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Wait...I did what?

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So I decided to put a break on Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn in favor of finding a way to bring over my save data from PoR. I didn't want to progressso far ( I stopped on chapter 6) that I wouldn't want to restart the whole game again. So, I went on PoR and went to one of my two completion data records and trudged through the now painfully long end of the story to find my easy save data (I knew which one it was because Iremembered I had lost Titania) and deleted it. I figured the other onewas my normal save data and kept it. I then went of the Radiant Dawn toimport thesave data. worked. But it wasn'tmy Normal save data I was bringing over.

I beatit on Hard.

My jaw dropped when I saw the feat I hadaccomplished. "No way!" I yelled. After an hour or so ofplaying Radiant Dawn (I didn't think of skipping story events Ialready read) I remembered when playing PoR for the second time pourposely going straight to Hard mode. This was solely because I wanted to accomplish the feat, but after a while of not playing the game I must have forgotten it was on hard mode and thought it was Normal.That must've made it seem easier.

I'm not checking that completion data (It tookalmost 20 minutes to get through the end-game sequences) because I know I only lost 2 units. Boyd and Tanith. But I don't really care about that. Boyd was always lost and Tanith was an unforseen death.

I guess I am extremely proud of myself because that is the first game I've beaten on a Hard difficulty. I normally startwith easy toget the feel of the game, then I go to Normal to really play it, and then never, ever go to Hard.

Has anyone else had an incident like this? It was definately a welcome surprise, and it made my otherwise-depressing day better. My grandma was diagnosed with cancer in April, and she's been doing great, fantastic even, with battling ituntil now. As of last weak she felt fatigued and had to go to the hospital. It turned out the cancer had spread to her heart and fluid was encasing it, making it weaker. In addition, thereis fluid buildingup in her lungs that they can't remove because her heart can't take it.In other words, she has less than a week and is on pain killers,she is very non-coherent.

The worst part of it is, not only was she returning to normal, butshe was promised a surgery that wouldremove the source of the cancer and eliminate it.Theyjust wanted one more chemotherapy session beforehand (Which shewas handling just fine, minus some fatigue a fewdays after it) and she would get that session Friday...if thishadn't come up.

She's only 67 and acted like she's 40, she was the most beautiful person I've known, and she was taken away so quickly. It seems unreal. The cancer wasn't even around for that long. It just...happened.

I just heard about it last night and cried for hours, she means that much to me. She's still alive, but I'm doing my best to accept her as dead, there is no chance of her ever coming back, and when she actually does pass, I want to be able to move on quickly. School's coming back and my gifted program is rigorous and won't become easier because my grandma died.

My Grandpa is taking this the hardest, and I spent some time with him today with my sister and my foster cousin. We did our absolute best to keep his mind away from Grandma, as well as ours, and it worked. We laughed a lot telling stories. And we went out to lunch and had some ice cream. It was a very nice day.

If I'm not on for a bit, you can assume it's because of this event. We have to plan a funeral soon, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to wheel in the casket (You need six people, and we only have 4 that for sure have to do it.) with my foster cousin. I don't want to do that, I love that woman so much, but I'm going to do what is asked of me.

She's gone. And I have to accept it. It's going to be hard, especially on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but Time heals all wounds. It sounds cold, but she would want me to move on with happy memories of her.

I respect those wishes.


I love you.

Completed the Fire Emblem collection, plus more!

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I went to the Nintendo World Store during my trip in NYC and got my hands on a copy of FE: Shadow Dragon and New Super Mario Bros. Both are great games, except I have a couple gripes about Shadow Dragon. But I'm going to write a review, so that will be saved for that.

I have a question about Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. I'm trying to import my save data from PoR, but when I try the game freezes and I can't do it :/ . I've heard about a glitch when trying to do it, something to do with easy save files, so if someone could helpme that would be great!

This is meant to be a very short blog, but if you didn't know, FE:SD marks the end of my Fire Emblem collection! I officially own all Fire Emblem games! w00t!

Pokemon Platinum Wi-Fi event #2

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First off, I am in D.C. So far it is AWESOME! We saw 2 Smithonian museams today (American History+Air & Space), we saw Night at the Museam 2: Battle of the Smithonian in IMAX (It was better than I expected) and we got to go to ESPN zone for dinner.

