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HaLo update.

I'm sure about 99% of you are extremely pissed off that this post isn't about the Bungie game (which I still think should have been game of the year), but rather boring celeb news. However, in the interest of the remaining one percent of you with no lives, I shall continue.

(Besides, it clearly says HaLo with a capital L in the topic)

I once vowed to be the definitive source for all your Hayden Panettiere / Milo Ventimiglia gossip, and I've been slacking. For that I apologize. But here's the latest: Hollywood's newest holy-crap-she's-only-18? couple may be moving in together. Awwww.

According to Digital Spy, which is about as reputable as a moonshine-drinkin' hobo, Hayden is shopping around for a house in Los Angeles and has asked Milo to move in. Mom reportedly approves.

Let's recap: Hayden is 18, Milo is 30. I mean look at the picture--that's what happens when young chicks put on makeup. Is she on a red carpet or about to crawl out of a tiny car with a bunch of clowns and have a pie fight?

What are they going to do when Milo suggests the bedroom be painted black and Hayden asks for My Little Pony wallpaper? And why aren't the young actors of Hollywood doing anything to stop this? At least Terminator's Thomas Dekker (who I interview here and is surprisingly cool) is speaking up:

Begin copy and paste:

"I think it's gross, to be perfectly honest," Thomas Dekker — who played Claire's best friend, Zach, during season one of Heroes — tells Life & Style magazine. "It's kind of like if I were dating a 12-year-old," the 20-year-old adds.

Not content with just calling the coupling "gross," the Sarah Connor Chronicles star also says that he can't even comprehend how the costars make it work. "I'm definitely surprised they're together. For me, it would be a struggle to be with someone in such a different age range," he says.

End copy and paste.

Wait a sec, dating a 12-year old is wrong?

Lost's crash of Oceanic 815 done 24-style - video!

I've made no secret about my love affair with ABC's Lost. Season four is only 32 hours away, and I'm feeling the same sort of giddiness I get when I'm about to go to Vegas. Yeah, I'm that excited.

Tonight is the "enhanced" season three finale, and tomorrow is the recap and season four premiere. I will be watching all of it intently.

As excited as I am about this, I found something that makes me even MORE excited for the show. A video has hit YouTube featuring the crash of Oceanic 815 from different perspectives, presented 24-style with multiple views.

It's incredibly well done and a testament to how detailed the show actually is. It's stuff like this that really blows my mind and makes me love Lost that much more. Enjoy

Lost Synchronization - YouTube

And for those that are interested, I got a chance to have a quick interview with Michael Emerson, who plays Ben Linus on the show. It's now up here at TV.com .

Handicapping Sunday's big game - Puppy Bowl IV

The "big" game is easy to call. New York Football Giants will easily cover the 12.5 spread, and have a legitimate shot at winning the game. It's the Puppy Bowl that should get the most action this weekend.
Here are my betting lines for MVP:

