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Moderator no more.

As you may notice by glancing over to my emblems, there's not a moderator emblem in sight. That's because last week I decided to 'throw in the towel' and go back to being a standard user (well, I'm at Total Access it seems). Why did I do this? 2009 has already seen two months go by and I've hardly contributed GameSpot. I've not got through and dealt with things, which does seem a bit unfair to the other moderators.

There's no point having a moderator badge if you're not going to use it. That's my reason. Later this year, I may pick up the pace with my contributions. I would like to get a steady flow of reviews sent in. There's many titles I have played but I just haven't had the creativity to go type up a review. Also, if I find myself feeling 'active' here once again, I may one day be a moderator...again.

So, take care. Now, just to get through the last few things on Crash Time II for Xbox 360. It's a cheesy, guilty pleasure. ;)