I'm blogging about the next Platinum event going on. It is the Member Card event used for catching Darkrai. It will be available in the U.S. over Wi-Fi starting August 3rd and ending in September. Obviously, once this one is gone, if the timing is correct, we should be getting Oak's Letter in October.

Well, that's it for now! Have a great weekend!

I am not ashamed!

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Such and odd name for a blog, eh? More like a line from a song or a song title? Nah. It's about a game I play, that I am not ashamed to admit I do.

Before that, I would like to dump even more praise on Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. I am not kidding, even if you only mildly enjoyed Final Fantasy: Tactics A2 or any of the Dragon Quest games or even TWEWY, you will fall in love with this game. I do plan on writing a review, might as well, right?

So, why more praise? My actions have now had visible concequences on the game. I should start off explaining a mechanic first before I tell you happened with only very minor spoilers. The game takes place over 7 days, as I mentioned before. Every day you get an e-mail called the Laplace mail. This mail will tell you what will happen throughout the day, and it's not just anything, it's mostly who will die. You can change that prediction, or just let it fly. So, one the 5th day I got 2 death predictions on the same day within an hour of each other (each event you do takes a half hour of your day) and one I didn't really care about because I hated the character. So, I go to help one character kill a vampire, and the vampire got away (He was supposed to kill her, but I saved her) so I figured that since the vampire was gone, she would survive.

I skipped over the event for the other character and came back a half hour after he was supposed to die, insteadI got to see him die and had to fight his killer. At the end of the day, I got an e-mail stating that the girl I had saved from the vampire eariler was murdered by the same vampire. I felt like crap, because I loved her character.

I'm not the one who likes to backtrack, because I want to see what happens in the world of the game after I do something significant, I've only played one other game like this, Mass Effect, and loved it. I am on the 6th day, and the tension is pumping up, and I'm getting really nervous about the ending I'm heading towards. I know that I can make it positive, though. So I will. Plus, even if I do get a bad ending, I looked it up, and the game has a New Game + feature, very nice.

On to the main topic. The game I am not ashamed of admitting play of is Runescape. Yes, the game most of us got into in elementary school and stopped in Middle School, I am still playing. I'm not a fantastic player, heck, I'm only a level 60. I don't play like an addict and I do pop the $5 a month for member benefits, but it's a really fun game when you're bored. The game has so many quests to do and new ones come out all of the time. The Jagex team is the best I've seen when it comes to updates, I started 5 years ago on the same character that I use now (See? I'm not addicted at all) and it's still as fun as the first time I played.

Most people say you're a huge nerd for playing the game, but my question is: why? Just because I play Runescape doesn't make it any different as if I played...oh... Rock Band 2. They're both games, they're both fun, they're both virtually pointless (To be honest, there is no real point to playing games other than the sheer fun of playing them) and time-suckers. Just a bunch of fun. That's all I really ask for, and I am having fun in the wonderful world Jagex called Runescape.

I'm Sold on the PSP...and multiple rants about differing subjects (PSP fanboys).

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Since the little handheld that had so much potential but ultimately hasn't proven itself much (A.K.A. The PSP) came out, I have been firm on my opinion that the DS is better. Now, my opinion hasn't fluctuated at all, in fact, it's only been strengthened after playing Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor and FFIV. However, I'm getting a little...jealous (If that's the right word) of the handheld, because, unlike the PS3, it's actually keeping all of its exclusives to itself (For a good reason, no doubt. The DS sadly doesn't have the graphic capability to support many of its games)and damn it, I want some of those exclusives!

My mind was made after seeing the gameplay video of Final Fantasy: Dissidia involving twoof my favorite Final Fantasycharacters in a fight: Cecil (Light AND Dark!) and Gabranth (Who we all admit is pretty damn evil) . I really want to see a video with Kefka in it, he's my favorite villian (Yes! He is more EVIL than Sephiroth!). Why? All of the other villians in Final Fantasy games talk about destroying the world, but Kefka actually DOES it. Also, one of my favorite Final Fantasy quotes comes from FFVI I believe...

