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Also after a year I changed my banner, the old never to be seen again. Sad really.

PS3 Game News

23 August, 2007


Well warhawk is 5-30 days away because im intheU.k and im wondering if i should get the Blu-Ray disc version or the PSN i would personally want the B-R disc cos its just better free headset (although already have one).

now the game is by miles one of the best games on PS3, it's just so clever that your a soldier going through a forest then you look up and you see a plane just been oblitarated. IF ANYBODY DOES NOT LIKE THIS GAME PLEASE COMMENT!!! (at your own risk)


Now i have UT I on PS2 and i still think its aReal goodgame :p but the new one coming out with a PS3 *debut* in November. looks very good. The graphics look very tastey :p hehe although the weapons look incredibly diffrent to the old UT I ones, because i saw the flack cannon and OH does that look new the bullets go further than the last one. although it has some Flaws i still think this will be a good game....(BETTER HAVE A REEDEMER WEAPON!)


Now i could have put some more games but i think i would leave just two of the best for one day.

till next time DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUN DUN

grand theft auto IV

24 july, 2007

GTA IV is just around the cornor (well....3 months) and i think this will be the best because its main character -niko bellic- is European and isnt any of that getto type stories that was on San Andreas (the worst one *my opoinion*) also GTA IV will have no jets which i dont care about, abit more realism.

OK That was wrong lol cos i made this before there was an announcment of a delay:P

PS3 News time... DUN DUN DUUNNN

28th of June 2007

1 more day till the high anticipated Tom Clancy's: Rainbow 6 VEEEEGAAASS on PS3...hopefully getting it...Everyone on splinter cell D:A on PS3 keep on saying cant wait tillR6V (Rainbow 6 Vegas)

*NEW* system update Downloading it now [llllllll-----] I think its an update for sound

Also new update for Resistance FoM tommorow map packs was told on the news page....

That was the news...

*dunnn dunn dunnn duuuunnn DUN*


ATLAST i have my first emblem!! lol PARTTTREEYYYY
Although it was a couple of weeks late im still happy!!

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O.K im having problems with my tags they just dont save so....thats why it's pretty empty:roll:
Anyone else having this problem?


Ok now i cant wait for this game to come out its really one heck of a catch for Sony. the actuall version is coming out in 2008 :cry:! BUT NEVER FEAR i carried on searching the net for more information and ALL IS GOOD AGAIN i found out that the Demo (beta) will come out this Autumn (Fall) WOO:D
so if anyone else cant wait for the demo please comment :twisted:

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