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crow said the crow

Hello, I got bored so i thought i would write this.

Sorry I haven't been arround recently.

You should see the amount of homework I've been doing. But it's paid of i got full marks in my history assesment, only lost 1 in science and got a b in english. Yippee

I've also been adding some more things to my emma roberts fan page on bebo. (nancy drew, blow, aqamarine, hotel for dogs and wild child, oh and unfabulous). not finnished it yet, but i felt abliged to pay a visit to you lot.

random fact: yesterday was the only day a woman can ask a man to marry her and if he says no he has to buy her a dress

Q: Will we ever have wings?


new blog on my mum's birthday...

Hay guess what. it's my mum's birthday today. she's not happy, she says she feels ancient. bless

but because i was stupid and didn't buy her a birthday card i had to make her one and i got told of in tutor... so then i had to finnish it in science but our teacher wasn't there so we got the head of science who is scary.

but i bet you didn't know how the dinosaws were extinct, i do now.

todays topic is: science

Question: When does life begin?

Random fact: 42 is the answer to everything (according to hitchhikers guide to the galexy)

Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg? This funny science & evolution design is available for T-shirts, Shirts, Apparel, Products & Gifts.  Sea Serpent Productions design


I don't know why but I think I'm going to ramble about peace today.....


But thats me...

japanese symbol of peace

peace in chinese

vrede=peace (dutch)

paix=peace (french)

frieden=peace (german)

ειρήνη=peace (greek)

pace=peace (italian)


мир=peace (russian)

Random fact: the spelling of six is the same in french and english

Question: Whats wrong with being small?

ti and coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Where is everyone????

I've noticed no one seems to be blogging as much, or on as much, or ........... run out of ideas. I know I'm not great at blogging or talking (for that matter) but no one seems o be arround. What is the world coming to?

Anyway I got loads of singles on my i-pod and the st trinians soundtrack. YAY! And Gemma Arterton is the new James Bond girl. YAY!

So seems as everyones hidding in the world I can use these oh-so annoying colours on my blog... hehehehe

Q: What is going on between Simon Cowell and Dannii Minogue?

Random Fact: The average clothing size for a UK woman is 16

tatata bibi



etto +)

=) Hello! ;)

You lot proberly think I'm nuts by now and to tell you the truth I am, fairly. I thought new year new blog so here it is.

This was my nice clean new page, that I could write all over.

Okay, so thats the random bit over. I will try to come on everyday from now on but I am ind of over run with homework.

I hope you guys had a great holiday! I did, I got everything for xmas and new year was fab. Not so great today though. Back to school. Opps, counting down the days till its half term.

Wen to the pictures! To see st. trinians (fabulous) and bee movie (goodish). Have fallen in love with st. trinians, have seen it twice and I am desperatly waiting for it to come on dvd as mum has forbidden me to see it again :(.

Talk soooooooooooooooon. bibi

Some of the St Trinians cast

Gemma Arterton and Caterina Murino

Talulah at the press conference

Gemma Arterton and Caterina Murino

Talulah Riley

Gemma Arterton

Press conference

Gemma Arterton