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Nintendo DS: My favorite system this generation.

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I'd like to address all of the Microsoft and Sony fanboys first.

I do own a 360 and played over 30 hours of games on the PS3. The PSP is a good system to me, but I don't like that there's only one joystick AND I think the PSP go is the worst idea ever. Seriously, no more UMDs? Were they seriously bragging about that? Also the PSP has a lack of AAA titles, it has many, but not nearly as much as the DS does.

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, let's get down to buisiness.

The Nintendo DS seems like an odd choice for favorite system, doesn't it? I mean, it's a handheld! Console gaming is where it's at, right? While I do love console gaming, the DS triumphs over everything for me.

The DS has a wide array of AAA titles ranging from long, complex RPGs like Devil Survivor to simple, yet fun games like Rythym Heaven. The system caters to everyone, "hardcore" gamers and "casual" gamers alike. The reason being is that the DS allows for so much creativity whenit comes to developing games that you get an experience out of that system you can't get on any other.

My first point refers to Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure. First of all, these games made sure Sonic didn't completely die out this gen due to games like Sonic and the Black Knight or, heaven forbid, Sonic '06. They stuck to the tried-and-true Sonic formula and added a new element to it by making stages bigger and allowing you to switch from the bottom screen to the top screen instantly while running a course. This may seem like an almost miniscule point, but in reality many games do this kind of thing. Yoshi's Island DS 2 did that and many games have gameplay elements that make you use the top and bottom screen together simulontaneously. TWEWY and Advance Wars: Dual Strike show this off, in TWEWY you must control two battles at once, one on the top and one on the bottom screen, and if you do well in both battles you are awarded a damage multiplier as well as a fusion-type attack. In Advance Wars: Dual Strike you had to control 2 battles at once, one on the bottom and one on the top screen, and the battles directly affect each other during the skirmish.

It's games that utilize the top and bottom screen in an innovative fashion that make the system for me. Star Fox: Command allowed you to use the bottom screen to navigate your Arwing using the stylus in a very smooth fashion. Although I still need to play it, I believe Metroid Prime: Hunters does the same thing. In The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass you had to solve many-a-puzzle by drawing on the bottom screen and many boss fights used both the top and bottom screen to their advantage. For example, in order to find treasure in the game, you had to pull up your map and draw lines from different points to make an X. Of course, we've all heard "X marks the spot!" and you had to dig in the center of that X to get your treasure. In the third dungeon, a boss battle required that you look at the top screen to see from your invisible enemy's eyes and had to aim at the middle of screen with a bow, right at yourself to shoot it.

Of course, even without these games, the DS still has an excellent lineup of games that don't utilize the top and bottom screen. FFIII+IV(Both of which I highly reccomend, I'm playing IV right now), Super Mario 64 DS, Mario Kart DS, New Super Mario Bros, Puzzle Quest series, Animal Crossing: Wild World(Which did use the top screen a bit), Pokemon 4th gen and many more are out there waiting to be picked up.

I really don't care what you think about this, because you're not changing my mind. In the 3 years of my ownership of my DS Lite, I have bought and played an estimated 40 games (I sold many to get new ones, duh.) and I plan to get even more.

*On a side note, I'm actually getting somewhere in FFIV DS, and it's simply pwnage.

Out of the extreme darkness follows a light...

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What an emo title, eh?

Well, seriously, my predicament is worthy of it. You see, my computer, which I had thought had been rid of its virus, had its hard drive completely burned and the whole thing crashed. So I must call those annoying, usupportive Dell representatives and get them to send me a new hard drive (thank you warranty...). Which isn't such a bad thing, if you think about it. I can easily get the songs from my iPod onto my new iTunes when I get it using iPodRip, and my computer will be rid of all those nasty junk files, so I'll have a computer that will run as good as new! Yay! I'm on my sister's computer now, so I can still update periodically.

But wait! There's still more darkness! I'll show it off in a skit:

Sister: Hey, can we play Rock Band?

