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Bleach, Legend of Korra and Naruto *Warning: Spoilers may be present*

So would anyone who is caught up with the subbed versions of Naruto Shippuden or Bleach like to discuss them? What about the point of views on Avatar: The Legend of Korra? Did anyone approve or disapprove on the LAST episode of Bleach? Btw, for anyone who did not get to see the first two episodes of The Legend of Korra, watch them at (www.korranation.com). Then feel free to come back and discuss with us. :P


Ah, a new day is born. I am glad to wake up each day to experience the wonders of life. Even the insults of those egotistical people make my day. I try not to let a lot of things bother me in life. Some people can be so rude today, but I have learned to ignore them. After all, they're only human, besides, what can you really do? My determination shall lead me to expect great things in life. But I still wonder if I have what it takes to change this word of ignorance and despair? :)

Me being Me

I still have the same boring games, but i am studying them since i am pursuiting being a game designer:D

So i will just keep being me and you should kep being you;)

Don't let anyone tell you any different

Just be cool and don't ever cave into peer pressure, it is not healthy

Don't ever give up or ouit untill you reach your goal

Everyone "STAY IN THE SKY"!!!!!:P

All about Titanium Wolf

Hey Gamers, I am still waiting for Naruto the broken bond and Fable 2 for my 360:D

I just got the game "the Darkness" and i have to say that it is really cool to control the darkness and on top of that it is a first person shooter so you have different types of guns too.:P

I saw the new naruto episode this weekend and that episode was actually worth while since Kurenai's abilities will finally be revealed which is cool. I also want to know more about that girl with the paint geniustu.:shock:

I went to my little two year old cousin's birthday party on Sat. at like 6:00 and my little brother was a really embarassing dancer but i'm glad they had fun.:lol:

Anyway that is all I have to say so far.;)

New Games

i brought dragonball z burst limit and at first it was fun then my sister scratched it up

i was upset :cry: but i got over it because it was not that fun anymore so i decieded not to buy another copy

I am about to get sonic unleashed,naruto the broken bond and

soul caibur lV:). My little cousin is really pushing her luck and working my nerves. :evil:

Recent games

I recently beat eternal sonata it was okay i guess but the only problem is i don't know what to get next what a drag;:roll: I hope they release fable 2 soon:D


i recently brought eternal sonata for my 360 and Naruto path of the ninja for my ds lite both rock!!!!!!!!.:lol:

But i traded in MY SIMS from my ds because i grew tired of it.:roll: i don't think you can eat on the ds version like the wii version

i can't wait for sims 3 to come out. Another big one is Fable 2. if you have a 360 i recommend blue dragon, it is a cool game.

if you have a wii i recommend super smash bros brawl.My cousin brought that game and i was impressed how much it changed and at the same time didn't change from the first two.

if you have a ps3 then i recommend naruto ultimate ninja 3.

things of intrest to me

Japanese anime:naruto,inu yasha,blood and the show bleach is cool too

Music:what ever has my mood

Games:I have a xbox 360 and a ds lite(adventure/RPGs)

and a bunch of other things