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I Miss E-Fedding

it was always a blast to explore my imagination and do this every week... however, a lack of interest and and ppl growing up (or leaving) has lead to it being all but dead around here

anyone remember e-fedding and have any great stories?

Here We Go Again ... GWE 4.0

thats right kiddies,

we're stealing one from the books of TNA... who stole it from WWE... we're bringing back a dead wrestling company for another run at GLORY!

if you somehow read this, hit me up and i can get you the info you need to get started

if you dont know what it is, ask me and i will give you all the info!


Adding Friends

how in the world do you do it!!! i feel like a dummy for not knowing, but i cannot figure it out

btw, im starting an e-fed, IWC, let me know if youre interested!!!

thanks for the help!!!



im getting an itch to start an e-fed again and pass it on to someone when i see they are capable of running it!

im not good w making gfx so i would want to get someone who could do that and finding members who want to have fun and compete while having a good time should hit me up... depending on the reaction we can get this thing rolling!

Anyone Reading This

i am curious if this is being read or anyone cares that im posting a blog... let me know!

also, ive got big news for anyone looking to be apart of an efed!!!

Moving on Up?

no, im not talking about the jefferson's, what i am talking about is i am going to be getting rid of my x360 and buying a ps3... im doing it mainly for the blu-ray and since i dont play many games outside of madden, ncaa, wrestling and gta it shouldnt be a huge deal... thoughts, feelings? ill get back to you all when i have had the ps3 for a bit and let you know how this turns out for me!

Crackdown Owns!

i havent played a game that i have enjoyed this much since Hitman: Blood Money... the ability to jump so high is friggin awesome and there are so many elements about the game that i am lovin... while i have not had any time to play it this week i plan on wearing my thumbs numb this weekend w/ the game and getting closer to beating it... game is definitely i would reccomend for anyone and the Halo beta is a beautiful add-on... its a must have to me, then again, i dont have a great taste for games...


United Wrestling Allegiance!!!

so after having seeing how XWE was being handled i have decided to do something i really want to do and that would be GM an e-fed.  Now while that might sound totally random and out of the blue, i feel i will be better at that, then being a character, which ive been ok at so far.  The fed is called "UWA" and has a few select members so far... hopefully, i can get ppl to jump on board and we will get the site rolling... if you see this message and are curious by all means PM me and we can definitely talk more about it.  If you feel committed, then i will be committed, thanks!

Sold My Lite...

so yeh, all that excitement faded shortly after since im a narrow minded person who only plays sports games... what a shame, but i bought justice league heroes for my friend for xmas w/ the money!!! have 70 bucks store credit too!!!

Got a DSLite

hello everyone, been a while since a last wrote, but i thought id let you in on my big transaction!  i bought my old co-workers ds lite from him for 50 bucks and smackdown vs raw 2007.  really wasnt playing it much and im in the heat of a franchise and a dynasty for ncaa and madden respectively.  im really excited and happy with it.  looking to get the phoenix wright game, pre-order the new one, pick up trauma center, new mario, and even the detective one, not touch detective!  right now i have brain age and lego star wars II.  Loving it right now and will keep everyone (all 2 of you) up to date on my happenings