Thunderstarter: Sure, I just finished my essay so I would like to have a bit of fun. Let's play

Thunderstarter pulls out his drum kit and hands his sister the guitar. He presses the Xbox360 power jewel to see that his Xbox360 won't turn on.

Xbox360: I can't let you play that, Thunderstarter.

Three red rings form around the power button on Thunderstarter's Xbox360. He falls to the ground like Darth Vader did in Episode III of Star Wars and yells.


Sister: You got...the...the...

Thunderstarter: Red Rings of Death...




You know why? I just bought 2 new games, Civlization Revolution and Battlefield 1943 as well as a new membership to LIVE Gold. Why Xbox? Why?

I know why. It's because I put the Halo 3 disk in it when my friends came over. It's a disease, I tell you! Master Chief is highly infectious!

So I'm sending it in for repairs. I found out that it's going to cost me $99.99 to do so, and no I will not buy an elite simply because the hundred dollars I'm spending is coming out of funds that I earned while working that were supposed to go to my college fund but my Dad is letting me use it to repair my Xbox because I worked my ass off last summer to get it.

Actually, I found out the standard warranty for the red rings is 3 years long, too bad mine was bought used and manufactured in 2005.

Oh well.

At least the Microsoft reps were more helpful than those God-awful Dell reps.

The light that comes from all of this darkness is that I finally get to play Okami with no distractions! I also get to play FFIV and maybe even beat Devil Survivor! And even Radiant Dawn! See, I'm not a Microsoft fanboy! In fact, my next blog is going to be showering my favorite system this gen. with praise! Check up next time to find out what it is!

Until next time!


Why are we so vunlerable to hype?

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I am sick and tired of a largely overhyped game forcing its way into my mind and somehow on its way onto my shelf next to my small-but-proud collection of games!

This seemingly random rant comes to you today because of my most recent trip to Gamestop! Yay! You see, I was having a bad day and I needed something that would allow me to blow a thing up or two that was fresh. Now you all know I have pretty high standards, so long story short, I decided to buy the extremely-underhyped Civilization Revolution for the Xbox360.

Now, I didn't have any money to buy this, so I needed to get some money, so obviously it was time to get rid of some hype and one game I didn't want anymore;

The Hype:

Resident Evil 5

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Old Game:

Pokemon Diamond (Tch, I have Platinum now...)

I ended up getting twice the amount I needed to buy my game. First things first, though. Those of you who know my insane almost-fanboy-ish love for the RE franchise would be shocked to see my classification of it as; "Hyped". Here's why:

The Story was mediocre

The Gameplay didn't change

The Voice Acting was shotty at some parts

The Game was criminally short

The Price tag was too high

I should not have pre-ordered it

I beat it in two days

It was horrible

Huge dissapointment

I wanted to be a zombie so Sheva would shoot me

Wesker was a wuss

I bought the versus mode only to find out the data was encrypted on the disk already

The game sucked

It was horrible

It reminded me of Sonic '06

Sorry, those were becoming opinions. Anyway, for some reason that game got onto my shelf. And I was wondering at first, how I bought it in the first place without reading any reviews, and then after reading reviews, I wondered, why does this game suck?

So I have a theory. Let's say, for instance, Mass Effect 2 sucks (Which it had BETTER NOT! This is an EXAMPLE people!) will you still buy it after playing the simply magnificent and gripping first installment?

To be honest, I would.

This is my theory: when a good game is released, its publishers immediately look at two things; sales and fanbase. Since we all know what I mean by sales I'll just go into fanbase; does the game have an affect on the gaming industry and the players in it? If both of these things look positive, it's time for a sequel.

For the fanbase, which is essentially us normal gamers, the company will do as much as it can to make you excited for the game. This can be shown largely through Bungie's Halo 3 launch, it was undeniably the biggest video game launch in history, and I'm not just talking about Sales, lines were formed that were hours long to get the game, people skipped work to play it, Hell it made the news because of that! Reviewers threw perfect scores at it without a second thought, and in the end, what did we get? A mediocre story with decent multiplayer. Oh, and pants-on-head-retarded AI (10 points to whomever caught the reference).

