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To love something so much.

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I am in love with something beautiful, inspiring, epic. A few days ago, I came across E.S. Posthumus, a band that produces "cinematic" music. There's one track, called "Nara" that I absolutely love. I think it's a very epic track to listen to. I realise a segment is used in the Cold Case opening theme. So, "Nara" is probably most notable for being associated with that television series. Never seen Cold Case in full but upon watching the opening theme, it is indeed this track used.

The track was also used in a variety of movie and video games trailers. This includes The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, National Treasure and Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness. I don't usually post much relating to music but had to express my love for this particular track. It's entirely fit to be like a movie score and features some good powerful parts. It has a very epic feel to it and certainly is worth playing.


Still to come...

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I will soon begin work on some video projects. What I mean by "video projects" are videos that typically require me to waste a whole lot of time making them. In the end though, it's worth it, I guess. There will be a few of these (each one dedicated to one game/series). Each video will have background music to assist the footage. The music will be available under a Creative Commons license, enabling you to download and listen for free (if you were to use it for any of your purposes).

This will take some time purely because getting clips together can be a hassle. Videos will feature purely gameplay/rendered footage. Hopefully, when I get the first one out, it'll at least be a little bit entertaining. If you have any suggestions, please do mention them. I am always looking to gather ideas from users.

17 days until Grand Theft Auto IV.

Ripped off.

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I am so angry about Bully: Scholarship Edition being a very glitchy title towards the end of my playthrough. I never experienced any annoying problems on the PlayStation 2 title but then again, it didn't have achievements. The other day, I was so confident that I would be able to 100% this but for some odd reason I am stuck on 99.91%. Now that is really lame. Not 1% to go but 0.09% left. I have gotten so annoyed.

I can't seem to figure out what I need to do. I have checked 100% checklists and have certainly done all those extra tasks. I am just stumped. I bascially feel ripped out of an achievement I was aiming for. Sure, it's only an achievement but when I put so much effort in and then get slapped back, it does kinda annoy me. If I could secretly get the achievement by pressing a button, I certainly would.

Other than that, a great title. It has got a good learning curve to it and certainly there is plenty to do. I may be reviewing it sometime. Why do annoying things like this happen? Rockstar Games made good use of achievements in this title. That's how I like them. I sure hope Grand Theft Auto IV won't have any annoying glitches that would prevent someone from getting an achievement they are aiming for.

That's about it for now. I recently watched Boat Trip, Changing Lanes, Congo, Elektra and Hardball movies. They were nothing too special for me but at least I have seen them now to be able to say that. I will consider the recommendations from the community at some point.


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Here are some choices I made myself:

1. Pre-order Grand Theft Auto IV (standard) for Xbox 360 and purchase some other titles in the meantime.
2. Get the full-on treatment with the special edition of Grand Theft Auto IV and not have no money left for any other titles.

I think I'll go with the latter. I really want to purchase some other titles but something keeps making me go for the second choice. Must be dedicated. After all, Grand Theft Auto is the best series out there for me (even the 2D games I found great). So much fun, so much time to blow away playing countless hours of these titles. With these multiplayer modes, including a "free mode" for up to 16 players (may be restricted to certain areas), this just seems like too much fun. I have always wanted something along those lines and it soon will be with us at the end of April.

If you own a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360 and are not getting Grand Theft Auto IV, then you're missing out. It's going to feel a bit weird for me when I get Grand Theft Auto IV. It'll be the first time I have ever played a Grand Theft Auto title on a Microsoft platform. I have played the previous titles on PlayStation 2 and PC. Personally, I prefer the DualShock controller for those titles but I guess I will get used to the Xbox 360 controls.

It's easter but I have not eaten too much chocolate (it makes me feel sick easily). However, I did have the urge to eat a lot of bread and then some pizza. After that, I felt so bad. From being very hungry in the morning to feeling like I was about to explode - it sure did make a difference.

Thanks for the movie recommendations. I shall get round to seeing most of them sometime. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Recommend a movie!

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Well, this weekend I will be watching 1408, Deja Vu and Transformers. I would like some recommendations from you, the users. So, if you have a movie that's good, then I'll get round to watching it sometime. I will at a later date post details on my thoughts of the movies recommended from users. Please, try to limit your recommendations to one or two movies. It can be mainstream or independent - that doesn't bother me.

Here are few extra guidelines (I'll tweak these from time to time):
1. Must be a DVD available to rent from within the UK.
2. It has to be English language (not dubbed).
3. It cannot be a duplicate (a list of most movies seen, here).
4. Not an animated feature or sequel.
5. Preferably, movies from the 1990s and 2000s - no earlier.

Back to duty.

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I am in the mood to get back into Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare's fantastic multiplayer. When you play Gears of War for so long it just starts to become annoying when not hosting. With Call of Duty 4, it may get annoying at times but certainly not to the same extent as Gears of War. Whenever I host, I don't feel afraid to use certain weapons. Using the torque bow and sniper are much more effective. I seem to get headshots without spending too much time trying to aim. Why can't I be that good when not hosting? Something needs to be addressed for the sequel, if you ask me.

Speaking of headshots, when I get back into Call of Duty 4, I will be sure to try out the sniper. I believe the accuracy has been improved due to the recent update. A few times when I used it, the sniper was right on target but wasn't bringing them down (even after four or five shots). This didn't occur all the time but it's great to hopefully see this resolved. I want to get Bully: Scholarship Edition but will probably hold off getting it for a little while. As with Tomb Raider: Anniversary, I had already played the title on PlayStation 2. So, hopefully I will be able to quickly get back into it whenever I purchase it.

