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Crappy Internet

My internet sucks. It's super slow or it just doesn't work. This is really bad because I just got promoted in my union and If I can't post it makes me look bad. But my internet is horrible.


Pokemon Diamond = Heart

I love pokemon. I'll admit it. BUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


My Roserade is a beast.


Oh and I failed my I-Search. My teacher said it was unorganized and utter crap. And I got 60% on it. Which is a D-.  I'm over it.


Oh and we need to do a powerpoint on it so if anyone knows where I can get violent video game picture or videos. Hit me up please.


Did I mention Pokemon is awesome?

I'm asking for your help!!!

For a extremly large paper I need help. The paper is my i-Search. and my topic is Do VideoGames cause violence.

 What I need your help in guys is I extremely badly need a Tv show or a movie that has to do with my topic. I can't find anything.


Your help would be massivly appreciated. Thanks guys and God Bless

Battle Cry!

battle Cry was awesome!!!!!


Hawk Nelson

Hillsong United



and the message was good.

I'm tired and have food poisening from Ford Field >_>

p.s. I like swords

I like Swords

Welcome to Corneria

I Like Swords

Welcome to Corneria

I like Swords

Welcome to Corneria

I like Swords

Welcome to Corneria

I Like Swords

Welcome to Corneria

I Like Swords

Welcome To Corneria


>_> Look Sword-Chucks!! GENIUS GENIUS GENIUS

I have no luck with Unions

It seems that every union I join and post reguraly at Dies extremly quick or just never picks up any more members and then it dies. So I am going to join no more unions and then just quit the ones that I apparently kill. Just thought I'd let some people know.

I won't leave the bestest union ever tho. Which is the spoilers Union but I think I killed that too T_T.

Oh yea remember the jerk boyfriend that Marie had well he cheated on her and got caught with his pants down. So now Marie doesn't have a jerk for a boyfriend and now I can beat the living crap outta him and not get in trouble. ^_^

Peace out

i always liked Marie...

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