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My new view on Mass Effect 3 and its ending

So i just finished Mass Effect 3. I also played all of the DLC for it this time around and i did a hell of a lot more quests during the game this time.

I have to say that all of the DLC packs for Mass Effect 3 are just excellent. I enjoyed every single one of them. They did not feel like rip-off's at all. The stories added to the story and also gave some characters more depth for some i didn't interact that much with during the course of the game. Leviathan gave me an origin story on how and why the Reapers were built. It gave the end a hell of a lot more sense than it did when i played the original version without the extended version. Omega had some really good story about Cerberus and Aria T'Loak. Having "an honor amnongs thieves" theme. It was a really good story and it didn't feel cheap or rushed. I liked the story a lot aswell. From Ashes probably gave me the most, because it included an additional character that had a lot of influence for the entire game. If i had to recomend one of the dlc's for Mass Effect 3, it would be this one. Last but not least was the Citadel that was released as the last DLC pack. This one was definitely the most pure fun pack. It had lots of humor and actually poking fun of itself i.e Grunt and Wrex saying Shepard in various ways when they are drunk. This makes sense for people that have played the two earlier games, because those two say "Shepard" when the conversation is done.

After actually watching the ending the second time i was a hell of a lot more satisfied than i was the first time around. A lot of answers were given compared to what was left out in the original version. It gave the end to this magnificent trilogy a more worthy end than the original one. Though i still have some issues with the end itself


Like your army and decisions not making any impact in the end of the trilogy. You are only given three forced choices and not actually letting the army you built actually destroy the reapers the way you want them to.


But at the end of the day i am satisfied with how things turned out and i definitely recomend the game a lot more than i would a year ago when i played it for the first time.

Therefore i am looking forward to Mass Effect 4 or whatever it's going to be called. I hope they can tell a story just as rich as this awesome trilogy. With great choices and deep characters it's a game worthy to buy and play.