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The_Tombo Blog


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Since my last Blog flopped AMAZINGLY. I decided to post something more game related.

You all might have heard of a new gaming convention called gamescom, it sounds pretty awesome right?

I mean just look at this

Bioware's going to be there, I love bioware. I hate bioware for delaying dragonage for 2 weeks, but I still love them.

Anyway, I'm going there. I'll let you know if it was awesome.

My vacation to Tokyo!

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Yes my dear gamespot friend, I The Tombtacular Tombo went to Tokyo not too long ago and I wil share my experience with you!

I took the plane from amsterdam at around 5am, so you might understand I might not have looked my best, this will be important later in my story.
As some of you know I am in training to be a commercial pilot, I don't talk about it much because I think it is boring, but it is relevant to my story. On the plane I decided to woo the Stewardess with my pilot knowledge.

I told her all about how you have to pull the stick towards you to go up, and away from you to go down as apposed to what many people would think. I thought that this showing of knowledge would be more than enough to woo her, yet my request for her to help me join the mile high club was denied. I still don't get it.

Arrived in tokyo and it was pretty japanesy. Alot of Asian people everywhere which really blew my mind. There were tall asian people, small asian people, fat and even thin asian people. It was INSANE.

As you might understand, jet lagged as I was (Jet lag is harder to recover from on eastbound flights, That's the kind of **** I learn in school) we went to bed pretty early.

The next day we took a walk all through Tokyo (me and my family) And walked past a small dock were these Asian people were selling fish. (Asian fish)
The day was pretty hot and I saw some kids swimming in the water so I thought I'd join them. So I stripped down and started swimming in water I would've never trust if the kids weren't in it already. (On second thought they did look kind of freaky.)

As I was swimming away from the children I got hit by a boat in the back of the head pretty hard, I was almost losing conciousness and I actually sank to the bottom. I figured it was the bump on the head but I swear I saw something green glowing next to me at the bottom, I tried to touch it but I got really nauseous and I passed out.

I had the most freaky dream that night, (as you probably guessed I did make it out of there.) I dreamed that I was at the bottom of the sea and I kept growing and growing and it hurt so much. I couldnt think straight.
I was walking out of the water and I noticed the lady selling fish was tiny now, at first I thought she'd shrunk but as I looked around me I noticed it was I that had gotten bigger.

I couldn't think straight, the pain was still enourmous. I was trying to walk but kept crashing into buildings. Everytime I tried to yell for help fire would shoot out of my mouth burning not only everything in sight but also in the inside of my mouth. My tongue kept melting and growing back, it was insane.

At one point I remember the army showed up, tanks shooting me and helicopters buzzing around my head, ofcourse they didn't hurt. I didn't seem to feel anything except the searing pain I was already experiencing.
Eventually I thought clear enough to think I should go back to water to stop the burning, Destroying half of the city rushing back to the sea I plunged in and just kept walking.

I woke up feverish in my bed the next day, but luckily I felt better within an hour. Shaking off the rest of the dream to enjoy my vacation I picked up the japanese newspaper (which the hotel gave to us every morning, even though we asked them not too) and I was shocked.
Shocked to find this picture on the front page :


(the rest of my vacation to be continued in a different blog!)

My Ext. HDD just decided to throw out all my stuff.

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What an ass.

I accidentaly unplugged the thing (happens a lot) and plug it back in and I notice my music won't play anymore. I check out my music folder and all the music folders were gone. (typically the only 3 folders that remained where the worst music I had on there)

First I thought It was just my music. I mean that sucks and all, but finding all my music is easy enough. Infact I already found torrents for all (and more) of my previous collection with the exeption of 2 bands. granted it's going to take a looong time to redownload 50+gb of music.

Then I noticed some of my other files were gone too (or rather turned into "files" extension type files. 32kb files. so yeah they were there but gone if you get my drift)
So I check my Tv-shows all gone. Ouch, but not that bad. Movies still there ( don't care about them), Pr0n still there, don't care about that. (I need some new pr0n) Then I see that all of my comics are gone. Now that actually hurt. I had 20+gb worth of comics. Thousands of comics. Which I painfully collected (free of charge!) online. I organized them, put them in order and read all of them. All gone. That's going to take a lot of work.

Getting over that I also noticed all my pictures were gone. All my awesome Porto-geese, captain tomet, badger tom pictures gone. I should atleast still have alot of them on photobucket. Altough the gay pics I made of my friends are gone.

Atleast this was usefull to somebody.

Rip Micheal jackson

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I'm afraid Micheal jackson passed away today.

There was alot of speculation as to wether or not he died but it seems pretty certain now.

I know the Prince of Pop has had his share of bad press and hardschip (being crazy), but with his comeback toured all lined up I was really hoping the guy would reach the top again before his death. I mean the man sold out 50+ concerts within hours.

Anyway you turn it the man has made some great music. I just hope it wasn't a suicide as speculated.

