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Goodbye Unions

Since i joined this site i have been an avid user of unions. I have even had a union for almost 8 years and managed to keep it active. But in spite of that, gamespot and its staff have tried their best killing them off by negletcing them and completely ignoring us. With glitches and not even managing to give us the new site layout is even insulting. Yet we have kept going and grown our comminity in spite of their best efforts destroying it. Year after year they promised us change to the unions, they never came. 

Last year they clearly stated that unions were a top priority and they were going to have huge overhauls to unions. They promised us we wouldn't be forgotten. Yet now, we suddenly get a message they are completely deleting our communites and destroying places loyal users have used for years. They haven't even tried helping us, or even advertise for unions. Yet they have the audacity to say it's our fault that they get few hits on this site because they aren't popular. This is the height of their ignorance and arrogance. We are the core of this site.

We stuck and kept posting at this site even after all the glitches and the scandal with Gerstman happend. We have kept this site alive when everyone left to other sites. And yet, this is how they repay us, because they only care about hits on their freaking site! Please keep the unions!