  • jack russell terrier
  • Abigail
    Breed: Parson Russell Terrier (aka Jack Russell Terrier)
  • +400 Too smart to take this stupid thing seriously.
    Breed: Beagle
  • +800 Everyone knows Beagle puppies are my favorite, that's why Attucker doesn't stand a chance.
  • Prop bet +400 Dog everyone blames for farting
    amstaff-ambull mix
    Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier/ American Pit Bull Mix
  • +150 Popularity at an all-time high, but previous marijuana possession and assault charges at the strip club could keep this pooch out of public favor.
  • Prop bet: -250 that it eats another dog.
    alaskan malamute
    Breed: Alaskan Malamute
  • +1000 This dog was actually meant to compete in the Special Doggy Olympics.
    shih tzu
    Breed: Shih Tzu
  • Even - Some say she's undersized for her position, but has shown incredible resilience on passes thrown over the middle. The Wes Welker of the dog world.
  • Prop bet - +150 Cali ends up as Bingo's beeee-yatch.
    Breed: American Cocker Spaniel / Poodle Mix (aka Cockapoo)
  • +200 HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA COCKAPOO Seriously, lame 30-somethings love these horrible mixed breeds and their wacky names.
    bernese mountain dog
  • -250 OMG this dog is so CUTE! (sucker bet)
  • Prop bet - -600 that his owner is a douchebag for naming him Colt.
  • Prop bet - +200 Will spend the whole time chasing tail like its douchebag owner.
    german shepherd
    Breed: Shepherd Mix
  • +1500 "Shepherd Mix" otherwise known as dirty Mutt! Get out of here! You ain't PURE! We don't take kindly to your kind!
    golden retriever
    Breed: Golden Retriever
  • -1000 Dixie = Tom Brady. (When will America stop its ridiculous love affair with Golden Retrievers and Tom Brady?)
  • +400 First to sniff its own butt
    Breed: Havanese
  • +250 This is the year of the small dog. You can bet on it. Seriously... bet on it!
    saint bernard mix
    Ellie Mae
    Breed: Saint Bernard / Shepherd Mix
  • +600 A Saint Bernard without a barrel of booze around its neck is USELESS!
  • Prop bet - +200 first to poop
  • +500 Emma, you will never be an adorable Jack Russell...EVER! Get a damn clue and KILL YOURSELF!
  • Finnigan
    Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel / Bichon Frise Mix (aka Cavachon)
  • +300 Wow could we have a dog that is more full of itself in this competition? Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise? This dog should have a top hat and a monocle. Pride comes before the fall, Lord Finnigan.
  • +400 Bingo's Appetizer before locking his jaws around Cali
    lab mix
    Breed: Labrador Mix
  • +420 Oh my god this dog is so stoned.
  • Prop bet -1000 First to eat and eat and eat and pass out early
    mini dachshund
    Breed: Mini Dachshund
  • +800 This little ankle-nipper has been combatting the popular notion that it's too small to compete with the big dogs. Well, popular notion is right.
    west highland terrier
    Breed: West Highland Terrier
  • +300 Jackson has spent lots of time bleaching his fur to get more of a white tone. Child molestation charges could come back to haunt this little Thriller.
    bull terrier
    Breed: Bull Terrier Mix
  • +2,000,000 Who the heck names a dog "Janet"? A pathetic, lonely man, that's who!
    Breed: Rottweiler / Lab Mix
  • -200 This dog has it all! The obvious LL Bean name,just enoughfight with the Rottweiler part, and as a Lab it's good with the kids! Of course, it could get the child-friendliness of a Rottweiler and the toughness of the dangerous-as-a-cotton-ball Lab, so it could be a disaster. Come to think of it, the name is pretty damn lame too. (Line scheduled to change)
  • Prop bet +400 first to hump cameraman's leg
    chow chow
    Breed: Chow Chow Mix
  • Even - This dog is totally into golden showers. It is so obvious. Sexual deviancy can work in an athlete's favor or against it. Just ask Osi Umenyiora.
    australian toy shepherd
    Breed: Australian Toy Shepherd
  • -100 - Unlike real Australians, this dog is actually smart and well-behaved. Like real Australians, is so gorgeous you just don't care. And how about that lovely accent! "Bork! Bork!"
    border collie
    Breed: Border Collie Mix
  • +700 Troubled past will catch up with it. America still upset over people-fighting ring allegations.
    mini pinscher
    Breed: Beagle / Mini Pinscher Mix
  • +800 Sorry, goth dogs just care about stuff like this.
  • +500 Will start cutting itself by the end of the first quarter.
    mixed breed
    Breed: Unknown -- Mixed Breeds
  • No Line (Off)-A real wild card. From parts unknown, weighing an unknown amount and with unknown amount of experience. Named Scuba because it can be used as a floatation device until it drowns.
    Breed: Maltese / Yorkshire Terrier Mix (aka Morkie)
  • +400 First openly-gay competitor has many social hurdles to surmount, mount. Would be more even money bet, but have you seen the ass on Colt!?!? Ruff Ruff give the dog a bone(r)!

I Am Legend (almost) live blog review.

Hey, here's a recap of my thoughts on I Am Legend, the new Will Smith movie.

Previews begin-Cloverfield! Doesn't look as good anymore. Batman! Looks great! New Narnia looks surprisingly good! New Martin Lawrence movie looks surprisingly good! (kidding!)

10 minutes into I Am Legend: Wow, I'm very impressed.

40 minutes into I Am Legend: Hey! Looks like this could be an awesome film!

41 minutes into film (approximately, right where Will Smith is screaming at a mannequin): Oh my god this is the worse movie I have ever seen.

There you go, hope that helps.

Halo 3: Skyjacking 101

Skyjacking takes a lot of things: skill, luck, balls, and more luck. Here's how to do it, thanks to my lucky ass and one dumb pilot who should have known that I would be flying through the air.

Step #1. Launch off man cannon. Notice a Banshee is flying toward your landing spot. Begin hoping by crossing fingers and toes.

Step #2. Hope and pray some more, this time by saying, "oh please oh please oh please oh please." Send off a few warning shots at your target just for the fun of it.

Step #3. Frantically press the RB button, while almost exploding with joy! (A few "OH PLEASE OH PLEASE"s works here too.)

Step #4. Freakishly meld your body into the side of the Banshee, using Halo 3's awesome animation system.

Step #5. Commence ownage.

Step #6. Let skyjackee fall gently to Earth. Laugh.

Step #7. Do a loop-da-loop. Begin Killing Frenzy.

And what does it look like on your screen?

Yes, I did skyjack HalfToed[1]. And it was fun.

UPDATE: now with link to requested fileshare

I just got off the phone with...

...Kristin Kreuk of Smallville.

Jade Raymond and Karima Adebibe (the Tomb Raider model) used to be the holy grail of game interviews, but in TV land THEY'RE ALL OVER THE PLACE!

Should you actually be interested in my incoherent stuttering with her, the interview should go up on TV.com early next week.

Please don't hack the site, guys...

Prelogue - the outpour of support has been amazing. Thank you, guys, I mean it.

The real matter - AsBallGamepointed out, Please don't hack GameSpot... I know it's a seemingly effective way to show your displeasure, but all it really does is make our already depleted staff of engineers work harder... and on a Sunday! For God's sake the Raiders are on, people!

The engineers bust their balls to help bring the game world some of the best content (ummm maybe that should have been past tense? Ha! Kidding! please don't fire me) and hacking the site doesn't really deliver the message to where it needs to go.

So go ahead and write scathing blog posts, compose hate-filled comments, scream on your web cam and upload the video... whatever. Let's just leave the engineers out of this, they are the unsung heroes of this machine.

Chins up, friends.

Raiders update: Nice interception, Fabian Washington!!! 27, 20 silver and black.