"Sir! The villiages are rebuilding the villiage!"

"So...we burn it again."

That's evil.

I also want KH:BBS and Persona. I'm sure I'll dig up a copy of FFVII:Crisis Core among other things.


Instead of putting ANYWAY in caps when moving onto another subject, I decided to that.If you've noticed I'm working on my blogging style, I'm liking how it's turning out so far.

Okay, so now for my rants, first, it's on those damn PSP fanboys. Okay, I did just go into a bit about how I want a PSP, but seriously, the PSP should be a great system, but the games aren't that supportive. Sure, you have the millions of SOCOM games and you have GoW: COO among a few other things, but ultimately, there isn't that much to love.

I'm going into this bit because my friend is freaking out over getting a PSP for his birthday next month, and guess what sold it for him? Need for Speed. Alright, I can understand liking Need For Speed (Even though they're essentially the same game every single time, like Madden) but seriously, buying an almost $200 system for it? You can find Need For Speed on any console now! Hell, the Palm Pre has it available to play! What's the point? He already has 3 of the damn games for the Gamecube, does he seriously need another?

Okay, if you start talking about pokemon being the same game every time, at least we get over 100 new pokemon and multiple new moves every time, not to mention new game mechanics as well. Need for Speed is always the same, "Race. Get Money. Build Car. Race." over and over again. Sure, Hot Pursuit introduced you being chased by the cops (Took them long enough, a little late to THAT party Need For Speed!) and other games introduced other mechanics, sometimes. Most new mechanics in NFS games are dumped for the next sequel, and in the end, the franchise needs to learn the definition of, "LAST GAME."

He then puts down the DS for not having NFS, okay, the DS doesn't have NFS, but NFS is not the only game franchise out there! PSP doesn't have TWEWY, PSP doesn't have SMT:Devil Survivor or FFIV, it doesn't have a whole list of games! The PSP has a list of games the DS doesn't have, but inthe end, the DS has a much broader library and has many more AAA titles than the PSP.

Keep in mind this is my best friend, I would die for him and I'm not putting him down for his views on the PSP, just on his ignorance on the topic, he seriously isn't that hardcore of a gamer. In fact, he isn't that much of a gamer at all. He loves games, but he will buy movie games because the back of the box tells him it's good. WELL OF COURSE IT DOES! It'strying to SELL the freaking game, but that's enough of that...

My next rant is going to be on summer movies. Get ready.

This rant is mainly on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I loved the first film, absolutely loved it. And when I saw this one, while watching it I didn't really hate it, it was after I watched it I began to hate it while comparing it to the first. First off, it didn't really have much of a plot. It was, "The Fallen are awakening! They're going to destroy earth! We must fight them!..." and that's the end of it. No twists, no character development, no actual plot. The ending was predictable and a HUGE knock-off of the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but I won't spoil it for the people who haven't seen it. For those of you who have, you know what I'm talking about...unless you're one of the 5% of the people who haven't readthe whole Harry Potter series...which in that case you haveto read it (That's an upcoming rant! But not for this blog).

My whole point on this is that Summer movies DON'T DESERVE THE HYPE. Why? Half of the time THEY SUCK. Snakes on a Plane? Spiderman 3 (IT SUCKED!)? HP5? Pinapple Express (LAME!)? They are almost always never good! I will give props to The Dark Knight and Iron Man for breaking the chain.

The Movies that deserve the hype are Oscar-Season movies. Yes, the ones that are released in hopes of being nominated for the awards are usually the best. Slumdog Millionaire. Seven Pounds. Coraline. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. These are just a few movies that came out during that time that weren't hyped and were masterpieces(Slumdog and Coraline are my favorite from the list).

My last rant is on the Wii again, I want more. I want to dust off that Wii, and I don't mean a WiiWare game (World of Goo was extremely fun though). I mean a blockbuster, not Conduit, not Madworld, I mean a game seriously worth hyping. Not the New "New Super Mario Bros", I want new IPs, new stories, new characters, more innovation. Metroid:Other M looks great, but it's not new. Nintendo I think has beaten its franchises to death (Save Fire Emblem, which so far there isn't enough of) and needs a few more. What do they need? I don't know. Just something new. Something fresh. I did enjoy the latest Zelda and Mario installment, I really did, and I think I will enjoy the next one, too. But I think Nintendo Fans agree, we need something new.

