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Why more games should be like Dead Rising

Let me tell you one thing people love: Zombies. Here's something else: Sandbox games. Now tell me, Why haven't more developers put two and two together? Zombies sell, Sandbox games sell. The only non-DR open-world zombie game is Dead Island, a game that will probably never come out. I would very much like to see how other developers could make their own mark o this sub-genre of gaming. No offense to Capcom, but the controls and mechanics in Dead Rising (and Resident Evil for that matter) are clumsy. I would like to see a more fast-paced, action version of these games, with a different type of open world, and different mission structure.

I'm not the only one who wants this right? Right?

Happy Birthday Playstation

I've had all 4 Sony systems and have had many great experiences with all of them. The Metal Gear Solid franchise is my favorite franchise of all time, Sly Cooper 2 introduced stealth games to me, Playstation was my first console, Spyro 1-3 were awesome, Ratchet & Clank IS awesome, and Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow is probably my favorite portable game of all time.

Anyone else have fond PS memories?

My tumultous realtionship with the Nintendo Wii

I was born and raised a sony fan. My first system was the original Playstation, and the Spyro games were my bread and butter. I moved to the PS2, and loved it. (cue romantic music) When I first heard of the Wii, I was blown away. (like much of the world) I asked for it for Christmas, and after much hard work and research, I just barely attained one in February. I played it a lot... for the first few months. Gradually, we grew apart, and went back to playing my PS2. Eventually, I moved on to the 360, but my Wii remained in the back of my mind... how much fun we had together. I ignored my feelings and moved on. I heard about good new Wii games, but I didn't have the strength to return, playing it didn't seem the same. Suddenly last September, disaster struck. While playing Metroid Prime Trilogy (great game) my Wii would stop reading the disc after 15-20 minutes. I panicked. I returned the game to gamestop, and the new one didn't work either. I tried everything, but nothing worked. i thought my Wii would be lost forever.... but I sent it to Nintendo and they fixed it promptly. I played my Wii until Borderlands came out. On Christmas, my brother exiled me from 360-land. I played Wii and PS2, until I bought a PS3 in January ( the first console I bought with my own money!). I was thrilled to see Wii's 2010 lineup. I saw a new Mario, Metroid's return, Donkey Kong's comeback, and Kirby's new yarn. I had wanted to return to my Wii for years, and it feels so refreshing to be brought bsck into my warm love of the Nintendo. It seems that all that is ahead is sunshine and rainbows.

Re- Launch of greatest hits

During the PS2 and early PS3 days, some of you may remember the greatest hits collection. Any game over that sold over 1,000,000 copies made it. This also gave the games price drops. I checked just yesterday and found NEW greatest hits. (Infamous, LBP, Resistance 2) This may not be that big of a deal except for this: PRICE DROPS. Each went from a 60$ to 30$ price point. I bought InFamous that day (LOVING IT)

The 3DS


I don't have much interest in the 3DS itself, but I have wanted this technology for years. Imagine a 3D version of Avatar without having to wear those obnoxious glasses. Also, other people can see what you are playing without the 3D glasses.

This is a great day for 3D tech