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A new site means a new beginning

Well guys. It has been a long time comin' since we last talked. Seems that some people did leave, but after looking at the new changes on this website it seems I will be coming back here on a new setting. The site takes a lot to get used too. I really enjoyed this. After being on this website for 8 years now (Anniversary coming soon) feels like I have seen this site when it was new and still trying to sprout it's legs. Overtime, I have seen this site grow, and the community expand. I loved everything about this site, the reviews the community, and most importantly the friends I have met. Without this site I probably wouldn't have been contacting friends from all over the world.

I thank this website for many things, and coming back here under a new site change feels like a new beginning. I am looking forward to seeing the new things and changes of this site as it progresses. :)

Follow me @FMDesperado on Twitter, as I am pretty active on the site as of late.

Till then folks! Take care!


Final blog? I don't think so.

Yeah I can't name a good title anymore

Honestly. I am starting to lost interest to this site little by little... eventually I might be coming back actively but since everyone is leaving, I might depart my way as well... then again I met all of my cool friends here. It's just sad to see some people leaving unoticed let alone was being paid attention too. I miss some of you guys and I wish I can talk to you guys outside Gamespot..


For almost a decade I have been here on the community. A decade is a long time and it's amazing to see how much this site has changed and how this place connects... boy I miss those old days.


Anyways, I mightice well add a few things... this is my latest contact info 



PSN: Neolink1118

Steam: FMDesperado714

WIIU: Delta714

I don't know how long I will be gone, but I will assure you, hopefully everyone will return and everyone will talking again just like the good ol' days.


Seriously guys, add me, I know some of you guys are reading this... :P 


Till then... I big you with this... 


It's clobberin time!!

 It's clobberin' time!! 


Another blog...


Sums up the current situation with Xbox now hitting the next gen scene with PS4 and WiiU. 


All in all whats up everyone. I have not been on here again... but I wanted to list a few games I have finished and or currently playing at the moment


Mario Bros U

Fallout 3

Sleeping Dogs

Super Meat Boy 

Ni No Kuni

Just a few to name so far


Anyways, does anyone have an anime recomendation? I think Baka Test (I think that's the title don't remmeber is one to consider. Need some recomendation.


Also, here is my facebook. I am on this alot



I am only gonna keep this link up for a while. Talk to me through there ifnot, here will be fine. I need to catch up or I am trying to catch up with some of you awesome peeps. 


What's up everyone?

Hey everyone..just wanted to drop by to say hi n all...


I just wanted to remind people that if you ever wanna contact me I will be on skype, facebook, and here.


If you guys ever wanna catch up, feel free to contact me @


Skype: M.Ramirez714

Facebook: PM Me

Steam: Neolink1118

PSN: Neolink1118


I don't get on IM much anymore, but if you guys prefer to talk like that feel free to let me know on here.


Till then take care guys, next blog I will most likely make an impressions blog of the games I have played soon.

Contact Info: Quick Update

Well... I don't know what to say really, I haven't been on here in months, and wanted to drop by to say hello.

Yes, I don't get on gamespot much as I noticed, but in case anyone wants to get into contact with my outside gamespot

Feel free to messege me over via email or skype

Skype: M.Ramirez714

PSN: Neolink1118

Email: (I get on this email alot)

Steam: Neolink1118

No this is not leaving gamespot notice, but of somewhat quick entry since I have not been on this in months...sorry folks..but life has been very busy with me...I also check messeges here...but


I need to catch up with some folks...

Have no choice..

Ahh, damn it. It seems I will have to write up a few things, before I actually get into a way to upload a video blog without youtube. For some reason I get shy espically on a big site like youtube, so I hope you bear with me on that. Anyways how is everyone doing? I hope everyone is ok n all. I want to pretty much bullet a few things since I have to make this short and make a new updated video and try again through here ifnot I will have to actually use Youtube.