Just so you know, Pikmin isn't stiking, sadly, I loved it.

Back from camp! DS game overload updates, and my NYC trip.

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So I got back from my leadership and drug prevention camp, which I have to say, was TOTALLY AWESOME! Not ONLY did I learn how to get high naturally (as in without harming my body by using illegal substances) , but I also became very inspired to chase my dreams, which had been lost during this school year. I have also been inspired to make a difference in my community, and to make the best out of the time I have to live.

The camp was so inspiring and fun I can't fully explain it, you just had to be there. I made a lot of new friends, and when the four days were over, I did not want to leave.

So, as you all know, before this trip I bought 4 DS games, and I played a bit of all of them, but I am still glued to the masterpiece that is Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. I haven't gotten passed the 3rd day yet though! This game is long! So, predictably, I have not been able to beat it yet.

What I do love about the game is the sheer amount of decisions you have to make, I sat in front of my DS screen for 10 minutes trying to decide what to do when a certain problem was presented to me.

Also, I got the secret key in Pokemon Platinum, I transferred my Rotom over so I could have it possess the refrigerator 0_o. I just beat the 6th gym and am heading to SnowpointVilliage to "save" my rival and get that 7th badge.

And finally, a week from today me and my family will be driving down to Washington DC to stay there for 4 days and check out all of the landmarks, museams, and memorials. While that will definately be interesting, I'm more looking forward to the second 4 days of the trip. We will be going to New York City, and our hotel is right across the street from central park, which is right around the corner from Time Square. And what's in Time Square?


Okay, I know I'm getting excited about a video game store when there's the rest of NYC to experience, but I've always wanted to go there, so naturally I am extremely excited to go. It has 3 floors, and I simply can't wait!

On a final note, you may have noticed I took the time to take down my half-banner, because since GS got its makeover, all of the banners were too big, I didn't take the time to make a new one, nor do I plan to, so I just got rid of it. If someone could make me a new banner, I would really appreciate it! Just PM me if you wish to do the deed.

Well, that's all for now! Until next time!


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I'm taking a leave until Thursday night because I am going to a teen leadership+drug prevention camp tomorrow and I will have no access to the internet, well, besides for my DS (Why do you think I bought all of those DS games? Just off a whim? Ha!).

Oh yeah, sorry if I scared you thinking this would be my "I am done with GS" blog. I will be back, possibly with knoweldge of the ending of Devil Survivor >.>

Before I leave, a small update of my life, I went on my first date with my girlfriend on Thursday, we saw Harry Potter, and it went great! I must be a great flirt, because she was laughing at most of the flirty things I said and was going along with them! Unless, she was laughing AT me trying to bea flirt, which could have been the case :P. Also, I tried to do the whole stretch-and-put-your-arm-around-the-girl's-shoulder move, missed and hit her hand (I think I was too engrossed in the film, which was underwhelming :/ ) so we held hands instead.

Okay, enough about my date, I am really only typing this blog because I'm so excited about the camp that I can't go to sleep :P . So, until Thursday!


Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survior

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So, I took another trip to Gamestop (With a paycheck in hand this time) and decided to fall for the buy 2 used games get 1 free deal. Now, as you all might know if you have read my blogs in the past, I would go on and on about all of the games I purchased. These games are:

Pokemon: Platinum

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Final Fantasy IV

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

To be honest, I've only played one.

It's the one I have been secretly dying to get ever since it came out, and now, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor is finally in my hands. I called Gamestop to make sure they had it, and they did. In fact, they held the last copy for me! How nice of them.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor BoxshotI am so glad they did.

I've played 6 hours of this game non-stop. The thing that caught me about the game first, was the artwork. Every tiny little hand-drawn detail is fantastic, and then the sound, the music is clear and mood-changing, especially in the opening cutscene, which fills you with a feeling of dread and adrenaline at the same time, it was one of the best opening cutscenes I have ever seen.