The reason I want to hold off getting Bully: Scholarship Edition (or any title for that matter) is because I want to be able to get a DVD recorder. Not to record television but to record footage from devices that uses composite connections. This includes devices such as the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 (not in HD). Some people say it is a very simple thing to get set-up and has some good recording quality options (dependant on brand). A more expensive option but certainly doesn't require much tweaking like those capture devices on PC. A lot of capture devices I wanted to consider purchasing but I simply couldn't because of there being no compatibility with Windows Vista. Surprise!

Hopefully, it's as easy as I say it is to get ready and start recording. I very much can't wait to start recording multiplayer games such as Call of Duty 4 and Gears of War. Also, I would use it for various speed runs of certain titles. Thanks for reading and now I am going to post in roll call. Feel free to come join the chat over there.

Lara and GameSpot.

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Here's a commercial in the days when GameSpot was under the ZDNet name (ZDNet brand later purchased by CNET Networks). Not sure of the exact date but probably sometime in the early millennium. I loved the first two titles and as kid, it did prove quite difficult for me to get through it. Sure, why not go to GameSpot and find some hints?



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Yesterday, I noticed a thread created over at Off-Topic Discussion about YouTube being down. I was like "Yeah, sure YouTube is ever going to be fully down." So, anyway, I checked just to see and indeed it was down. It just kept timing out on me. I was curious to know why such a popular website would be fully down.

The downtime I think was just over an hour and in that time I already started seeing news items popping up about it. I read a little deeper into this and found out that the IP address of YouTube was hijacked. Every website has an IP. The text we enter in our address bar is like finding a name in a phone book and then finding the appropiate number.

Now, recently Pakistan had just blocked YouTube. For the reasons they blocked them for, I really do disagree on. Why block somewhere like YouTube because of "religious beliefs." There's more to the Internet than YouTube. I was wondering if Pakistan blocking the website was the main cause of this. Indeed it was. Originally, when the block went in, it ended up getting blocked from ISPs all over the world. So, basically YouTube wasn't available.

All that traffic was going somewhere else. Now, the thing that makes me cautious, is how a country like Pakistan can just take a site away from users worldwide and lead them to a timeout. YouTube, being associated with Google, an American corporation, was offline for nearly two hours. Yet, Google had no way of protecting the YouTube IP address from Pakistan. Sure, it probably was just a mistake made by them but something like this should not have happened.

Lesson to learn: Don't mess with the tubes.

Vista continued and Young Indy.

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I was trying to use some screen recording software with Windows Vista. I used to love using this on Windows XP to record my RollerCoaster Tycoon videos and then put them up here on GameSpot. In fact, this time round, I found one that does an even better job. It captures the screen nicely but for some reason the sound is not being picked up.

I looked on the website for help but it seems that using it on Windows Vista presents that problem. So, I guess I won't be doing any screen recording on this computer for a while. I mentioned on my previous entry that SP1 is due out someday on Windows Vista. Although this greatly improves on the system, it also presents more problems for programs you may have installed on your computer (mainly security suites).

I guess to fix some problems, it means it has to break some other things. I remember the same thing happening when SP2 was released for Windows XP. Many businesses just didn't see the need to upgrade straight away because of the problems with software that SP2 caused. Anyway, enough of technology. It drives me crazy in all forms. Computers, consoles, gadgets - we love them. However, there's always sometime when something just won't work.

I won't be gaming much probably as I usually do. Next week, sometime, I have a new box set to look forward to. The last box set I owned was season 4 of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air a while ago. I would have loved to continue to get all seasons but the last two seasons have never had their box sets.

I was thinking of picking up The Simpsons box sets every now and then to catch up. Then, I saw noticed The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles soon to be released (the first volume). Although, more pricey, I can understand because each episode lasted for around 45 minutes.

There's also a whole load of extra content too. I caught this series back in 2004 on television. The movies are fantastic and the television series was pretty decent. I seem to like a lot of shows from the 1990s. Yes, I am looking forward to the upcoming movie.

EDIT: The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones is the correct title.

V for Vista

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I just got Windows Vista set up today. Thankfully, it was pain-free to set up and get to the desktop. I wasn't connected to my network and so had to use the automated phone service to activate my operating system. It took me a while just to do that and when I got to the end of the wizard it just randomly shut off. I knew this wasn't normal since when I turned the computer back on, it said the operating system was not shut down properly.

I have no idea why it did that but it could have been due to the outlet I had the computer plugged into (I now have it in a surge protector outlet). Now, it seems to be stable. The only main concern with Windows Vista is my explorer.exe keeps failing at times and needs to restart. I have not seen a visible pattern on noticed other users are having problems.

For those with Windows XP, I don't see a major need to consider Windows Vista. There are some benefits but really Windows XP should be fine for quite some time. At least wait until SP1 arrives publically on Windows Vista to consider it being a stable purchase. I even heard there's an SP3 for Windows XP sometime. That'll be interesting.

Just exploring through the various features and tend to notice Windows Vista is more "casual." What I mean by this is it trying to explain things in great detail than ever before. Seems that you may not be stumped to some weird error on Windows Vista because of the help it provides. Whilst, on earlier versions of Windows, you would probably need to further research the problem yourself.

I will be tuning in later to the GDC coverage GameSpot is offering. The Gears of War 2 news put a big smile on me. I'll try and get a review prepared, since I have not done one in nearly a month. I tend to try and stick to a "one review minimum a month" policy. That way I keep myself motivated to keep doing them. I am so behind on blogs (again) and will work through many tonight. I apologise if I have not been able to provide a comment.