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The recent review outrage and my view on it

First a funny picture

Tom McShea and Carolyn Petit have given the Last of Us an 8 and Grand Theft Auto V a 9. To start out, these two scores are not bad. Giving both of them a 1 or 2 out of 10 would have been bad. Attacking these two people on a personal level is wrong and it should not happen in any sort of way. It's not the end of the world if a game doesn't score how you would want it. Besides it's hard to rate it before you have even played the games yourself. So this whole thing is stupid to be honest.

However i have issues with what and how they have done the reviews. I am critical to how the reviewed it and i have issues with it. I think you should question the review with a constructive voice of reason and not with outrage and fanboyism. I think Cam explored this in a Reality Check episode. If a person has low self esteem they feel more connected to a company or a product and feel a need to defend it. 

People should have their own opinion off course. But i think people should really think before they type. Even though this is the internet, it's an overall silly thing. Think for yourselves and even critique journalists. But don't attack them personally.