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Today I Died Inside

Most of you have already heard the rants about Nintendo's horrendously embarrasing E3 conference and this is the first year ever I watched a full E3 press conference. For the whole hour or so I was anticipating a new Pikmin or something that would make it all worth while, but the highlight was Animal Crossing. Not a huge AC fan, but Ill definitely get the game. Anways what I am trying to say is I am dissapointed. I recently converted to NintendoFanboyism and today was a bad day for me. I know there are some great titles coming out this year, but this press conference was a miserable hour of my life. Atleast I have a 360 and can play Final Fantasy XIII. Exciting stuff. See ya.

Banner Help

Could someone plz plz make me a banner for my profile. Basically what I want is Leon from RE4 on the left side and Lord Saddler from Re 4 on the right side. And in the middle it says The__Element's Profile. I want a kinda dark feeling too it. So please help me out.


Great New Movie

So I went and saw 1408 today.I know there are a bunch of these kinds of movies like this but it really stands out. It's a pyschological thriller with a great story, great action, and so many plot twists that'll leave your head spinning. I highly recommend this movie.

Metal Gear and Resident Evil Question?

Ok so I am in a pickle here. There are four good older games that I want. Here they are : Metal Gear Solid:Substance(Xbox),Metal Gear:Twin Snakes(GC),Resident Evil(GC),or Resident Evil 0. Could you guys please rank them in order that based on how good they are because I can only get one, maybe two. Thanks.

What happened to Dinghy_Dog?

Does anyone know what happened to the dude dinghy_dog. I've been gone for a long time and I was going through my friends list and greeting everyone and all that and I noticed he got banned. He was always really nice and always posted in blogs and stuff. I know he was really into politics. Could that be the reason?

WTH the red lights already?!

I was just turning on my 360 when I got the red lights I've only had it for like 2 months. Does anyone know if there is like any reason it might have red flashing lights other than it's screwed over?!

Looks like the Wii won't be so bad after all.

Well my last blog post was a total rantfest  about the Wii. Well I just beat Twilight Princess and it was amazing. And Warioware:Smooth Moves got a 9.1. Even though things are looking good for the Wii I'm hoping to get a 360 along with Gears of War(Oh yeah!).

P.S. My review for Twilight Princess(Wii) was a featured review on The Word on the Street on the Wii main page so check it out.

Oh Nintendo

Well first of all I'd like to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and their families. But today I am ranting about the Nintendo Wii. I have eagerly waited for it for the past 6-7 months or so.I bought Twilight Princess along with my Wii. I was pretty impressed by Tp. So after 2 or 3 days of TP and Wii Sports I decided to rent a game. I went to blockbuster looking for Madden or Rayman. Call of Duty 3 was the only one available.So I brought it home excited about the fact that you point at the screen to shoot instead just using the analog stick.The first two levels were actually pretty decent,but when I got to the third level I realized there was no hope. They expect you to drive around by positioning the Nunchuck and Wiimote like a steering wheel and steer. After many countless times of trying to get past that part, I finally did. I was relieved that it was over and I was ready to blow some heads off. I did just that for about 5 minutes but then I had to drive that stupid Jeep again. This time I couldn't do it. I got so frustated that my mom took the game away from me. So that's why I'm here.I'm not sure if I should sell the Wii and get a 360 or keep it and hope that some good games come out later.

Oh yeah its also my Birthday today. It hasn't been too great.
Well until next time...

The Whole World Just Crashed In Front Of My Freaking Face(exaggeration)

Well,where should I begin?Oh yeah the Wii is going to cost $250. Yeah,yeah. I know it comes with Wii sports.I also pre-ordered LoZ:TP from Gamecrazy,because the guy there promised me a $200 or less pricetag.This means that my dad will probably be mad because I told him it would all cost 250 but now it'll cost 300. So I was wondering. Is there anyway to take that pre-order off? Oh yeah I'm getting it for my birthday so uh yeah. Until next time...

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