I would like to point out that this game is very TEXT heavy. If you don't like to read at all, I would not reccomend this game to you, half the game is fighting and the other half is talking to other characters, exploring sections of Tokyo, and making decisions that will affect the ending of the story. The weird thing is, it isn't tedious at all. In fact, I enjoy it. The text is well-written and sharp. Also, the characters are simply too lovable to not like them.

The battle system is great, but there's a lot to talk about so I won't fully discuss it, all I'll say is that its like Final Fantasy Tactics meets Dragon Quest. It's very innovative and very addictive. It also involves you using demons to help you fight.

I can't say much about the story (The game is long!) but I CAN say that so far it's fantastic and very, very dark. However, so far it may be fantastic, but Sacred Stones started off strong and...well...*crap ending*

I'm confident though. I just wanted to tell you all I bought this under-the-radar RPG, and you all should too.

Fire Emblem MADNESS!

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First off, I would like to mention that I got my AP World History scores back the other day, I scored a 4! I was ecstatic, it was a hard test this year.

Anyway, back on topic. As stated in the title, Fire Emblem is taking over my life. Why? First of all, if you read my last blog, I got my hands on a copy of Fire Emblem 7. Now, after that was obtained, I also got my hands on a copy of Fire Emblem 6!


What's the big deal? It's in Japanese, so I can't even read the story right? Wrong. My friend (The same one who gave me Fire Emblem 7) decided to let me borrow his hacked copy of Fire Emblem 6 that hiscousin gave him. Everything is translated except for the title, and I figured out that Fire Emblem 7's story is a prequel to this one. So I stopped myself from going to far in this one(I got to chapter 5) and went back to Fire Emblem 7.

But that's not all! Oh no, I have more details about Fire Emblem!

I went to Gamestop today, checked their Game Boy Advance shelf, and found this little sucker;

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Boxshot

I grabbed it for a mere $4. I haven't started it yet, but I am really excited to.

But am I done? NO! That would just be stupid. Also gained from my trip to gamestop;


Finally! I get to continue my army from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Do I care about reviews? No. It's freaking Fire Emblem. I haven't started this yet either, because I will be gone for most of next week and won't be able to play it anyway, but I am really glad to have it in my collection.


Nah just joking. I didn't get Shadow Dragon. I don't feel compelled to buy it, but if someone can convince me...

Well I am really excited for all of the Fire Emblem-ing! Now off to the land of Elibe! Have a great day!

Fire Emblem 7

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I just got my hands on a copy of Fire Emblem 7, and let me tell you, it's fantastic! My friend had a copy he never played anymore so he sold it to me for $5. It was really a steal!

Now, if you're one of the 5% of people who haven't played Fire Emblem 7, here's a quick overview of the story . You're an apprentice tactician wondering through the land of Elibe, when all of the sudden you wake up in the plains of Sacae, with a girl named Lyn looking at you. Lyn's villiage was destroyed by bandits, and she asks you to accompany her out of the plains. You agree, and you suddenly find out Lyn is the granddaughter of the ruler of another nation in Elibe. Her grandfather is seriously ill, and you must rush to the throne to save him and stop her corrupt uncle from claiming it.

Now, the story braches out from this into something larger. I'm on Chapter 20, and I have to give props to Nintendo for whipping up such a fantastic game. I had a hard time starting it, it was painfully slow after finishing PoR(Which I must say has a better story than FE7, but Nintendo had a lot more experience with the series then) but after it picked up I was addicted again. Of course, I got stuck. I'm having a hard time keeping my units alive. I've lost 1 so far, a theif named Matthew. And I've had way too many close calls for other characters.

Of course, I do compare the game with PoR often when playing, and I have to remind myself that it's an older title. I don't like that you don't have access to a convoy between each battle, or that you don't gain money or extra exprience to award after each battle, either. This can lead to a very unbalanced team, as some units can get to the action faster than others(I.E. anybody on a mount). Also, you have to have an item ON TOP of a level requirement to promote a unit, which is also very frustrating.

However, I can't stay away from the game's fantastic story and addictive gameplay. Well done Fire Emblem, you have me again.