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My take on the Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

A few of months after I got Mass Effect 3, I barely touched the multiplayer. When I first played it I thought it was okay. My first thoughts of it were, Nothing to write home about. I figured it was play a various species in the Mass Effect universe and shoot stuff. It has very unusual ranking system. The highest level your character can go is the 20.

When they reach that number they can promoted up to the front lines and boosts your rank. Compared to other gamers on the multiplayer Im very low ranked. Maybe if I played this game on a regular basis, or should I say a religious basis, my rank would be in the thousands instead of the tens of thousands.

From my personal experience I usually any set up with the M-96 Mattock and any other upgraded firearm. Most players Ive run into can get a high number of kills with biotics, tech attacks, or any other weapon thats not an assault rifle. I feel like a noob, but at least Im honest about it.

Im currently staying in between the silver and gold difficulties. On silver Im solid but if Im playing gold and do not have strategy or a good team Im as good as dead. The platinum difficulty is right now something Im not touching since I havent picked any of the N7 classes. Now I continue to keep playing to make a dent in this rank. At least have a decent rank among friends that Im in the middle of.

Coming back to Gamespot

I've just relized something. I'm a journalist, a video game journalist. All Journalist should be about connect to all aspects of video game journalism. Why not come back to see this place. Never thought I would go back to this place. But I might as well post any review I made since I've been away. Hello again, Gamespot!

A video game review of Xexyz: Space albanos, nuclear war and faries

When I was about four years old my family and I went to our local Blockbuster where we rented an NES game that happened to be called XEXYZ. When we went home and played it. Personally I was mesmerized, for a four-year old that doesn't take a lot. At that age I didn't know what was going on. But I did know was that it was an adventure.

It was an adventure across very intriguing landscapes fighting very weird monsters. Why were you going to all these places didn't cross my mind until I was older. One thing that always stuck with me was the game's theme song. For years it stuck in my head. I even added words to it that didn't make sense. (But I'm digressing)

I was eleven before I could play it again. Thanks to a form of technology gamers called emulation. Eventually I found out how to pronounce the title. After some searching I found the plot for this game.

"In the year 2777, the Earth existed in a totally different atmosphere. Due

to Nuclear Wars and natural disasters, the population decreased dramatically

and only five small islands existed on the surface of the earth. Those five

islands formed a nation and for hundreds of years those people lived

peacefully. The new nation is called XEXYZ. At XEXYZ, aside from human

beings, there exist fairies and spirits who lived under the ruling of King

Xeu Star. But one day, XEXYZ was attacked by the mechanic fortress, GORUZA,

from outer space. XEXYZ did not have many weapons to fight back and was

forced to surrender. GORUZA built mechanic castles on each island, captured

a queen from each island and confined them. King Xeu Star was murdered and

his only daughter, Maria Star, has gone missing since then. Battle-soldier

Apollo could not endure the cruel treatment of GORUZA any longer. So he put

on his space battle suit and challenged the mechanic beasts' empire!"

In the first sentence in this prologue you get science fiction vibe. Later the feel moves to fantasy.

This plot raises a lot of questions, "like the rest of the world is now a radioactive wasteland?" and "So nuclear war and major ecological shifts cause the creation of fairies and spirits?" At least I know they're four things that can survive a nuclear war: twinkles, cockroaches, spirits and fairies.

For a kingdom that is presumably capable of spaceflight (This is only an assumption from what I've read in the description) it feels small. Going by the game's description this kingdom is based on a planet that's devastated ecologically save for five islands. Wouldn't it make since to move the kingdom to a planet that is more habitable?

How unusual this game looked didn't catch on to me until I was playing it in front of a friend Harry, who found this game freaky.

He was wondering what were the developers on when they made this game? Thanks to him I've noticed that this doesn't really show the science-fiction until you got into the mechanic castles and the last two stages.

Everything else feels fantasy. You got fairies, talking statues, anthropomorphic frogs and goats. Also robots, how can I forget about the robots? In some cases depending on where you go you'll run into robots that sell you items, weapons, and information. For some odd reason I can see all them being voiced by Christopher Lloyd if they ever remake this game.

Now for the rest of this plot it's basically a Legend of Zelda in space. You saved the kingdom, you have saved the princess, you marry her and become king of XEXYZ. Granted Link never married Zelda and became king but I'm digressing again.

To be more detailed it's like the side scrolling Zelda II: The Adventure of Link in space. In the even number stages plays out like a side scrolling spaceship shooter, riding various flying machines that resemble animals. All of the bosses look like they came out of a spaceship shooter. Every boss you fighter as you progress through the game gets weirder and weirder.

In the start of every odd numbered stage there's a pattern than you have to follow. In order get inside the mechanic castle where the boss awaits you need a key called the Force Star. You have to find a block that you must shoot five times that cause a door to appear out of thin air. When you get inside door you have the fight the devil of the island you are on in order to get the Force Star.

Now here's another list of questions. Why does this "devil" look like a statue? And I'm under the assumption that this devil working for the good of the kingdom of XEXYZ and is against GOURZA. Why does he have keys to the enemy's fortresses? Did he somehow steal the keys and held on to them until a worthy hero like the one you play as comes along?

