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Infinity Ward Future Plans

Infinity Ward plans on making a Call of Duty title based around a futuristic theme set way ahead of now so the maps can be very detailed and futuristic. It will include a whole new set of weapons and not rip off halo. Many believe this will show off the designers creativity.

Hunker Down

Just looked on realtimerpi.com. Predicting Rebs will go 24-5 w/ just one more loss. I know it doesn't mean much if it doesn't happen but the MWC is strong this year and if all goes well we could get 4 teams into the dance. WOOT!


Rebels on a Roll

So far they're undefeated and ranked! I'm hoping they go into conference play undefeated which is entirely possible seeing as the rest of the teams except K-St are all creampuffs. WOOOT GO REBELS!

Runnin' Rebels




UNLV Football pfffft

So i'm pretty sure baring new mexico, UNLV has the worst football team in the mountain west. I know the conference includes BYU, Utah, and TCU ,but come on guys, you lost to freakin' WYOMING!! Well i'm still looking foward to basketball season GO REBS!! I'm thinking Sweet Sixteen if not better.