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Witcher 2 plays extremely well on Xbox, but with one exception. The use of the medallion is mapped to the left analog stick (you press it in). This results in Geralt stopping to use the medallion occasionally (or frequently) in the heat of combat; which can obviously get you killed quickly on the higher difficulty settings. That is my only gripe with it so far, and you can't remap any of the button configuration to fix this problem (to my knowledge). Otherwise, I am loving this game, and the 1st major boss encounter was pretty epic.
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I would say Dark Souls, along with Demons Souls are the best RPGs of this generation, though it all depends on what you like. While these games focus on gameplay (remember when good gameplay actually mattered?), some of your more mass market RPGs use story based choices and a bunch of filler stuff (that's not necessarily fun) to smokescreen mediocre gameplay/combat. IMO, all of the freedom and extracurricular activities in the world are pointless, without good gameplay to back them up. I am currently playing through the Witcher 2 on Xbox and so far, it's fantastic; very good combat system to back up the rest of the goods. Obviously I can't judge it as a whole yet, until I finish it.
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I am sad to see Diablo is only winning by the 20% that is is... I guess that shows how many younger gamers clicked this thread.

I am older than dirt (36), and I think Demons Souls is a better game than Diablo. I can list many reasons, but I'm sure nobody cares. The main reason (of several) is the controls and the combat. The entire younger generation angle really doesn't work here IMO. The reason being, Demons Souls is much more of a cult, niche title that many people avoided because of the initial difficulty. Remember, Gamespot editors gave DS GoTY 2009...not the users. Users would have probably given it to Uncharted 2 (it's safe to assume) for that particular year. We are comparing a much more accessible, and more mass market game (albeit a true classic) to a hardcore, niche game. People voting for DS are not so much the younger generation; aren't most of them too busy playing Black Ops/Elder Scrolls/Mass Effect/Fallout, instead of wasting their time in this thread...? :P
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Demons Souls for me, only bc I prefer the controls and greater emphasis on measured combat (as well as the full control you have over it). Kind of a bias opinion though, bc I am more a fan of console/controller style combat than mouse/keyboard. Diablo didn't really hold my interest enough to stick with it for the long run (way back when), but I have been playing DS for over a year and a half now, and never really gets old for me. It's the game I always go back to in between other games.