Since this is an 8-bit video game and the story is only there for the sake the action so these question aren't important. But still you can't put stuff in a game not expect some people to ask questions about what they're playing. Then again the game also a fantasy setting so what goes on doesn't have to make sense.

The "Link" in this game is named Apollo. An albino clad in armor with a pink visor. When he dies he has a spasm and turns into dust. When whenever you get a new weapons his visor changes color depending on the weapon you get.

You take away the sci-fi elements that basically what this game is. But that doesn't mean I never had fun with the game. It gave me great memories. If you're interested in the stuff I talked about in this game give it a play. Heck if you like the playing as an albino in white armor with a pink visor you'll love it even more. You get to ride a flying turtle in space, how cool is that? A flying turtle!

Too many usernames

I have too many blogs and too many usernames but I have one name that my mother gave me, Christopher Gibbs.

Here are all the names I have:

Gamespot: The_Touchable

YouTube: KentrichErvonia

Writers'beat: Unknown_Hero

Everywhere else it's ChrisNGibbs or ChrisNGibbs87

Why do I have so many names? I don't know why. You can call me Chris or whatever you want. Doesn't matter to me.

Top Five Reasons You cant blame Tecmo for making Xtreme Beach Volleyball

The following is inspired by the ESPN program, Top Five Reasons You Can't Blame which defended controversial sport topics. In the case of this post I'll be defending video game topics. This post story is on my blog which does the topic more justice.

Best of the Rest:

Fan Service - That's what Xtreme Beach Volleyball was and meant to be. Nothing more, nothing less. Check your brain at the door and play!

Now for the actual list

Reason #5: Sex Sells! - This doesn't need any explanation.

Reason #4: Every game needs a gimmick!
- Back when DOA was in development it needed a gimmick. With Mortal Kombat there was blood and gore and for DOA it was the exploding danger zones, jiggle physics and scanty clad women. Eventually all three gimmicks evolved and the last two were obviously apart of Xtreme Beach Volleyball.

Reason #3: Fan Submissions! - One of the many suggestions from fans about what mini games the DOA series should have. One of them happened to be beach volleyball.

Reason #2: Gravure Idols! - A gravure idol is a Japanese female model who does modeling in DVD's, photobooks, and magazines (especially men's magazines) . These models often do sexual and provocative poses in swimsuits and lingerie but never show any nudity. Anyone who collects or seen videos and photobooks of gravure idols can tell you that fan service cutscenes in the Xtreme Beach Volleyball are just like anything you would see from almost any gravure idol.

Reason #1: Tomonobu Itagaki! - He was the creator of DOA that brought Tecmo from the brink of bankruptcy. Itagaki said the creation of Xtreme Beach Volleyball was done out of good fun and let the player can watch the female characters enjoy simple and various activities. Like I said about the fan service, don't think about it and check your brain at the door. If you don't like the game then play someone else worth your time instead of complaining about what you don't like.

The Bears lost! Get over it!

Okay, as I write this. The Bears game is over, we failed to go to Super Bowl XLV. More like THEY failed. We don't play for the bears. Why should we be so mad because the team that represents Chicago didn't make it to the big dance. But that's really what I wanted to talk about. I'm would be surprised that people are asking for Jay Cutler's head on a pike. Don't put the blame on him. The defense fell asleep through most of the game giving up a lot of yards. Through most of it the score stayed 14 to nothing and was still a winnable game for the Bears.

Now with the game over we can all go back the reality and handle the problems that must be dealt with. We all have responsibilities we must take care of, whether it's work, school or just life in general. The Bears going to the Super Bowl wasn't going to pay the bills, clean the house or do the homework.

The odds were stacked against the bears before the game. Cutler was the least experienced out of all QBs in the postseason, the offensive line hasn't been up to par all season causing Cutler to get sacked 52 times this regular season. You want something to be proud of? Be proud the Bears made it this far. Many people thought that Lovie Smith would get fired by the end of this season which I doubt would happen.

All I have to say is, the Bears lost! Get on with your lives! If you can't do that the Cubs and White Sox will be playing in a few months and the Bulls are ahead in their division. If all else fails wait for next fall.

MLB: The Show (must go on!)

About a couple of days ago I saw a review on Classic Game Review Undertow of MLB: 10 The Show for PlayStation 2. I assumed it would be a good review but it turned to be as fair and balance as the Fox News Channel. The reviewer chastises the game because it's on an inferior console. This guy doesn't realize that some people like this game and just don't have the money to pay for a new console. They just love MLB: The Show and can less if there is playing on a less than stellar port. I happen to be one of those people who just like baseball and video games so I decided to get into The Show.

As there are some people out there play a certain genre of video game extensively, whether it's Role Playing Games, First Person Shooters or just sports games which nowadays unlike the days of the 16-bit and earlier don't do well against the test of time, they become outdated within a year. I think most of us will become content if there were ever a roster update of RBI Baseball for the NES. Some people like MLB: The Show too much not to care about that, just as much people love to buy Madden, NBA 2k, or Smackdown VS RAW every year. Live and let live I would say.