The companies hugely invest in the hope that the fans will instantly fall in love with whatever screenshots of the sequel they release and rumors that their company "accidentally" leaks about the game. This makes a game almost mouth-watering for us gamers, a good example of this would be Super Smash Bros. brawl. Who else went on every weekday to see the update, and always practically praying you would see the, "Challenger Approaching!" banner across the screen? I did.

So, when a game is finally released, it's up to reviewers to tell us if it's good or not. And I'm starting to wonder if it matters, the game is still going to be bought by those who hyped it to no end before its release, and people who just like the box design are going to buy it, too.

Let me ask a simple question, if it got bad reviews, would you buy;

Mass Effect 2?

Bioshock 2?

Halo: ODST?

Pokemon Heart Gold/ Soul Silver?

Final Fantasy XIII?

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 days?



The Beatles: Rock Band?

All of these games are getting hyped to no end, and generating a bigger fanbase every day. Would it matter to you if they really got bad scores?

Does hype get to reviewers? The first Halo changed shooters forever, in a way that would make 80% of any shooter that came out after that a clone of it, and reviewers would criticize it. But when Halo 3 came out, which changed nothing from the original in terms of gameplay (I mean, seriously, it's the THIRD installment! FIX IT!) it was praised for everything it had, which was essentially nothing different from the other two minus a few new maps and an even worse story.

So, back to my trip to Gamestop, I was asked if I planed to pre-order Halo 3: ODST or COD4MW2, and if I did I would get an extra $25 of my trade-ins put towards them, but I now wonder; why not any other game available to pre-order? Who else can't wait to get Scribblenauts? I asked about that and the clerk gave me a stupid look, I said, "These games are just being overhyped even more by promotions like this, but when games deserving of such a promotion like Scribblenauts comes around, you forget it even exsists." I understand the marketing strategy there, but seriously, who else thinks Batman: Arkham Asylam is not as great as everyone says?

I have fallen for hype too many times in the past, in fact the only time I resisted it was for Too Human, and I don't exactly know how I did, but I asked for a refund on my pre-order.

I. Freaking. Win.

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"Thunderstarter hasn't posted any blogs!"

"Oh noez! What happened?"

"Omgz! It's the end of the world!"

"Look! A black hole just formed on my sandwhich...oh wait, that's mold!"

I'm not completely sure any of you said that, but if you did, you deserve a sticker.

On Friday my computer slowed down...a lot. I mean a lot a lot. In fact so much that it froze and crashed. So, I try to re-boot it, and guess what? It wouldn't boot! This lead to a huge battle against a super-destructive virus on my computer that sucked about 10 hours out of my weekend.

Guess what?

I.Freaking. Win.

Ain't no virus gonna get me down.


So I finally convinced my parents to allow ME to decide what I can put on the computer for protection (because McAfee couldn't do its job) and MalWareBytes, CCleaner, and Firefox(They were forcing me to use IE!) are all running perfectly. I think this calls for a small celebration involving tea and crumpets. Cheers.

In defense of my religion...

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This is my God-like Christian-y blog I was talking about! Win!

Before I forget: I listened to my first Christian band today (I'm not the biggest fan of them) and my choice was Skillet, and I listened to their song "Monster".




Moving on...


This blog may offend those who are not Catholic, although I have no intention of offending anyone. ALSO I am comparing between two Christian religions: Catholicism(Duh) and Non-demoninational Christian (Which, NOT TO OFFEND ANYONE, doesn't actually seem like a Religion, but it is? I'll get into that later).


First, a little history;

After Jesus died on the cross, his diciples and apostles created a new religion, Catholicism, and spread it among the world. This religion caught on rapidly, as it expressed equal rights among everyone as God sees everyone equal and gives everyone an equal chance. Also, it caught on with criminals and those who were convicted, because God forgives everyone as long as they are willing to accept and follow him.

