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Views on the future of this site and what's going on

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So for those that have known me for a while on this site know that i am not happy at all with the removal of the Unions and Fuse. I don't know quite how the new "Fuse" will work, but i hope it's very similar on how it works now. 

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With the unions gone, so goes my union of almost 8 years. Something i have cared for during the course of almost a decade. I am not happy one bit with how the gamespot staff have communicated with the leaders or users of the unions. Promising to fix unions for years. And then last summer promising us that everything for the unions will be revamped and better. 

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I don't know what is going to happen after the update, but things will change. People will leave because of this and gamespot doesn't even seem to care. I think it's a shame when some of these users have been the most active on the site for the last 5 years. 

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I just hope they make up for it in some sort of new features. I am not all negative, it's just they haven't managed to make anything appealing for us long time users that have seen things like the Gerstman controversy and other things through the years, but still stayed with the site.

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I have been trying to cut down in my backlog lately and been going through games and i will be putting up reviews this week or not long after that. I have also managed to pass 63 000 posts. I don't know if the top 75 poster list on the site will continue with @papermariofan57 doing them usually. I don't know if he is up to the task after the site changes, but i hope he sticks around. This goes also for some other users i have been talking to for years. 


I hope for the best but fear for the worst