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At Last

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At last I'm back on gamespot after a few months of not having time to myself working all hours of the day, I find that now with free time on my hands and what better way to spend it than catching up with all that I've missed on gamespot.

List of things I've done

1, won the Price Of Persia competition YA!
2, Got myself a 360 Elite (I have NO idea WHY I got it, add me if you want)
3, worked 6 days a week for 4 months then got "let go" just before Christmas (****)
4, Looking at different universities for next year
5, saving up to go to japan before uni, not a lot of game buying because of it
and last of all spending 3 god damn weeks trying to get my last Dead Space trophy "don't get cocky kid" and still have not got it (double ****)

That about covers it in a nut shell

oh ya I also joined

My new 360 and Gamespot absence

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So..ya i gave in and got myself a 360 elite only problem is all my "buddys" are on my PS3 and now i got to start the whole proses of making new buddys all over again:(

Games got are GOW2, NARUTO rise of a ninja, FIFA, Mass Effect(what was the hype for?) and HALO3

I dont know why but for some reason i have found less and less time to come on gamespot but that was then and this is now and im gonna be on gamespot a hell of a lot more

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so ive basically joined up on so i just want to tell people on my friends list what my user name is

in-case you join up yourself

so my user-name is


ive put a link straight to it to save time looking for it


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Some of you might or might not know im in the common wordage union and i just want to tell you all that its getting bigger and better, not that it was not kickass to start with. theses are just some of the main topics in the union so stop by to check it out.


Movie trailer

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This is a trailer for the movie Hancock that looks so awesome, staring Will Smith & Jason Bateman


for some reason I could not put Hancock in the topic because gamespot is being stupid about the spelling and censored it.

Learning Japanese

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Well the title says it all really yes I'm trying to improve myself buy learning Japanese and it is going very slowly. Mind you I did have to be an idiot and start in my final year at college. I know that I should focuses on my course work but its always at the back of my mind. I started in mid November or there about and so far I only know the basics (like I said its going very slow).

So I just wanted to know if anyone out there in Gamespot Internet land had any tips or pointers on how do this whole learning another language I would really appreciate thanks:D.

I did have a friend who was going to do it with me but he flopped and said he and I quote "I cant be assed" so it just me on my own with books and a really good podcast.

Learn Japanese with Beb and Alex

This is a website that I go to a lot

News From The Other Side

My new sig :D

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Yes this is my new sig but i did not make it oh no no no no, Someone i met on Gamespot made it for me and his name is PC_JOE_9.

the_pims colossus signature

PC_JOE_9wants his name to get out as an ADDBEARARTIST so he has no problem doing sigs for people as Long as they get his name out in the world of Gamespot.

So again if you want a awesome sig ask PC_JOE_9:D:D:D

I've been reported

by on

The topic names says it all.

About nearly two weeks ago i uploaded a video on to gamespot master chief sucks at halo 3, And then I went away for Christmas.

I just got home and i thought i know lets see whats been going on at Gamespot then I saw that i had a couple of massages, went to read them and one of them said:

Subject: Terms of Use Violation - Warning!

I did not have a clue what was wrong so i opened the message and and was shocked when it said that I did not add a mature content warning, even when I know for a fact that i did because i know how much waring is in it.

THEN i went to my profile page and what i saw next PISSED ME OFF!!!

Gamespot took of just under half my points when in the message said

"If you repeat this offense in the future, you may receive a more severe penalty such as Point Loss from your level, Suspension or Permanent Banning. this offense in the future, you may receive a more severe penalty such as Point Loss from your level, Suspension or Permanent Banning."

Please someone tell me if I'm wrong but it did say "If you repeat this offense", if so why did gamespot take my points this time?

At the end of the day ya maybe i should have checked to see if the mature content warning went up with the video, BUT should it have gone up in the first place?

I don't now.

My Favorite Music videos

by on

I just thought I would share some of my favorite music videos at the moment.(also im just bord and this is giving me something to do)

Ian Brown - F.E.A.R.

MF Doom - Monkey Suite

Asian Kung-Fu Generation - After Dark

Asian Kung Fu Generation - Rewrite

U.N.K.L.E. - Rabbit in Your Headlights

And thats about it.:D:D:D

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