This religion spread like wildfire until it soon excompassed most of Europe and affected many other countries significantly. However, like everything else, Catholicism was/is prone to corruption. I can't remember the year, but later on in History (I think it was around...the 1400s?) the Catholic church had 2 problems. The first was the orthodox revolution, where the church split into two sides, Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches. Second, the Protestant revolution, which was started by a man named Martin Luther (He founded the Lutheran branch of Christianity) who revolted because (I completely see why he revolted, but I don't like the direction he took) the church was corrupt and was accepting money from peasants, claiming that it would reduce the time of their already-dead loved ones in Purgatory (Which is basically heaven's waiting room, but it was revealed later that the church made the concept of Purgatory up. Remember what I said about how things can become corrupt?) and sometimes, the peasant's own time. Martin Luther went off and created his own religion, Lutheran, which was similar to Catholiscim but in many ways different. This inspired many others to do the same thing, which resulted in the Protestant Revolution. This resulted in many different branches of Christianity.

So, the first thing I would like to address;

There is no"real" Christian religion since there are so many. Every Christian religion is the "real" in the sense that the definition of Christian is; "One who believe Jesus Christ is their savior and died on the cross to save them from their sins" (In my own words, which is fairly accurate). So if I hear anything about my religion being a hoax, you're wrong.


First off, I am Christian, look at my blog, "That is SERIOUSLY offensive" for explaination on how I am.

The main belief misconcieved about my religion is that we believe that in order to get into heaven, you must do good works. This is commonly mistranslated into; "You can buy your way into heaven." Wrong. Very, very wrong. So wrong I would like to yell at anyone who says that to my face (In fact, I have once or twice, I was so pissed). You see, when Martin Luther split, he said that, "Those who believe in God will do good works anyway" while this may be true, it is still seriously flawed. We are talking about people, not Angels, and if they don't have to, people won't do charity work. You can be the most hardcore believer in God, and you might not get out there and do charity work.

The belief about charity comes from a quote from Jesusafter he died andcame back to walk the earth for 50 days(excuse my not knowing locationsofpassages from the bible, if I can remember the idea, what's the point of remembering where it's from?); "Be my hands to give to the poor, be my feet to visit the sick".

That's all I really wanted to address. But in closure to this part; We must believe in God truthfully, for God knows if we do or don't and doing good works means nothing if we don't believe.


This is also huge for me. Now, a few months ago I decided I wanted to try a non-denominational church. There is a local one, Willow Creek, that is gigantic and holds 7,000 people in it's main...auditorium? It also holds a cafe', tons of shops, and 4 different levels of youth worship; Promised Land (Grades Pre-5), Elevate (Grades 6-8), IMPACT (High School) and Axis (College). These are all optional if parents just want to bring their kids to the normal mass.

So, I decided to try out voulenteering in Promised Land (Which was fun since I had to work with the section for 2-year-olds, what a crazy time! I got them to throw fake fruit at my friend, and in return fire I got plastic dinsaurs thrown at me!) and afterwards going to IMPACT to worship. I went to IMPACT and throughly enjoyed all of the singing and dancing, and how many of my friends were there, but something was...missing? The church is non-denominational like I said, so something felt wrong. I couldn't shake the feeling, but I was having so much fun, I kinda forgot about it. After that, house groups (discussion groups) commenced and those were always a blast.

I did this for about 2 1/2 months.

I stopped.

My friends kept begging me to go back, I kept saying I would, and I really wanted to, but I just...couldn't!

Something was missing and I didn't want to feel that feeling again.

Later, during my Catholic mass, I got my answer. We had a guest priest come on in and give us our homily (That's Catholic vocabulary for the day's message) who gave me the reason.

IMPACT had everything. Singing. Dancing. Friends. And a message geared towards teenagers. So I thought. It was missing the important component of my mass.

