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Brawl Watch- Week 1- Category- Wi-Fi(Yes It's late, but I only want 10 weeks)

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I am upset, and Happy.

Okay yes, We get our wi-fi, but there are so many flaws! You can't even see your opponents name if they're not on your friends list. And the taunt, they can't even read it for the same reason! WTF! serious;y, couldn't nintendo be a little LESS family-friendly for Brawl? Look at the DS, you can at LEAST see their names. Oh well, it's still Wi-fi, right? RIGHT?

But I am still happy about it. With the stage creator(it will be in a future topic) and the ability to send your stages to nintendo AND the ability to recieve stages from nintendo, that's just fun.

Respond with you opinions please!