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My Journey Through AION. 1st Impressions

Being a massive fan of Guild Wars and City of Heroes/Villains I was quite exited at the look ofNCsoft newest game AION, the graphics look really nice, the ability to fly again appealed a lot just has it did with City of Heroes back in 2005, this was THE main reason I started playing City ofHeroes and I fell in love with it, soI was hoping for more of the same with AION.

Although I am a complete newbie at AION I cant help but to cast pretty strong first impressions that I really hope change as I learn more and really get into the game.

The first thing iv noticed is the story especially with the first few quests, its basically WoW with a twist, so lazy even the mobs have the same names as they do in WoW e.g. Kabolds.

Crafting is more or less based on how much gold you have to spend, not really much thought has been put into this side of the game. If you have gold to pay for materials then the sky is the limit.

Flight is on a timer giving limited time in the sky before you fall to your death, oryou may belucky enough to actually land, also you can only fly in certain zones and have to end up paying for flight tripsjust like WoW or use teleport to get to each zone on the world map, yet again more gold you need.

Quest XP is pretty rubbish to, I have not yet done any instances so I cant really comment, but from what I have heard the drops arerubbish which makes some gamers think its a waste of their gaming time.

Gold seems to be a mayjor factor, you need it to buy skill manuals every other level and here is pretty much where all my gold went, at level 10 I diddnt have enough gold for every skill and had to grind for ages to get enough. When you die you need to pay to have your soul cleaned if you dont all your skills are slowed even your running is slow which makes it even more noticable and annoying, this cost goes up and up with every death and level gained, really sucky system.

City of Heroes I have to admit did have its fair share of bugs and glitches to new content most of which gets fixed with each patch, for example having to pay supergroup rent on small base plots which has now been removed, so I am hoping that I am not the only one who has picked up on these flause and things will get ironed out as time goes on.

I really want to like this game but at the moment its a little hard, hopefully the more I play, learnand meet new people, I might grow to love it, wishfull thinking maybe but I hope so because im sick of getting hijact every time I play WoW and I dont find any other games out now to be any good, im waiting for the new Star WarsThe Old Republic game to come out, so untill then AION it is.

My PS3 Network ID

Since my PC blew up on me and its taking an age to save for a new one, iv been playing my PS3.

I only have GTA and Gran Turismo Prologue and Condemned 2 which I can play online but havnt tried any yet because I dont own a headset or keyboard and I know not having them will hold me back and others will think i got no game.

I spend quite a bit of time on Playstation Home, its pretty cool, like sims in 3D and you get to play demos of new and old games, pretty cool even for a shy guy like me.

My ID is Steve-Skinz if you want to send a friend request, mail whatever, chat to you on PS3.

Happy Gaming!