The Eucharist. The body and blood of Jesus Christ, IMPACT failed to give me that. You see, in Catholic mass, every mass is divded into two parts; The message and the eucharist. The message is basically all IMPACT was about, but what didn't happen was the blessing of bread and wine to make it the body and blood of Jesus Christ. We do this every week, IMPACT did it once, and it was fake. I was there.

(And yes, I do drink the wine :P )


I know Catholics don't allow girls to be priests in general (There are plenty a situation where a Girl has become a Catholic priest) and it's because the church is tightly rooted in tradition, and if the Pope wanted to change that rule, it could turn bad. You see, since it was formed such a long time ago, Catholicism means politics. And changing the rule would lead to many-a-revolt against the faith and possibly another Protestant revolution. The church does not want this (would you?) so it's in their best interest to stay away from that plan. I do know, however, that one day Women will be allowed to be Catholic priests.












That's not normal coming from me, I love people, I'm so contradictory :P. My point here is that many people cannot resist temptation, even Priests, and the only reason why you hear about Catholic Priests being corrupt on the news and none other type of priest or pastor is that the media decides not to publish that, because the media is liberal, and many liberals are anti-catholic. I once read in the paper about a pastor from a non-demoninational church (not Willow Creek, which frankly seems impossible because everyone there are just plain-ol'-God-lovin'-folks. But I know one day that place will slip...) who raped a young boy in his youth group.

It's not just Catholics. It's everyone.



I can't think of a more awkward way to end this blog...


Let's see...


Not the religious blog you were expecting, but a Top 5 BEST VIDEO GAME BOSSES!!

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So, I decided to postpone my religious blog in order to put out this list that I will obviously forget soon. I know I've done at least one of these, but now my mind has changed, and more games have been played, so it's time to update the list of the best video game bosses.

#5: GLaDOS(Portal)-

Anyone who has played portal understands why GLaDOS deserves a spot on this list. Not only is the battle frustrating during your first try (O.K., where did that piece go?) but it's also so funny, you forget your character is inhaling poison gas and you have 5 minutes to beat the boss! You beat her by dropping parts of her that blow off into a furnace. My favorite line is; "You fool, we WERE having a party, and I invited all your friends, but you don't have any because nobody likes you. And you're adopted." I was probably on the ground, laughing at that line, and I do remember dying because I ran out of time, damn you clever writers!

#4: iT(Resident Evil 4)-

Ok, this boss just. Wouldn't. Die. Why? I'll tell you why, you had to cross a chasm in the game to get to Ashley (who was captured...AGAIN!) and to do so you had to gointo some suspended containers holding crates and such that had just happened to be there. Why? iT killed them. iT is the most annoying beast in Resident Evil 4 in the sense that he JUST WOULDN'T DIE! First, you walk into the container only to me a quicktime event that introduced you to the beast. The door was locked behind you (duh) and you had to get out of there before iT killed you. iT was practically invincible, so you were forced to find another way of disposing of it. You had to go around and find levers that would activate a timer telling you how long you had to get from one suspended container to the other before the one you were standing in fell. Oh yeah, did I mention you had to do this 3 times? After the third time you do it, a quicktime event ensues in which iT tries to grab you as the container falls when you try to escape to the other end of the chasm. Obviously, you make it to the other end (if the event is done correctly) and iT falls down into the chasm. You feel safe once again as observe the rock you landed on, only to find more ammo. This would confuse you, you would go pick it up, walk to the other side of the chasm and...BAM! iT is still not dead! This time he's not invincible, but it was still the most freaking annoying boss fight I ever had to fight. However, the encounter was so cleverly executed that I have to put it on the list.

#3 Drake (Pokemon G/S/C)-

I know it's a pokemon battle, but this one seriously was hard. Drake was a dragon-type user, and after coming out of an already-exhausting elite four, you get this guy. His pokemon were really high levels (I believe one was level 69) and you had to fight, notone, not two, but THREE Dragonites! It took me 15 tries (I counted) to beat this guy when I was 8 years old. This battle is mentioned for its sheer difficulty, I can't wait to fight him again in Heart Gold.

