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The earth-shaking rebirth of Thunderdrone's trusty stead is nigh.

And like a fiery Phoenix of yore... is slowly,

but surely...

...rising anew!

Aaaaaaand yeah. As you can see, the entire backside of the car was cut out, thrown away and replaced with the new (silver) back-half you see in the pics above.

Two months and 3.800€ later, it will once again (FINALLY) look brand-spanking new.

They will finish it next week if all goes according to plan. :)

sigh....thats alot of money folks, so watch out for them slippery roads.

Not a good day. Involved in a major car accident.

... back at home, hours after being in the hospital were i had to take some X-Rays of my shoulder and spine.

Left side of my body is swollen, it hurts when i walk and my shoulder **** hurts like hell right now. Nothing serious though, i'll recover 100% in the next four or five days.
I was very lucky ididn't fracture anything.

Anyway, just wanted to give a heads up to anyone who might be counting on me being around in the next few days (especially the SWM crew).

I'll be recovering and will soon return, hopefully feeling a lot better (and happier) than i am right now.

PS: If you have a rear wheel drive vehicle, especially a BMW, be extra-extra careful with wet roads. I learned the hard way today.

And if you're curious about the feeling of losing control of your car and waiting for the inevitable crash...yeah, its horrible.