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Stay Away From My Games **** Bag

Yeah man, how dare those people who have played video games since the early 80s and have been criticized their entire lives for their hobby want to keep the very douche bags who mocked them for it out of their hobby.

And how dare they demand that the industry keep catering to them, the loyal fans who love it as a hobby and not just because it's a popular thing to do now.

Clearly they're just entitled pricks, and they should embrace every douche bag they've ever hated taking over their hobby, and then having that entire hobby be catered to those douche bags who have absolutely no skill or competency, need everything spoon fed to them, their hands held and all difficulty removed, who also have no idea what's 'good' and what isn't.

I freaking hate retro hipsters.

I freaking hate retro hipsters.

They act like when Chrono Trigger/Mario/Zelda games were out back in the day the makers of those "retro" games weren't trying their damned hardest with the assets available to make the games look GOOD. Instead you have a bunch of fat hipsters trying to make games made 2005+ "2D OLD SKEWL RETRO"

I swear to God there are not enough arms with clenched fists attached to my body.