#2 Dr. Doom (Marvel: Ultimate Alliance)-

So. Freaking. Hard. I don't know why, but this guy was seriously tough. Dr. Doom had inherited the powers of the gods, and it was up to your team of heroes to stop him. Only one problem: you couldn't hurt him until you destroyed 4 power generators. Second problem: you couldn't get to the power generators unless you defeat clones of the fantastic four. Third problem: The fantastic four clones were tough, and they respawned. A lot. The good thing was that once you got rid of the generators, they wouldn't repair themselves (if they did I would have given up a long time ago) and once you got rid of his clones and generators, the only thing you had to watch out for were a couple of beams. Still, the difficulty makes Doom definately worth mentioning in this list.

#1 Sephiroth (Kingdom Hearts II)-

Don't tell me anything about how this isn't the FFVII battle, this is the one boss battle I would love to play again and again. The reason here is that Sephiroth was insanely hard to beat. His first attack took out half your healh if you didn't hit triangle in time, and every more from there out was just as hard. Square did a great job making him impossible, no friends (which meant no drive forms) , a seemingly endless hp bar for Sephiroth, and some seriously hard-hitting moves. His most infamous move, Angel of Death, reduced all of your HP and MP to 1, and you had to rely on items to get your health, and more importantly (well, for me) your MP;. I spent 3 weeks leveling up to beat this boss, and when I finally did, I was treated to acutscene that was full of win.

WAIT, no Bowser? Ganondorf? NO! Why? EVERYONE DOES THOSE! So why not? THEY'RE NOT MY FAVORITE!

That felt good, I hope you enjoyed my list!

That is SERIOUSLY offensive!

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I'm back from a 2-week hiatus!

The reasoning behind the title is the thing that pisses me off to no end, it's about religion (don't worry, I'll warn you if I get preachy) and how people don't know that I am C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N! Why don't they know? It's because I'm CATHOLIC!

Did I just contradict myslef? Absolutely not.

You see, me and a few friends were out eating lunch, and somehow the subject of religion was brought up (no debating came of that) and I said something about me being Christian. Suddenly, my best friend says, "I thought you were Catholic?"

Now, I know I'm trying to change my blogging style, but this seriously calls for caps, YES I KNOW THAT I AM CATHOLIC BUT I AM ALSO A FREAKING CHRISTIAN!!!!

This offends me because the definition of "Christian" means (In my own words, but it closely resembles the actual meaning)-One who believes Jesus Christ was the messiah and died on the cross for all of our sins. Now I know my friend knew that, but he didn't think I believed that? WHAT THE HECK? Those of you who are Christian can see why I think it is very offensive,I didn't yell at him (You see, he can be a little slow at times. But he's not stupid or anything, he got a better grade than me in Geometry) and instead I explained to him how exactly I am a Christian.

Actually, the word "Christian" is rooted from theword CHRIST. Same with CHRISTmas. I honestly don't get how it's so hard to comprehend to most people how their are multiple CHRISTian religions. For example, Lutherans, Methodists, Catholics, Evangelists, and Baptists are all CHRISTians among many other religions because they all believe Jesus CHRIST was divine and died on the cross to save us fromour sins.

I guessI didn't get preachy at all, yay!

However, I have decided for my next blog to discuss why I like myCHRISTian religion among all others and plan to iron out a few bumps in everyone's head here who doesn't fully understand the Catholic religion, because I know a lot of people who have a very biased opinion on it. I don't mean to be offensive about it, if you know it you know it, if you don't you don't. But I just feel everyone should know why I believe what I believe.

So yes, my next blog should be extremely preachy.

Or not. It's all about what you decide is "preachy" or not.

So, expect tomorrow's blog to be very God-like. Enjoy the rest of your...well...night!

