Yes, To_Ashes here with another review for you guys... Finally... I would like to apologise and say that I been watching a few animes lately to catch on some that have been recommended to me... Now I learned my lesson, before I start a preview of the anime... I am going to of course start it first before I do the preview... I just think it is logical so I don't get side tracked and leaving you guys open for weeks on end and no review is up... But I know you guys have been waiting for the review and I like to do it now!...

This is "This Ugly Yet Beautiful World" ... You can also find this as "Kono Minikuku"... The anime starts off with your protagonist named Takeru who is by the side of Ryou ... The story begins with Takeru and Ryou on a delivery as they see a bright light that looks like a comet... It tends to fly around to finally come to a stop in the woods as it splits... As Takeru investigates with Ryou... They realize they come to see a girl that Takeru names Hikari... It turns out she has no memory of anything that happened before hand... The story starts as Takeru takes care of Hikari in his household with his uncle, aunt and cousin...

Now I would like to get through the negative of this pretty quickly... As it fairly doesn't have that much negative... Which is a good thing!... The real problem with this anime is the characters are very un-inspiring... Now I am not saying that it is so bad that it is unwatchable... But, the fact is that the characters just seem... Well in my eyes... Kind of boring if I can say... No character really stands out truly in this anime... Which is a shame since I will be getting into how the story is soon... Now even with the characters not being unique in their own way and kind of drawn out... It doesn't stop me from liking the characters... I still did like the characters very well as the story progresses... Since it draws you in very much...

The story in this anime is pretty much the highlight of it all... It is in my eyes a great work of art... The story proceeds with a nice explanation to everything... Which is really good since later in the anime the story can get a little bit confusing at certain points... I had myself re-watching a few episodes cause of certain meanings to what I may have missed... I then realized that what they were talking about after a re-watch... So overall, the story is really good... It has a Science Fiction type plot with a sub romance in between as well... Not saying there is animes out there like this... But this one really does shine from what I have seen compared to others...

Many characters start coming into the story as well... I don't want to give away all the characters if you decide you guys want to watch this... And I basically say you should give it a watch... But many characters do come throughout this short anime... Yeah... That was one problem that got me... The anime was very short roughing in only 12 episodes... But I stated this in many of my anime reviews before as well... I seem to tend to like shorter animes more since they usually follow the story's path well... Without no crazy random in-between plot... But I really think this series could of been something big if they expanded on it a bit...

(NOTE: Possible Spoilers In Next Paragraph ... Read at risk or skip to Overall)

Now for the conclusion... Without spoiling much I will have to say very few since the ending has full of "answers" at the end... So what can I say? Well, I can say that during the last episode you will find it very heart warming which is very nice in a way... But then... When the anime does unfold... It actually becomes quite sad but also "understandable"... The ending may have the sensitive watchers in tears...

Overall, I really liked this anime... And I am really happy to go back and watch it... Also I would like to state that this anime does have SLIGHT nudity... So for the watchers... Just expect there to be a little nudity here and there... But not crazy... But like I stated... I am kind of shocked I completely forgot about this anime... I use to have a Screen Name named after it... And I never knew why I did cause I couldn't reminisce back to the days I watched it... But I can clearly figure why I did like it... With a like-able story, and a pretty good ending that will not make you forget this anime (after a re-watch ^^)... I say watch this anime as a filler... Since the moment you start to bond with it... It sadly ends... But you will enjoy mostly every minute...

Overall: 9.0/10

(NOTE: Like I stated before... I am going to do Maburaho next... But I won't preview it until I start watching it... So I won't make the same mistake twice ^^... I can't tell you guys when I will start watching it... You will have to wait for the preview... But it will be sometime soon!)

Next Review: Maburaho

Anime Preview: This Ugly Yet Beautiful World

Anime Preview: This Ugly Yet Beautiful World

Summary: Takeru and Ryou are high school students who work doing deliveries for the former's uncle. One night, the two go to investigate a mysterious light in the woods only to find a young girl. Takeru and Ryou are attacked by an alien, which is defeated when Takeru transforms into a powerful and strange looking beast himself. The girl, whom the boys name "Hikari" (light), is taken in by Takeru when she confesses to having no memory of who she is. (Sources from ANN)

(NOTE: Let the Summary speak for itself at the moment... This is more of a Pre-Preview since I have not been able to watch the first episode quite yet... Sorry guys! ^^)

I really hate when I have to do this heheh... Well I promised you guys I would give you a preview tonight of This Ugly Yet Beautiful World... But I been having internet problems today with my internet... Since I notice they been working on the cable wires outside... So I am basically doing this preview in the blind... I am going to make the summary talk for itself ^^... Tomorrow I am going to watch the first episode when my internet becomes settle...

But from what I can remember of this anime... I can picture some of the scenes a few years back when I first watched this... A girl named Hikari is found in the woods when Takeru and Ryou see a bright light and find Hikari... Now I really don't want to go much more into saying anything else since I can't remember this anime much... You can call this a "Pre-Preview" cause of my lack of knowledge of this series I could not remember... Also I am currently watching another anime at the moment... I should be done with it soon though so expect me to start and finish this anime and give you the full review sometime next week!

(NOTE: The review will possibly be up sometime next week... But it may be the following weekend... Have many things going on right now but I have had the time to watch a few episodes... I will finish this the prior weekend as of October 8th, 2010.)

Mini-Anime Review: Midori No Hibi

Mini-Anime Review: Midori No Hibi

Summary: High school delinquent Seiji Sawamura is desperate to have a girlfriend, especially after being rejected by 20 girls as of late. He's afraid that he will end his life with his right hand as his only companion. Apparently, that doesn't change when one day when he wakes up and discovers that his right hand has become a girl named Midori Kasugano, who confesses that she has had a crush on him for the last three years. (Source by ANN)


+ Cute story and Characters.

+ Kind of a unique plot.

+ Funny story, Midori makes the story funny with her antics.

- Plot Holes... Always need filling...

- Conclusion is typical and un-original.

(NOTE: This anime is also known as, "Midori Days.")

Midori No Hibi, an anime that is based around two main protagonists named Seiji and Midori... The story starts out with Midori having a crush on Seiji... And to put it in a one sentence summary... Midori ends up being Seiji's Infamous right hand... Now what this anime really suffers is the reasoning "why" it happened... Throughout this anime, you will wonder that and be waiting dearly for an answer... But you never get the answer... Which leaves HUGE plot holes in the story... Conclusion as well is a disappointment... Without spoiling much... Lets just say, the conclusion is typical... But the story does make up for its humor and nice story... A Romantic/Drama type story that I say you should give at least a watch on the first episode... If you liked the first episode... You will most likely watch the rest of Midori No Hibi...

(EDIT NOTE: Sorry I didn't say this earlier but this anime also isn't fully suitable for younger audiences... It has some bare nudity of the breasts here and there... But nothing overkill.^^)

Overall: 6.5/10 (Borderline 7.0)