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What Have You Done?

How could you fire Jeff Gamespot? He was the only cool one left now that Rich left. Everybody is leaveing Gamepot because ya'll suck!

BioShock Demo

All I can say is WOW! I wasn't really hyped about this game but after I played the demo, I'm really hyped about it.

I love the creepy feel that is has to it and not knowing what to expect when you turn a corner. I love how everything is dark so you have to be careful where you are going or a splicer is going to come out and scare you.

The graphics are amazing, I love the whole city under the water look. Everything pretty much looks amazing in the demo.

I also love the plasmids, I only found one and that was the electrical one but other people said they found more so I'm going to go back and see what other plasmids are in the demo. I love seeing splicers get electrocuted and drop to the ground dead. I also found a revolver and a machine gun which are both cool.

I can't believe how fun the demo is, I wish I had enough money to buy the final game, but I only have enough to buy Madden which i really want. Maybe I'll buy BioShock first then Madden later on when I get money. Decisions Decisions...


There are so many games coming out from now until Christmas! I don't know how I'm going to pay for them all. Anybody want to send me money, like 1 mil? Thanks.

Harry Potter

I've finished the final Harry Potter book. It was very good, I'm gonna miss not reading anymore of them because those are the only books that I will read outside of school.

If you haven't read the book or the Harry Potter series, DO IT NOW!!!

That is all.

Farewell Rich!

You'll be missed, best of luck wherever you go. Gamespot is losing the best host ever, On the Spot will never be the same again.

You are the man and will truly be missed, Bye Bye Rich!:cry:

Two More Days!

E3 starts in two days and i'm excited to see what Microsoft is going to show. I hope we get to see more Mass Effect and Assassins Creed, those games look awesome.

Obviously I want to see some Halo 3 single player and I also hope they show more stuff about the customization for the multi player.

I also want to know more about Rock Band and see some videos of it because it sounds amazing.

I don't really care about Nintendo's or Sony's conferences because i don't have a Wii or PS3 but I'll still check them out to see what they're up to.

21 More days!

21 More days until the 360 comes out! I cant wait. I pre-ordered the 360 and PGR3, it looks so good!

School Tomorrow

I got school tomorrow! i really dont want to go, last year was pretty fun and it went by fast so i hope this year goes by fast too. I hope i have cool classes and my teachers aren't mean. My friends better be in most of my classes.

Nintendogs AAA!

I cant believe that Nintendogs got a 9.1! i new it would do good but i was thinking somewhere in the high 8's it makes me want the game even more than i already do. I cant wait to get it, only 4 more days. The DS is becoming one of the best handheld's this gen!