Geez I'm Horrible

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First off, when I bought my 1600 MS points, they forgot to charge tax! So I payed 19.99 and have one penny left on my Gamestop card, I laughed as I walked out. SUCKA!

Anyway, on to topic, I suck at MvC2! First off, I can't stick with a team. For a while it was Rogue, Jill, and Cyclops, then Hayato, Rouge, and Cyclops. Now its Ken, Hayato, and I switch between Rogue and Jill. I can't pick! I'm getting a bit better at stringing together combos, although I still suck at pulling some off. It took me 2 hours to summon Tyrant with Jill :P . I love training mode!

I always get stuck at stage 5 in arcade mode...and that's not even the worst of it, it's on EASY! It's such a hard game! But everyone gets better with practice, I know how to use Jill better than just "Pull out the Rocket Launcher!" and "Punch! Kick!". I can pull off 2 hyper combos in a row with my team, but when I get to 3 I just suck.

Right now the game is hard to grasp, but I simply love it. The matches are spastic and fun, and its easy to just pick up and play. I'm thinking about an 8.5, as the XBL lobby system just rocks for me. Or maybe my "Ping is King".

A pleasant surprise.

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So, I was looking through my wallet today to clean out anything old and not needed, when I found a $20 Gamestop gift card I still haven't used! :D

Now, $20 isn't that much money when it comes to games, but Marvel VS Capcom 2 DID just come out on Xbox LIVE arcade, and 1600 Microsoft points costs 19.99, add a 1.99 tax (10% tax, I know, it's brutal. Especially when buying a new game) and I pay $21.98. Well, more like$1.98. I WIN!

If you can't tell, I'm excited, I checked the roster for Marvel VS Capcom 2 andlove it! I was surprised when I saw Resident Evil'sJill Valentine on the roster. Very nice :) .

I know it got a 7.5 from Gamespot, but they said it was a very enjoyable game still, and I don't have a single fighting game. Marvel VS Capcom 2 seems like the perfect addition to my haven't gone on my Xbox for a while, thanks a lot, DS.

Well, I just wanted to brag :) . I'll post a blog on Marvel VS Capcom 2 later.

Peace out!

Small life update, Fire Emblem, Devil Survivor, and Xbox360 2nd Update

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Well, my grandmother passed at 4 PM on Monday, I knew it would happen, and you all know I was accepting her as dead already, so it wasn't a huge blow, but I was still very disheartened to hear that it was actually over. I'm a palbearer for her funeral, and I expected such. I'm glad I'll be able to carry her casket...but it's going to be so hard. Thank you for all of your condolences, it means a lot to me :) .

So, now we'll move on to happier subjects. Yay for happiness!

Fire Emblem is taking over my life, but you all totally saw that coming, right? Now that I have every game in the series and have only beatenone, of course I'm persistent to beat another! Shadow Dragon is tough, really tough, and I'm on I'm scared to move on, but am severely dissapointed in the lack of a real plot, where the games really shine. Seriously, you're told where your going, and suddenly the enemy shows up for no real reason. It's like they have control of everything and you have to fight them wherever you go.

Oh well. It's still a fun game and I won my first Online battle (Thanks to my Wyvern rider) .

So, I'm on day 7 (The last day) of Devil Survivor, and I'm very discouraged to move on. Why? Well, first of all, the battle I'm stuck at seems nigh-on impossible (when it obviously is possible but my party isn't prepared for it) and after a little research (via FAQ) I found out that, guess what, I picked the hardest path for the ending in the game! Perfect! Just what I need! It's the ending I was most interested in with the way the plot was going, but I am pissed!

So, the 360 is getting its second overhaul to LIVE soon, good thing I just renewed my membership! I can't wait to dive into the goodies they have in store! Facebook and new features for Netflix, anyone? too?

Well, I'm good for now. Sadly this was meant to be a longer blog, but my brain is dying due to it being so late!Until next time!