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Blogging elsewhere.

Happy new year all. It's been 2009 for over 25 hours now here and I want to move on with my blogging. My reasons are stated in my new entry at my new blog provided by Blogger. I briefly got into blogging back in 2005 on GameSpot and soon picked up the pace in 2006. Back in 2006 and 2007, I used to blog frequently and enjoy reading responses.

Posting about E3, about emblems, about situations and my video games rants - it was a great deal of fun to me. Now, in 2009, I just don't feel that. Ever since the site re-design, things don't seem the same when blogging. I don't have my RSS feeds for each user and I can't rely on it now.

Once upon a time, I used to put out a few video blogs. I haven't done a video blog for nearly two years now. If you scroll down on this page, you'll find some back from early 2007. I am annoyed about having to log in every ten minutes for some reason too. It still is doing this to me after clearing my cache. New year's glitches?

Anyway, yes I will make an occasional blog on GameSpot but my primary blog is at Blogger now. Feel free to follow it and comment when new entries are made. All you need is a Google account or OpenID to comment. As mentioned on my first entry, I probably am not going to get many comments but the tools are there for you to track and comment, if you like. The RSS feeds actually work too. :)

If you have an external blog, feel free to link it in your comment and I'll be happy to track.


Hey, look! This is the Christmas tree used for 2008. It's not green, it's black!

Hope you all had a great time!:)

December chills.

Thank you for the kind words left on my previous entry. It sure sucks getting older but we must grow up and keep up with times. If I ever reach a good, ripe age, I'll look back at what I typed here, if it somehow stays in tact.

So, December is here (well, it's been here for a few weeks now). Christmas is around the corner and the weather is just cold. There's nothing worse waking up with the chills around you. I will use this entry to detail some of the things that have I have been watching. I'll make another entry at some point for video games.

Movies seen in November/December

  • August Rush
  • Four Brothers
  • Good Girl, The
  • Hills Have Eyes, The (2006)
  • Kite Runner, The
  • Meet the Parents
  • Renaissance
  • Under Siege

August Rush is the most recent movie seen. It's a bit sappy but the music conveyed really seemed to make it enjoyable. I noticed I had seen the Terrence Howard character in Four Brothers, the last movie before this I watched. Not to get confused with Two Brothers that features Freddie Highmore, also in August Rush.

The Good Girl features Jennifer Aniston as a store clerk struggling with the ways of life, which I also enjoyed. The 2006 version of The Hills Have Eyes wasn't too good for me. Horror is not a strong genre for me. Meet the Parents features Robert de Niro and Ben Stiller and had some very funny moments between them. I had seen the sequel at the cinema but never the first, until recently.

Renaissance may appeal to some who like the unique visuals and film noir. It's comparable to A Scanner Darkly but both are going for different visual techniques. I caught Under Siege on television. I've seen this before when I was young. This is probably Steven Segal at his best (I use that last word loosely).

I really need to see Iron Man, The Dark Knight and Quantum of Solace at some point, too (on Blu-ray). Any movies you've seen recently and would like to comment about? Feel free. Seen any of the above movies? Feel free to share your thoughts on those.

19 years old.

On December 2nd I turned 19. I'm getting older. I look back at my join date in February 2004, here at GameSpot. I think back to that year. School (Year 9), one of my all-time favourite titles on PlayStation 2, the year I went to Orlando for the third time and currently last, the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, Spider-Man 2 and the year I was 14 for the most part.

It's good to think back at all the years you can remember. If only at times you wish you could record those moments right from the start, like in The Final Cut. Well, I guess that is kinda creepy in a way but good in some ways. So, yeah, in case you didn't realise by the title, I am now 19.

So, do I get anything? A present or two from the GameSpot community?

Still alive.

It's been a rather long time since I've posted a blog entry. September 11th was when I made my previous entry. That was nearly two months ago. What is the matter? Well, I just haven't really had the need to contribute any new blog entries. GameSpot at times I have become annoyed with - emblems I think I just won't care about anymore. LittleBigPlanet marathon - I did watch you! How dare I don't get a Sackboy emblem. Bah. :cry:

Anyway, with that aside, I can now continue. I picked up Prey a little while back for around £5 on A good deal if you ask me and I think they were clearing out the remaining stocks. I've had a good time with the single player. Some parts are a little frustrating but I was expecting that. Playing it again to get the last achievement needed for 1000 G. Saints Row 2 was played for an unhealthy amount of hours. I did a lot of the story in co-op, got most co-op achievements but not the activity one. I did them all in co-op and yet no achievement. That annoyed me but we move on over a number.