  • School is ok, I failed one class in my Cisco academy, yes it's unfortunate, but I am over it. I am doing better right now and I am at my second year since I have been doing summer classes, if I pass my classes this year, then I should be able to finish school by early next year by the latest.
  • Games are great, I started working and I ended up getting a few things, but I will mention the stuff I got from friends and what I actually am interested in
  • A lot of gaming events happened and I would like to say, this years conferences and recently passed comic-con has been hell of a lot interesting. That Deadpool game looks sweet!
  • Alot of finished animes as well I will mention in the video blog. A few to mention is like Black Butler, Chobits, Black Lagoon etc etc...
  • I started working...I work at Macy's as a reciever and's a hellish job, a call in job, lack of hours and all the hard labor for 7.25 and that's minimum wage for where I live, as you can see, I am not making alot.

Anyways, I hope to blog more on a video since I would like to show a few things..

Oh and...I turned 20 just on the 14th which was a was ok, I wish it could have been better...

Anyways take care everyone.


Edit: Sorry for not posting this a few weeks earlier, I was pretty busy with work, and I kinda got lazy about it. However, I will try to get active here again.


It seems the thing I was about to do which is a video blog failed on me, I don't like to do things on youtube because I honestly do not want to deal with the coding and process. Anyone got any general idea of why the gamespot video is not encoding? My webvideo was originally in WMV, and they accept the format, and the memory about about 30 MB. Anyone know why? Sorry for this short blog, but I really want to know before I resort to youtube...

2011: A Year In The Animus


Yeah, the title goes for the Assassins Creed Series since thats the game that's most played for me this year, also a nastalgic year for me since I go into memories of my life. Like the animus, I go through the memories of my life thus far.

Well…it's been quite some time since the last blog. Perhaps I was a bit too skeptical about things in the last blog. Then again, I was always skeptical if not just damn lazy in finishing up blogs. Anyways, this blog is a bit special because of the following…

The final blog for 2011:

· Overview of what happened to me in the last few months along with my reasons of being inactive for a while

· My 6th anniversary on Gamespot

· 200th blog

· Games, games and did I say more games?

Yeah lets begin.


2011…boy this year happened a lot; it even changed a lot of things to be very honest with you. My life went in circles since May 18th, my grandma passed away that morning. I turned 19, I started college, and…still jobless….yeah, I hate job searching, especially on how it's done on the internet (Goddamn it, insert rage comic.) I still want to look for a job, regardless if it's McDonalds, because a job is a job. Plus, I can get my tuition covered because of them. I applied for them just a few days ago and yet…nothing.. yeah I know it's so stupid how the job process runs like this today, it's horrible. Well besides the painful job search, my college grades are going really well, I have 1 A, and 4 B's at this point. I will become a student for the Cisco Academy sometime next week where I officially go back to school. Other than my life changes with the death of a loved one, and job searching trying to take care of myself, I am totally fine right now, just felt depressed in a way but I will get over it. Along the way I have been playing games as well, I got a lot of playing and managed to catch up a franchise, and platinum 2 games thus far on my PSN. Here are all the games I have played this year: (I would like to thank my friend Macrules_640 in making the AC series completed in a year's setting possible)

Games Completed/In Progress

· Assassins Creed

· Assassins Creed II

· Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

· Assassins Creed: Revelations

· Sonic Generations

· The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (In progress)

· L.A. Noire

· Sonic Unleashed

· Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

· Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

· Sonic CD (PSN Release)

· Final Fantasy XIII (In progress)

· Resident Evil V (in progress)

· The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection

I believe that's it?:| I made more purchases on Steam since I own a laptop now and yes, I am on that quite often and I believe to own about 40+ games on steam due to the fact I either got em from a friend as a gift, or that it was on a sale. All in all a decent game year for me, now I am totally hyped for Assassins Creed III overall.

Oh, my 6th year on gamespot, a lot of people to mention, but you should know who you are reguardless to a list of honorable mentions, if you know you talked to me when you had the chance, or comment through the FUSE, or even talk to me outside gamespot like PSN or Steam, then you know who you are. If you want to add me through PlayStation network, steam. My ID is here.

Steam: Neolink1118 (Galatea0714)

PSN: Neolink1118

Oh man, I just rememeberd I just finished a bunch of animes during the summer time and recently…I just forgot! :P Well anyways heres a few animes I have finished watching and caught up finishing.

· Devil May Cry

· Claymore

· FLCL (Fooly Cooly)

· Blood +

· Yu Yu Hakusho (After the dark tournament)

· Black Butler (Kurosh!tsuji)

· Black Lagoon

· Bakuman (Season I done, waiting for season II to finish)

· Angel Beats!

