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Blog 21: Blackjack Blog anyone, I'm kidding blogging about some stuff.

I'm hoping for some good things in the close future, but I'm happy to say if anyone want to listen My Computer that had all my files and everything in it, but all in all I'm fine trying to lose some more weight, I was at 355lbs I'm down to 337lbs, I know it's not much of a huge loss, but I'm feeling alot better about myself, right now, trying to lose at least down to, 300lbs, yes I said it gamespotters I'm going to lose a total of 55lbs, but I just have to keep up what I'm doing, and I'm just so so happy, and just to say it's alot harder then you think to keep it off, then to get it back on, but that isn't no surprise,, ok on to the next subject to this blog.................. It's about the NHL playoff I like everyone that is in this but, My Team, the Columbus Blue jackets didn't make it into the playoff, but I will like the NHL for one reason there is a chance for upsets, and that is the way I like it, I would like to say who I like in round one, I like to start with the West, I'll take the Blackhawks in 5, the Sharks in 6, the Ducks in 5, Blues in 6, and now the East, Penguins in 6, Canadiens in 6, Capitals in 5, Maple Leafs in 7,I would do the rest but I'm not going to but I'd like to say the Penguins Vs. the Ducks, or something like that but I snee, Montreal Canadiens Vs. Chicago Blackhawks, with Montreal in 6.

I think since I've been blogging for a while or it feels like ii, the final thing is I'm up to Leavel 24 "I Feel Asleep".

Other then that and a picture I'm gunna leave for everyone, I say bye bye from Theplayer8505, 

Red Robin


Blog 20: Finally 20 Blogs, and alot has changed since the last time.

Welp I'm a Blogging again, and Hoping to do this more often, I think first off I shgould say Congrats to my self for finally making Blog 20 right now.

Second thing is if anyone know this or not I will tell them my little Dachshund Star, did pass away in September BUT, I also want everyone to know, that I have a new dog named Kane, Picture Below........


I got him from an Adopt-a-thon here in Ohio,but all in all, He's a good boy.

But other then that I think this one is going to be short like usually.

Peace out and all that other stuff.

Blog 19: Trying to blog more

I'm trying to upload this new pic to replace Cookie monster having the ankle lock on John Cena, and if you go over to my GetGlue page which is right here:

You Should see Vince McMahon holding a CM Punk Ice Cream Bar, I just found that to be funny and I wanted it to be my

OH look I got up here but now the question is can I get it to be my Avatar.

But in other news I'm now looking at the NHL to lose out on some more time oh I don't know maybe a year and a half or so. :( :cry:

But other then that I'm trying to beat Borderlands: GotY so there is alot of trophies to win there. :|

But other then that I hopefully can catch somedown time and Blog more. :)

Rock the Blog.

Blog 18: WWE and Sports.

Ok so I haven't really blogged all that much this summer, but I will say that I'm doing fine I have lost then Gained back some weight. but I think that can be for anther time and Blog.

I have to say congrats to WWE Monday Night Raw on making it to 1000 episodes and that was like a month or so ago, but that's not all I'm thinking about not watch Wrestling for a while, but I don't know now, I'm liking how everyone is being put into the storylines, and things like that,

Also along with Raw making it to 1000 episodes it's now 3-hours long.

I also am so happy about NFL is back and soon enough, NHL will be back too. :)

Other then that though It's been pretty quiet for me.

Peace out and all of that jolly stuff.

Blog 17: Yahoo Fantasy Football.

Anyone want to join my Football league is allowed to, and tell your friends to join too.

The League ID# is140722

The Password is football5

Thanks in advance

This was a quickie but I hope everyone is doing fine. :)

Blog 16: E3 Day Uno.

I'm not sure if I've ever done this before but I really liked today I'm liking how this E3 2012 is looking, Nintendo Wii-U is still to come on Day 2.

But still, I like how this E3 is going and I don't know about anyone else but Wii-U from what I heard is a new Console, but you still use the Wii with it, I think the best way to say what it's like is it like a Wii montion Plus-Plus, with a tablet like thing. :)

But I really liked how God of War 4, not 3 but 4 looks, and Sony said nothing about PS4, and the same for no new X-Box talk.

But I wanted to say I'm happy I'm here on Game Spot, And........... and.

I got these today.....

E3 2012 Literature Enthusiast - Day 1E3 2012 Microsoft Conference AttendeeE3 2012 Ubisoft Conference AttendeeE3 2012 Sony Conference Attendee



Later and Peace out. :)

Blog 15: PSWii baby.

That's right I'm the owner of the Combo that everyone knows here calledPSWii.

I've also lost some weight since the last time I Blogged, I'm now at 345 and hoping to get down to, 325, and also it's been 4 weeks since I started, I actully was 357 so I've lost 12 lbs.

I hope everyone is doing great and has a nice time enjoying E3 2012, so other then those two thing I think I'm pretty much done here, but I will read and comment on as many people's blogs as I can.

Have a nice day and Peace out.

Blog 14: Desk with Hutch

Here is my Desk with Hutch, I told you all I was going to post it.

I don't think of it as too much I think of it as a lot.

But I think it will do for now, I hope everyone is having a nice Wednesday.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Blog 13: Unlucky, nah, but who cares.

So this is my 13th blog since I've changed my Profile name...............

Anyway I did finsih my Desk and Hutch and they are built, i havn't yet to take a picture of it, but I will post it soon.

But I would like to say I hope everyone had a great Easter, and for Easter I got WWE All-Stars for the PS3, I'm hoping to play ity as soon as I can, but there really hasn't been much going on.

Here on Gamespot I did get up another level, to level 13, which is just as many blogs as I have.

I know I'm a very bad/boring Blogger, but I try my hardest, and I can only think of one more thing and that is The Three Stooges Mive comes out this week and hopefully it looks good.

Whelp i think thats it I hope someone comments, but I think I will understand if no one does.

Have a nice Monday all my friends ands bloggers. :D

Blog 12: Hutch and Desk, or is it Desk and Hutch, plus other thingys.

Well I will be just posting my picture of my Desk as soon as the Hutch is built, I'm hoping to get it built soon, but with me finallygetting more PS3 time in I'm hoping to build it sooner rather then later,

I have to tell everyone that I did have another seizure last Sunday, No not yesterday, last Sunday on the 4th of March, I don't know what happened, but I can say that this one was harder then the last 'cause I did have another injury to go along with it, and this happened on the 26th, of February I sprained my Achilles, so that was no fun then either, it seems, that my luck isn't going to be that good this year. :(

But I do also have some little good news I platted WWE '12, I did it sometime last week.

I'm think of either playing NHL '12 or something like that.

But other then that I'm going to take it easy and hope to get me Hutch built, soon.

Peace out.