Tuesday I may be playing WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2009. ShopTo seemed to have dispatched it early. They pulled another Crackdown on me (video blog from early 2007). I think if you order from them now you'd probably get it a few days early. Now, Gears of War 2 seemed to have been pirated, which I do not support. So, I sure do hope early players (by this I mean weeks before release) get punished. Got the Limited Edition ordered (from ShopTo again) and I think they don't have any stock right now. They'll probably have the game Wednesday and then dispatch it.

I may also pick up the new soundtrack (released a few weeks after the game) since it's composed by Steve Jablonsky, who I have a lot of love for his contributions to The Island and Transformers soundtrack. New camera on the way too, since it was at a very good price on 8 megapixels will do me just fine. I'm not paying £2500 for a 20+ megapixel camera. Later this month, it is likely I'll pick up a Wii for the family to enjoy too.

This part of the year is great so far. Despite some November Rain, I've managed to overcome the weather. Bring on more great times like this...

Earned my first trophy today.

Well, on the PlayStation 3, that is. I received Uncharted: Drake's Fortune earlier and played a bit of it later. Great so far, although this another game that seems like a lot of cutscenes are going to be present. I collected one hidden treasure and was awarded my first trophy - a bronze.

Not sure if I'll go for all of them because PlayStation Trophies really don't seem that big of a deal compared to the Xbox 360's achievements system. There's only a handful of games on PlayStation 3 that have trophies. Another thing is, I don't even think you can compare trophies through the website?

I also left my PlayStation 3 on for a little while. I thought it was off but because it was so damn quiet, I couldn't even tell I left it on, until I looked at the green light. I notice after a while, it gets a little bit louder - probably due to the cooling fans speeding up because of the heat. It's still reasonably quiet, though. My slim PlayStation 2 is quiet too but you can always hear the laser moving up and down because of how compact the system is.

The weekend and video games.

So, what am I playing this weekend? Well, a certain arcade game that has received very good reviews but costs a bomb. Yes, it's Braid, coming in at 1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE Arcade. A 9.5 from GameSpot!

I played the trial game for a while and was not sure on whether to pay out so much. Anyway, I did in the end and have just got two achievements from it. I see from the leaderboards A LOT of people have already got through and did near enough all of the game. However, I'll probably take a bit of time on it, seeing as it did cost 1200 Microsoft Points.

I've already seen references to Donkey Kong and of course Mario. Are there any more in Braid? Oh, that soundtrack is awesome on Braid. You can preview the soundtrack, here. Other than that game, I may finally put Xzibit in his place and be very happy about it. :)

In case you've been wondering...

...I've been making my blog posts over at Giant Bomb. You can check the ones out at this link, although they're pretty much relevent to that website at the moment. I may continue to just use Giant Bomb as my blog, as I have more freedom in editing (no errors) and can embed videos from external websites such as YouTube.

My strongest reason for not commenting in a lot of blogs here at GameSpot (I think comments used to take up like 45% of my post count) is because I cannot rely on the tracking system here. It doesn't show all blogs in my side panel, probably due to the amount of users I am tracking. There's no feeds anymore. Well, there is but they're just no longer working. GameSpot do need to fix RSS feeds for users' blogs as that is the way I track blogs. So, in the meantime, I may not even be able to notice you have posted a new blog.

Anyway, set aside blogs - that does not mean I am against GameSpot. I am still happy to contribute here (reviews, forums etc) and help keep things organised and appropiate in line with the Terms of Use. I shall continue to be a moderator here and help out along with the rest of the moderators and staff here. Just, if you're wondering why I am not blogging frequently, then it is because I am using Giant Bomb as my blog platform. GameSpot I am still using for various other reasons, as I have stated.

Hello L! Who's L?

L is my newest profile to the Internetz and it was born today at GiantBomb (it exploded!). Why L? Well, I wanted to be different, lazy and didn't want to use the same username again. So, why not be original and use L? As you may know Luke is my first name.

Unfortunately, Luke was unavailable so I just took a few letters off. I wonder how many more single letters are available? It's a bit slow at the moment, so it may take a little longer to register. Thankfully, the registration form only has a few fields.

So, there you go - I am the guy called L at GiantBomb. You can access my profile at this address:

Be sure to add me there and mention who you are! :D

EDIT: OK, it's taking a while to accept those requests. Bare with me!

Watchmen - the next EPIC motion picture.

Wow, what a trailer that was. Earlier, the first trailer for Watchmen debuted before The Dark Knight in theaters and later on where we pretty much love to be, the Internet. There's me thinking this is just another trailer that's supposedly amazing. I didn't watch right away but did in the end. The editing and placement of the music (The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning by The Smashing Pumpkins) are probably what made this spread across the hills of the web.

Watchmen, a gritty adaptation of Alan Moore's comic-book series, from director Zack Snyder (300), is to be released in 2009 by Warner Bros. The track played is absolutely fantastic - I have got it downloaded from 7digital. I'll let the trailer do the explaining...