· Chobits (In Progress)

· Full Metal Alchemist (In Progress)

Honestly forgot a few other ones, but this year has been a great year for me in Anime, a lot to watched and finished, I feel accomplished. All in all I feel proud.

Well I am honestly thinking of doing a top 10 or a top 5 in the best franchise. Regardless to how old it is. Well happy new year's everyone and hope to see you comment on here….that is if you remember me…catch ya later peeps.



Hey…yeah I know it's been quite a long time since I last blogged. To begin things off, I have been on a hiatus for quite a while, whether or not you have noticed my huge lack of activity for the past few months, or just been busy with other things as well. I am just listing my reasons for my absence.

"Time heal all wounds."

Estancia…means stay in Spanish. Do you ever wish that your life is so good that you want it tostay the same...forever?

I have gone through pain, grief, trouble, and even new beginnings to make it this far but now I need to know, how all of this will end.

In May of this year, everything was according to plan, prom, school being over, and finally my graduation. Things were bright and hopeful, you know like nothing can go wrong….right? Well, that's when my life completely went downhill and made a big change…in everything I see. On the night May 17th, to the morning of the 18th, it was early morning, my grandmother was seriously ill, I was knocked out, and I could not hear anything, it was not until she turned on the lights and called out her friend and me to help her. She said: "Help me…" she collapses, my eyes were in shock, I dashed to her and tried to pick her up with her friend helping me. She said; "The pain is unbearable, call an ambulance," she kept breathing heavly, and looks like cannot breath, she collapses again because we are not strong enough to pick her up, she was heavier for some reason. She kept calling my name, and she said "I cannot see…Marvin, Marvin, Marvin…" I said, "Grandma, grandma, everything will be all right ok? I am here for you grandma…just don't pass out on me." As she could not stop breathing, my mom came in and said "Mom, don't worry I am here, I am here. I love you, I love you." Eventually, the ambulance came, as the workers put her into treatment, and we moved everything out of the way to make the path clear up. Eventually, we got out of the house and put her in a wheelchair, "oh my god….oh my god…" as she strives to breathe. She got into the ambulance with her friend, and I went to the car with my mom, and my sisters, we all went and left the house and went to the hospital. As the doctors put her in the emergency room, the nurse asked us to fill in her information, as we turned in with all the possible information we can possibly give out, we waited. We all preyed, we all hoped that things will be ok, so we can go home and I can give her a cup of coffee to start out her morning. About half an hour later, the nurse allowed us to sit down near the emergency room, and the doctor came out. He had a very unfortunate face, and said. "I have some very bad news. Ms. Ramirez died." When I heard those words…my face was in the state of shock…I did not see this coming, my mom my sister were in grief and in crying. My grandmas friend said: "Oh S*** no…this cannot be.." all of us called in other people to let them know the bad news and life changing event. Everyone had a bad morning, as we saw her body, and we said our final regards in that room, we all left in pain, and grief.

*Time skip to after the funeral*

It's been nearly 4 months now since her death, however a lot has changed, I am not longer the guy who likes to fool around, her death became an unforgettable, and even a pain that will never be healed for me, 3 months after I graduated from high school. So, yeah I am in college, I took summer c!asses, and I am doing good right now. I only have 1 course but 2 days a week. Not a bad deal considering I got 8 credits, and this will be my 12th for the semester.

*Insert song to my grandmother* 0:30

Yeah, a lot has changed, I have gotten stronger from this painful experience, and I have a feeling that my life will only get more difficult later on. All I know is that my grandmother is with me, all the times we went together, and her last words to me will not be in vein.

Well, from the past, to now I have finally got back on photoshop and made a few new sigs and got my theme updates, the banner is Saya from the anime Blood+, and the header is Altiair from Assassins Creed. Tell me what you think? Next blog I will display them and I will talk about games, and…even anime?! I got back into anime yes….:P

Good to be back on gspot…hope you guys can hear me…

Theme: Estancia

Artist: Bill Elm & Woody Jackson

"May the winds of fortune may blow at your side"

Catch ya later…