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Hell yeah you should upgrade. Thing is sick

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Havent DL it yet myself

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@JustPlainLucas: I'll try that when I get home. Glad it didn't just happen to me tho.

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Ever since yesterday every time I go to play DR3 it kicks me back out to the dashboard before it even gets passed the initial backdrop picture. I've uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times now and no change. Is there a game cache that I can clear? Anyone have any ideas. I don't think it's the disk because it installs fully and it has worked before this.

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I'm glad to hear the jury was capable of examining the evidence without an appeal to emotion. I haven't followed the whole case, but the prosecution's argument was very weak and whether or not Zimmerman was guilty of murder, they didn't do a good enough job if they truly thought he was. It's unfortunate that Martin wound up dead, but justice must remain blind to race, sex, creed, etc and find the truth amongst the spin.foxhound_fox
Absolutley correct.

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[QUOTE="no-scope-AK47"]Don't matter what light or even with no lights Black men are viewed as a threat even when we are little kids. Me I am a large black Hispanic male so I get the looks sideways. IN the south the want to get a felony on you so they can take your vote and your gun and your ability to be on a jury.

I get the cops saying nice car like they think I am a drug dealer. They run a check on you and sound shocked you have no record and have a CCW.


an "us and them" mentality is never healthy.

Being healthy is thinking things is okay when it has been shown reapeatedly that the JUST-US system is biased against black people???

Not for nothin man but the leading cause of death of young black men is being shot by other young black men. Thats a fact. 

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The value of a black man in this country has always been low and AmeriKKKa continues to prove how they really feel, a murdered dog gets more sympathy then a murdered black man.Shi*t even the dude who killed all those people in the movie theater got more sympathy then TM,oh my god poor guy he must have been mentally unstable,not once did I hear him being called a thug.The privileges of being white in AmeriKKKa,you'll always get the benefit of the doubt.Bucked20
I dont think anyone can argue minorities have it ruff still in this day and age and thats a damn shame but when the media loving civil rights activist step in the spotlight to push their agenda, nothing good ever comes out of it except more animosity between people where it may have not existed before. Its total crap.

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The media tried to make this about race, but it doesn't matter what color someone is when their smashing your head on concrete. 


Your a idiot if you really believe that load of crap.

I watched the whole trial, I think I got the facts straight. I'm sure you would just allow someone to pummel your head in.

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The media tried to make this about race, but it doesn't matter what color someone is when their smashing your head on concrete.