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Single Player. Always.

#2 Posted by Tidal_Abyss (856 posts) -

available, not showing as such. thanks.

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Released, gs doesn't show as released (in US). Yes, my copy is legal.

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Gs, the site doesn't show as released (USA), but I've owned it years now (yes, it's legal). Can't add to collection *use my gs collection to help remind me what I have, tend to forget games like these I don't purchase for/use myself*. I buy these casual games for my mother, when she's over I let her use my PC. :)

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I don't use ubi since their drm went way passed the line for me- requiring always online even for sp- which is the mode I play (sp). They treat PC gamers like myself terrible anyways- noway I'm going back to using their products anytime soon. Been a few years as is. Steam, gog, I don't mind those. Origin/ea can bite me, and ubi too.

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I've had ubi blacklisted for years now, since ac2 and on- that's when their 'always online drm even for sp' started- and I'm a single player. THeir drm gets worse and worse, I see I was right to do so. They've lost a lot of money over the years, I"m hardly the only one not giving them a dime while they're like this.

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I have to say, what's scarier to me are all the stereotypes flying around. I can own and even like my firearms without being some crazed American survivalist nut-case. When I hear comments like that it makes me think either 1. someone's watching 'way too much' t.v., and 2. likely they've never been to the U.S. I'm highly educated and responsible with my firearms and grew up around them in a military family, my father was a special ops (over achieveing!) soldier for 21 years in the U.S. military and he and my mother instructed me and my brother about firearms, the #1 peice of advice I can't stress or pass around enough is- 'assume every gun is loaded'- there wouldn't be all the accidents if people were educated, disciplined, and assumed that. I have no problems with the money going to the service member's families.

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I agree, this sucks- as I was just telling a gs friend, I hate facebook, refuse to use it, and all the mini me's out there and if this becomes basically a 'facebook for games' I'll leave. It's pretty close to it right now.

All the comments in all my blogs are gone- it says there's 15 or however many, but they're gone. So, any info/conversations there- it's history. Commenting on the site threads is so minimalistic, no spell check, no preview, no refresh comments and the list goes on. What I want to know is, 'why copy facebook' -about the worst move a site could make. Can't even edit your own comments on the threads. It's like commenting for beginners, just the bare bones basics, doesn't make me think of a tech/up-with-the-times kind of site. You're rolling backwards gs.

Just my 2cents.

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Chat's fixed, but no one's home.... I've tried a couple times (I'm East coast it's after midnight here -12:44a.m.)

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