Rest in Peace sweet prince. Rest in Peace.

Always bet on Duke

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I know this is pretty old but it seems like nobody else has blogged about it so here I go!

R.I.P. 3D realms.

Well I know with how they've released 2 games (and duke nukem 3d on XBL) in the last 12 years but I still feel sadness for their passing. If they did indeed pass away.

Lot's of rumours floating about that this is a hoax of somekind, obviously. This is the internet afterall.

I for one really hope it is, I still want Duke Nukem Forever to be released. Especially lately with all the leaked stuff.
If anything all this new Duke Hype could spark the interest of a different developer to take over the project.

Atleast 3D realms reopened Apogee software, atleast some part of the good old days will survive.

Maybe 3D realms deserved to die with how little they've done lately, but they will always live on with the amazing releases they've done in the past such as ; Commander keen, wolfenstein 3d, Shadow Warrior, Max payne (1&2), Raptor, many more

And ofcourse


Hey hey hey *edit, third comic

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Went to see Wolverine Origins today, It was pretty sweet. Shame about Deadpool though. Ohwell he will live on in my heart.

I also made some Crappy ballpoint pen comics I got inspired to do. I really didn't have time to edit them properly, I just wanted to sleep. So here are two of them.

Worst phone sex partner ever

Wolverine Comic!!!

I have another one but I'm too lazy to edit it. It's a sequal to the partner one. If you like them well enough I might put some effort in future ones.

* EDIT, Third comic up due too... popular demand?.. I'm not lieing... seriously..

yes, I did all of those last night within a half hour. Yes I didn't care about editing. I'm just too lazy to do them in photoshop since I don't have a pen tablet. Ohwell. They still rock.


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I just watched Dragonball : Evolution.

Don't know why it's called Evolution. Not quite sure what it evolved to accomodate for, people with crappy movie taste perhaps?

Well you all probably figured out for yourself, like me, that the movie was(is) going to be crappy. Alot of you, like me, are probably going to watch it anyway. Sure go ahead, It's good for a laugh. But it's still horrible, really, really horrible.

Don't expect anything even slightly similair to Dragonball besides the names, terms and well.. dragonballs. Know I whent into this movie expecting all of this, but I atleast expected a proper fight scene. There was none. Seriously.

There was something resembling a power rangers putty fight and something resembling a star trek phazer fight. (THEY ALWAYS MISS)

The part that really made me die inside is that they made my favourite character, Yamcha, even more useless than he is in the actual show. HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE AN SHAPESHIFTING FLYING TALKING CAT ANYMORE! MADNESS!

Ohwell, I had fun mocking the movie with my friends, Perhaps you will too.

Frustrating game of the year!

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Killzone freaking 2.

Yes, Killzone 2 is the most frustrating game I've played in the last couple of years. Easy.

Migth be some minor spoilers here.

Finally beat the freaking game just now on veteran. The game was pretty doable throughout the entire campaign, Died a good amount of time but the game is pure trial and error. Ended up killing most people (217 to be precise) with the knife because it was just so much easier.

Not so bad yet right? Right.
Untill you fight freaking Radek or however you spell the dudes name. He's Supreme nazi or something, I don't know. He's the Himmel to our Hitler or something. Anyway, he looks awesome. But he's a major douchebag.

It's supposed to be the boss fight or something but it's just a million dudes against you. That's hard enough with the A.I being pretty human. I mean like a human taking part in an *** hole competition and pulling out all the stops to win.

Throughout the game they were pretty cool, dumb at avoiding knifes though. But here.. I guess their knack of hiding behind stuff gets all the more annoying when there's 200 of them.
It was all doable with a bunch of trial and error, except for the rocket launching dudes. You're fighting a bunch of dudes and 4-8 rocket launcher dudes show up and start blasting you. It doesn't help you often don't hear the rockets coming until your dead, one hit kill too.

Now this wouldnt've have been so bad if you had somebody, ANYBODY, other than Rico as your partner.

Now usually when I write a story the retarded character in it, I usually call Bob. Cause it's funny. I'm changing that to Rico. Rico's pure retardedness has effected my way of story telling forever.
Not only does he often get killed by a single avarage Helghast Soldier, Run into your line of fire (amazingly annoying with the grenade launcher equipped. suicide... yeah cause it was totally my fault), not shoot radek as he's chasing you with a knife and just plain die.

He's a complete total idiot during cut scenes too. Whenever the dude opens his mouth he's yelling at people screaming FUDGE really loud (guess he likes fudge) and whenever the dude moves he's either beating people up for retarded reasons, disobeying orders or making idiotic tactical Decisions .

So bad is he, I'm pretty sure most people after playing KZ2 became slightly racsist.

The game was good, multiplayer better. But I'm extremely glad I beat the campaign, now I won't feel forced to play it and I have an excuse to buy SFIV now. (Sure I still have 5 other games to complete, but I just completed one!)

Moral of the story ; Rico will be the main cause of racism in the future.