This guy's next argument is that MLB: The Show makes baseball too complicated than what has to be which I disagree with. In the game of baseball, the pitcher and catcher work together to get the batter at the plate out of the at-bat and fielders' job is to catch balls popping up in the air, balls rolling on the ground and get any base runners out of inning. That's what MLB: The Show does, granted everything is slightly more detailed. How good the position player is in game depends how good their real-life counterpart is.

His last point is that people don't need realism in video games to have fun. Nine out of ten times I would have agreed with him but time has to be the tenth. Gamers just want to play as favorite team and or player. Some gamers want to keep up to date by buying a new version every year. If they have fun with games then so what?

People just want play video games for fun. Even if it's on outdated console or a next gen that can support HD. As I said before, live and let live.

Top Five Reasons you can't blame Infinity Ward for adding the No Russian mission

The following was inspired by ESPN's Top Five reason you can't blame. Taking sports topics that are controversial and are defended by facts that have brushed under the rug. In my case I'm using video game related topics.

Top Five Reasons you can't blame Infinity Ward for adding the No Russian mission in Modern Warfare 2.

Best of the rest:

Fox News Channel - They blew the whole description of the mission out of proportion. They Implied that your objective is to kill the civilians. The story they did on it wasn't even real news. It was just a bunch of hard right-wing "Journalists" B!tch about how shocking the mission was.

Now for the top five reasons:

Reason #5: The mission was optional!
- At least on the Xbox 360 version.

Reason #4: Following Vladimir Makarov!
- This is the only objective in the mission. While he and his men massacred everyone in the airport you didn't have to join in on their bloodshed.

Reason #3: Story Progression!
- If the Russian ultra-nationalists didn't know the body of Private Joseph Allen was a CIA agent posing as one of Makarov's men. Then they wouldn't have never invaded the United States and started the war.

Reason #2: War is Hell!
- In a video game about warfare do you think you wouldn't find innocent people getting killed for something that have nothing to do with them? That's what happens in war. Civilians suffer in war along with the soldiers who fight and die in it. What we saw in the No Russian mission and in missions based in the U.S afterward are examples of collateral damage. The person that were living in the neighborhoods and cities the ultra-nationalists took over were either forced out of their homes or presumably killed. They ended up sharing the same pain as the victims of the airport bloodbath. It doesn't matter who wins or loses a war. The civilians will be the ultimate losers.

Reason #1: It was meant to be upsetting! - That's what Infinity Ward wanted to do. Granted a first person shooters aren't that kind of games people play for the story but you need something shocking to get the player into the game's universe. You need a reason to hate the villains in the game. In Final Fantasy VII gamers would probably never hate Sephiroth if he didn't kill Aries and burned Cloud's hometown to the ground. Developers need something that could spark a conflict in the game or to the player if possible. Since people are talking about the No Russian mission Infinity Ward has done their job.

Top 5 reasons you can't blame Square Enix for Milking Final Fantasy VII

The following was inspired by ESPN's Top Five reason you can't blame. Taking sports topics that are controversial and are defended by facts that have brushed under the rug. In my case I'm using video game related topics.

Oh Final Fantasy 7, Square-Enix's biggest cash cow that everyone and their mother ether loves or it, or hates it. For years we have seen various spin-offs of Final Fantasy 7 and slow but surely a next-gen remake may come to be. As much as people it this is done for a reason. So I give you:

Top 5 reasons you can't blame…Square Enix for Milking Final Fantasy VII

Best of the rest:

· Every original installment is in a world of its own, not just FF7 – If any other Final Fantasy was as marketable as 7 then they could of easily expanded any of their installments,

· Creativity is a b****! – From the perspective of a gamer who doesn't understand how much time and effort is put into a video game they think that kind of thing falls out of the sky. Creativity maybe a talent but it's also can be mentally tolling. Think about it, multiple installments in a 20 plus span is not an easy task.

Now for the top 5 reasons:

Reason#5: The Original Playstation – When it was launched in the fall of 1995. The PlayStation had many games that launched its popularity. Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Gran Turismo, Tomb Raider were many popular franchises that made the PlayStation into gaming juggernaut that eventually spawned its successors. Final Fantasy VII happened to one of those games that boosted it, leading to two more installments on the console. Everyone was buying one.

Reason #4: Every original installment is in a world of its own, not just FF7 – If any other Final Fantasy was as marketable as 7 then they could of easily expanded any of their installments. If there's plenty of fan fictional story that expand game in Non-canon. Why can't square do the same? Whatever they is series is canon, they can do whatever the hell they want with it.

Reason #3: It's a business first! – Like any business there going to promote whatever sells, like it or not. It's not going to matter how awesome a game is. If it's not raking in the dough it's not worth promoting.

Reason# 2: People are still talking about! - It doesn't matter if it's a casual fan, a fanboy, or full blown hater. After all these years people are still about it regardless of its positive or negative.

Reason# 1: It made JRPGs popular outside of Japan – Cult classic JRPGs like Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior in the US) and Underrated titles Chrono Trigger never drew the same success that FF7 had. Before then RPGs were a niche genre.